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  1. Been a while since I've logged in! I'm doing great. I'm 7 weeks out - Water and protein going in - no issues with any food so far. I'm not testing things I'm not supposed to have. Head hunger is not nice and I think that TV should ban food commercials. I'm not doing well with exercise. I love to walk and do so when the weather cooperates but it's still very much winter here...and the treadmill bores me to death. I'll get there, that is usually the hardest thing for me to do and it proves no different this time.
  2. I am doing VERY well! Surgery went great - I had virtually NO pain other than a little gas. I did have bad nausea for the first day and a half but that was divine intervention. I was supposed to go home the day after surgery, and that was the day a blizzard decided to put a bulls eye on my little town that was 90 miles from the hospital. Since I was so nauseous, the could not upgrade me to full liquids and I could not go home. THANKFULLY because I would have had to go to a hotel. THAT would have been MISERABLE! I had my 2 week check up yesterday - upgraded me to puree. So far everything has gone down and sat in my tummy just fine! No physical restrictions so I need to get a boost of energy and start doing more than walking on the boring treadmill!
  3. THANK YOU! That helps A LOT!!!!
  4. My surgery is scheduled for 1/23/17.....5 days away! I would LOVE an upbeat, positive thinker as an accountability buddy. I think attitude is at least 50% of this journey and I'm not in need of debbie downers - I need positive patty's! LET ME KNOW
  5. I didn't take time to read all the responses but this post is FABULOUS! I'm still pre-op - 5 days till surgery. I feel I got a little beat up on one of the Facebook "support" sites because I said the pre-op diet isn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. Mostly I'm trying to keep a positive attitude about everything because honestly - doesn't attitude play a HUGE role is all of this?? One of the responses was "I hope post op is as easy for you too" and then another person jumped in and said "you have no idea how hard post op is. It's nothing like you think you have prepared for." Ok ladies - I never said pre-op was EASY. I said it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be AND also - I think that perhaps my attitude plays a huge role in it! I listen to weight loss meditation recordings which I also think helps. Anyway - I'm going to (if it's OK) copy and post this list on some of the FB support sites. Perhaps not the one that beat me up though.....I'm sure I'll get reprimanded for posting such stuff when I have NO IDEA WHAT POST OP IS LIKE! In their defense, they had surgery late last week and I'm sure their emotions are running on overload so I can't really fault them too much. I've been praying like crazy that God keeps my emotions in check post op!
  6. Mern

    Here we go!

    Oh - I'm guessing you are one of the lucky ones!
  7. Mern

    Here we go!

    What are your workouts like? I'm thinking do SOMETHING every day. Right now it's mostly walking but I'm going to add weights and core tomorrow - just stuff I can do at home (no gym near me and I don't want to be able to make excuses - everything I need is in the family room). And every other day do weights and toning and every other day walk. I have 6 weeks to make this a routine. Then I'll have to back down to just walking while I heal but thankfully I have a treadmill (I live in a COLD winter climate!)
  8. Mern

    Here we go!

    I'm 49, pre-op, 5'2" HW 220 CW 207 and YOU have just INSPIRED ME!!!!
  9. Hi there! Ran across this site doing RNY research. I'm pre-op. HW 220 CW 206 GW 126 5'2". Just got a surgery date of January 23. I've only told a few people because I get the whole "you don't need that" "you can do it on your own" "all you need to do is...." "You're not large enough for that" (pssst there is no such thing as "healthy obese"!)So I will leave it at the few people I have told and everyone else can find out AFTER surgery. I'm approved by my insurance so clearly it's medically necessary. So to all my poo-pooers (only the few that I've told) I'm doing it, you won't know till it's over and neither will anyone else! After I'm done I'll tell anyone who asks how I lost weight. I want to be an inspiration as so many others on the Bariatric sites and FB pages have been to me!