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  1. Who is interested in another T-T Cruise?

    Everything seems normal here...
  2. Texting - Getting to know people!

    Actually, Florida has some premium properties for sale right now. Good prices too.
  3. 3 word game ......

    three words only
  4. New Pics :-)

    Awesome transformation. You resemble Sean Connery in the middle pic. Well done
  5. Funny Pictures Thread

    Mike's pre-op moment of glory Sharpies rule huh?
  6. Funny Pictures Thread

    WTH? Bacon tux FTW
  7. Who here collects or enjoys Tiki and Hawaiiana ? Old surf stuff?

    Wow, no way really? You are my saint. Because you live there, I will vicariously live through you. Can I give you GPS coordinates and you show up, and photograph what you see of interest? That would be fun if you were up to it... Sprite
  8. Misc. photos- landscape, rainbow & one of me tossed in.

    I'm not going to say anything that would incriminate Mike on my reply.
  9. Single and loving it?

    Naaayyyyyyyy I'm still the lucky one..... I'm extremely very Lucky. Pour a can of or even better, a bottle ......of beer on your hand......... LOL! His hand is an easy date.........
  10. Single and loving it?

    It's part of the mask that takes so much to get rid of in the first place. I have three (3) ex wives. I met Native (Val.... Native2U) I'm such a lucky SOB you have no idea. Am I good lookin? No! Can I communicate? Yeah! sure! (Norwegian accent) So, I guess my point is that no matter who you end up with where you die, make sure the person you chose, "likes" you, as a minimum.
  11. question on eating and hair loss

    Biotin, but, K2 is also good.
  12. OK Girls....I gotta a friend....

    Lupis sucks @*#. I know a couple of ladies at work, and they have it too. They claim it's just mysterious because they don't know what symptom they will manifest next. It really takes them down emotionally and psychologically as well. They get wigged out at times and are very touchy, and you have to be very understanding and very allowing at the same time. It's rougher for them to live it than for me to adjust to it. Sprite
  13. Hey Y'all from Alabama!

    What you talkin about? Even if it's "No" You got us in your corner. If it is meant to be, it will be. You can get to "Yes" You will Awe this is so cool. BRB! Got something in my eye......damned noseeums......
  14. Finally admitting that I need support!

    I wish everyone could be approved on their first try. Many of us have gotten through that mess as well. We are here. All the way. Sprite
  15. Hi all....lurker turned member! :)

    Chrissie, a huge warm welcome to TT. You will (as you have already read) see many many heart touching success stories, you will also see rebounds and revisions turned successful. This is a beautiful little oasis for those that have been all of their lives or have experienced being overweight. Everyone is a beautiful person. Sometimes we are trapped in a mask that is difficult to remove, but, once removed, look out. A new spirit emerges strong and vital. You will see for yourself. You will. Stick around. Again, Welcome to TT Sprite