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  1. I will go on this journey with you as well. I am 51. I really have not been overweight until after my third child. My weight then went up to 195#. Since it has steadily gone up and at the age of 43 it flat lined at 220. I remained that weight until I was 46 at which time my job was transitioned to a finance center for our company in another state. As part of my severance package they gave me a month of pay for every year I was there. Basically I was going to get paid until that ran out or I found a job. Well, why would I let them off easy and go back to work before I received all my severance package? So for a little over a year I did not work. During this time I gained about eighty pounds. I started with the depression and everything else. I just don't feel good about myself anymore which also makes me a very miserable person to live with. Ask my husband. lol. I am now 51 and am at 320# with sleep apnea, acid reflux, depression and am pre diabetic. I haven't allowed my children to take pictures of me or with me for the last five years. This is sad because I have no pictures of me with my grandchildren. I really want to be comfortable with the way I look so we can start taking pictures. I want them all to have these memories with me. This is something my mother wanted to me to do for myself, she passed away July 27, 2016. I feel terrible that I have been going through this back and forth with the surgery for three years, so she did not get to see me trying to get back to the person I was. My dad is very supportive as are my husband and my children. They all just want me healthy so that I will be around and active in their lives. I am determined to get this done this year. My Dr. is going to fill out FMLA paperwork for me so that work has to let me off for any appointments I have pertaining to this process and procedure. Yay. I have set Dec. 30 as my day to quit smoking and took a week off work to make sure I can give it the attention it deserves. I am slowing down and stopping the caffeine as well. I have done just about everything, I just need to do a few nutritionist appointments yet and I have to get on the cpap machine for two months. I was supposed to do that last year, but I did not, I am making a point to do it immediately. I will keep you informed on what is going on as I go through it and would love to hear the same from you. Best of luck and best wishes always.
  2. Welcome!!! Best of luck with your surgery. I too am new so am kind of going through everything, reading many posts on the subjects I am particularly interested in. I am glad I found this sight though. I feel I have some where to go to discuss what I feel or the hard things I am going through.
  3. Thank you all for being so welcoming.
  4. I am restarting my road to gastric bypass surgery, the problem I am having right now is trying to quit smoking, I have tried everything and eventually I end up back at it. Between that and the pepsi, I am having a hard time. Any advise?
  5. You look fabulous, congratulations!
  6. Hi, I am Debbie, I have been trying to get everything sorted for bariatric surgery for three years now. Due to my messed up work schedule and the 13 hour days I work it has been very hard to get things done. Now I have decided to have my Dr. fill out FMLA paperwork so I can be off work for any appointments. I am hoping to get my surgery done by June 2017. Before my 52 birthday. I want to be able to take pictures of myself and my grandchildren and children so they will always have memories.