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  1. Thank you all. I’m so grateful for the kind words of support. My anxiety is way up but I know I can do this. I’ve had amazing results and I plan to maintain it. Thanks!
  2. Hi Everyone! In three weeks I’ll celebrate my two year mark since gastric bypass. I’ve been extremely blessed. At my largest I was 360# and I got all the way down to 189 at my lowest. I was unhappy that low as I truly started looking “sick”. I shed 100 pounds in the first 8 months. It was amazing. I’ve gained 15 pounds and am now comfortable at 205# but I really am stressing that I will not be able to stop gaining now and maintain around 200-205 long term. I’ve been blessed in the fact that I have never experienced dumping and do not get sick on any foods. That said, it adds to my concern about gaining weight. Just verbalizing my concerns and open to all suggestions on continued success with manintenance. Thanks!
  3. I know, it’s a small amount, but I’m freaking out right now. I’ve gained two pounds. I recently starts lifting weights and I don’t know if I’m gaining muscle mass or what but I am terrified to see the scale going in the upwards direction. I had my surgery 12/19/2016 and to date have gone from 349 to 202. I was at 195 at my lowest. Any tips, advice, or personal stories to share with me?
  4. I should clarify, I went ten months without this issue. This is a new issue that’s lasted almost six weeks now.
  5. Not a pleasant topic but I’m desperate. I’m ten months post-op and have been experiencing this for four weeks now. It’s not dumping, as there’s no cramping or urgency, just constant diarrhea. I don’t know what to do. I had no trouble up until this point and haven’t changed anything in my diet plan. Anyone out there with similar experience or ideas on how to fix this?
  6. Hi everyone, I'm a little over four months post op and I've already lost 91 pounds. I'm finding that I'm cold most of the time, especially my hands. Any thoughts on a fix? Lol. I'm feeling great and very blessed to have had a smooth recovery thus far.
  7. Hi everyone, Thanks very much for the responses. 8 weeks out now and feeling a little better. Still have noticeably more trouble eating anything at dinner time. Eating earlier in the day seems to go very well for the most part, but I tend to get very nauseous at dinner, no matter what I eat. I guess I'm still adjusting.
  8. Hi Everyone! I wanted to reach out for ideas or suggestions. I decided when I started this journey that I'd get my first tattoo once I lost 100 pounds. I'm at 70 right now and looking forward to continuing this journey. Anyone have any ideas on something meaningful to represent 100 pounds lost?
  9. I'm 6 weeks post op gastric bypass and having real trouble with almost any food, especially around dinner time. I just passed a kidney stone yesterday and am just feeling down in general. I've lost 58 pounds and am excited about that but hoping this process improves and I can enjoy this new life I've been given.
  10. Good Afternoon! I'm enjoying reading everything on this site and have learned a great deal since I found thinner times. One question that may seem a little strange, is what does everyone focus on when looking at food labels? Low fat? Calories? Low carbs? High protein? What is most important to everyone?