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  1. GigiGamerFreak

    The new me!

    You look great! Congrats, oh the things u can do I bet it feels amazing:)
  2. GigiGamerFreak

    Roux en y gastric bypass

    Lol @ the cat thing. Good idea thank you Cheesehead and Cinwa, I don't know know what I'd do with out you guys! Y'all are such a blessing. My days have been brighter, I do feel like the clouds are parting a bit. Can't say thank you enough to all of you. You guys have been a big blessing, angels in disguise I tell ya:) xoxo
  3. GigiGamerFreak

    Roux en y gastric bypass

    Athena thank you!!! You're an angel! I didn't even realize they had this, I've been craving and fighting myself. I was thinking maybe I'll just heat some up and water it down a lot =D
  4. GigiGamerFreak

    Roux en y gastric bypass

  5. GigiGamerFreak

    Roux en y gastric bypass

    Yes! I feel so silly because the nurse told me it would help. When I was still at the hospital I tolerated ice chips better than actually drinking the water but it was cold everything was. I came home and tolerated soups better than actually drinking even room temperature things. I'm so dumb, thank you Cinwa!!!
  6. GigiGamerFreak

    Roux en y gastric bypass

    Thanks so much Res, Im pushing myself to get up and stay sitting up more. Each day I do a bit better. I can stay sitting up longer, I can stand longer. Baby steps are frustratating, but I'm very thankful for finding this community. Where I feel like your victories are my own and your strength is my strength , what cheesball right?!? Lol but I mean it =)
  7. GigiGamerFreak

    New here , wanted to share my story

    Glad your doing better
  8. GigiGamerFreak

    New Member. 1st Appointment Soon.

    So proud of you, and a bit envious. To break free from a toxic relationship. Oh the things you'll do and succeed at I admire you. Keep us updated with your success, blessings to you and the little one;)
  9. GigiGamerFreak

    Roux en y gastric bypass

    Had surgery on the 7th of December 2016 and I feel so crappy! My doctor was awesome the procedure was fine, but I hate how I feel. Sipping water gives me a ton of gas. It sounds like I have pipes that haven't been used, literally my stomach makes the same sound old pipes do. I'm told to walk as much as possible but I feel dizzy, I walk around my house and feel like I'm about to have a heart attack is this normal? I'm so sick of liquid diet I'd rather just drink water, I grabbed one tortilla chip chewed it up and spit it out to feel normal. Sounds dumb but it made me feel a lot better.