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  1. I need new food ideas For breakfast / lunch. i been bored eating the same thing i think i need to try new stuff lol.. i eat half of tuna for lunch with three crackers. Sometimes scrambled eggs with turkey bacon with sugar free syrup. What do you eat?
  2. For everyone whos trying to maintain , whats your work out routine like and how many times a week do you work out ?
  3. Just asking because ever since i got out of surgery i havent been able to see a nutritionist, because she says she only sees pre op patients. So i just ask whatever im curious on lol. Thanks.
  4. Do you take your time to finish your whole plate? Like for example you can eat half of your plate and feel full. Do you wait till the food goes down to eat the other half ?
  5. So i ate alot yesterday...alot of carbs because i was outside all day, did not cook..ended up eating what i see.. I ate alot of carbs all at once but took my chips and cookies and granola bars... it was totally bad. I feel like imma stretch my pouch or it has already been stretched, im 12 months post op. Im underweight according to my doctors 107 lbs normal weight will be 110 or 115.... but Do you think it stretched with all those carbs in one day? I feel sooo guilty.... how does a pouch stretch? Lol sounds weird but help..
  6. Im 12 months out and i eat pepporoni pizza toppings , i dislike the crust and bread i used to love pizza too, but i find myself only eating the toppings :/ 6 months out i only ate half of a italian pizza lol
  7. I just ate a flan with caramel made of sugar...i know bad idea ..dumping syndrome sucks.. i know that i shouldnt have ate it but idid lol , im already at my goalweight.. does anyone ever have bad eating days??
  8. Do you have a meal Schedule? how many times do you eat a day? And what do you eat? list them please
  9. is milk considered a liquid or a solid? Can it be drank between foods as fluids or is it like a snack?....its probably a weird question but im curious lol
  10. I had gastricbypass december 21, 2015 and im not even a year out yet, Took me seven months to lose 100 pounds and im underweight now, currently trying to maintain it :-/
  11. Is it still available? My brother weighs 390 actually... i been looking for one if its still available im interested
  12. tuna is great and anything with protein, fish is good also... just remember to eat your protein first you can try oatmeal, scramble eggs with cheese ontop , apple sauce, red grapes i eat lol, dannon 80 calorie light fat yogurt, greek strawberry cheesecake yogurt omelette was the first thing i ate when i entered soft foods.. you can try those and see how you tolerate it, ricotta bake, cream soups, yummy broth or beans
  13. Im almost one year post op... water still gives me nausea, i drink alot of crystal light, powerade zero, g2, basically sugr free drinks, does anyone know if you can gain weight with sugar free drinks? Any breakfast, fruits or drinks ideas someone can give me?
  14. How many times do you eat a day..? How many hours do you wait until your next meal?
  15. I can eat a whole power crunch bar in one sitting less than 30 minutes.... is that normal? I feel so guilty afterwards but half of the bar doesnt fill me up... so i eat it until i get full... and today i went outside and ate two surger free oatmeal crackers i overate it, im super scared to stretch my pouch i know i shouldnt over eat, how can someone stretch there pouch? Is it easy or hard to stretch it?