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  1. this is my own experience.. the more i chew my food, the easier it is to slide through my stomach.. I noticed this while i was doing the opposite actually, when im in a harry, i chew less. consequently, i end up unable to finish because food is stuck.. again, it varies from one to another.. i thought it might be useful to share what works for me.
  2. another factor is chewing ! the more you chew your food, the slider it becomes..
  3. Washington, DC Buddy needed desperately!!

    hi there,, i live in Alexandria, VA with classes in Rosslyn.. My schedule is empty mostly every day after 1 pm.. i can walk and workout with you and be supportive.. let me know.. be safe!
  4. BOOBS

    my boobs were the first to lose the battle.. from 46d to 38c and still shrinking .. my shoe size is still 10 but not wide anymore,, good luck !
  5. hi there, i'm 5'6" , my start weight was 265, sleeved June 1,2016 how are you doing so far?
  6. My Story..!

    Let me start at 1998, third grader.. I was the new in class, over weight, and outcast ! I grew up in that environment till I graduated from high school.. that over weight i started with turned into morbid obesity + type2 diabetes + high blood pressure at age of 20 I was always criticized for being this enormous.. badly.. especially by my family.. I never had friends anyway.. 2009 I started college, physical therapy was my major.. through out my studies I kept finding problems in my body.. from bad joints, to sleep disorders.. not to mention my mental state.. all my problems were linked somehow to my obesity.. 2013, I graduated.. I started working.. all this time i was always on some kind of a diet.. nothing really worked.. i wasn't really working on myself.. like i just wanted to lose weight but I just kept it as a desire at the back of my mind not a goal that i sweat to reach ! I needed to work on my will to lose this weight.. 2015, I received a scholarship to study Masters abroad, so I moved to the states when I came here, I had the chance to confront myself and actively change my life.. September 2015 i weighed 265 with BMI of almost 43 .. I decided to change, so I did.. I started exercising.. mostly walking.. I started following up with a nutritionist.. i changed everything about my eating habits .. My weight dropped.. my measurements changed.. the only thing that i couldn't fix was my diabetes.. my blood sugar was high all the way.. nothing really affected it.. not even medication.. so I decided to go for the gastric sleeve, since i read many articles about its effect on diabetes.. It was my last hope.. so i had the surgery on June 1, 2016.. and it did fix my blood sugar ! immediately ! today, i'm pushing through the 6th month post surgery.. lost approximately 65 % of the excessive weight.. I changed.. at different aspects.. I'm more confident.. Stronger.. Optimistic.. Happy.. (most of the time, much more than I've ever been) one negative change I noticed is that i became less patient.. I'd lose my temper much easily.. I changed.. from size 22 to size 12/10 in a year.. I changed.. when I decided to change, I did ..!