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  1. Stuck

    Stalls suck but it's definitely part of our journey. I am in a stall also but I know in due time. Stay focused. We got this.
  2. Poor Choices

    I had VSG on 04/11/16 and dove head first into all the advise and recommendations of my surgeon. I began working out on the exact date that I was told that I could and have had 113lbs loss in the first 6 months after my VSG. I even joined a boot camp that I attended faithfully for 12 weeks sometimes doubles on my off days. I put in 5-7 hours a week in the gym. In addition to the boot camp I worked out on my own no less that 2 additional hours a week. I have disciplined myself regarding exercises wise. However when you first have surgery I could take in so little that that in it self gave me a false sense of control. Well eventually I was allowed to have a full diet. Initially I was meal prepping and doing everything perfect. I have had no negative effects from my surgery. I can honestly say even know 7 almost 8 months removed from surgery I don't get hungry but I eat. I usually don't male bad food choices. However I am snacking and not making the best food choices that is bad. I am struggling mentally with my food addiction. I don't want to fall back into my hole. How do I curve this before it gets out of hand. I know the first step is acknowledging that I have a problem. However then what? I am scared of myself. The surgery is the easiest part. It's the mental part that is a beast. Your mind can be your own worst enemy. This surgery has not changed my mindset or desire for the things that I desire. I am able to still maintain but I don' t feel that I have a firm grip on me. I am getting to close to the edge and am trying to prevent falling over.