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  1. I had surgery on 2/13. My weight that day was 253. I just went back to the dr. I am at 240 but I haven't lost any in over a week. The dr said that was normal. I went back to work this week and I am walking 2 miles a day in the afternoon. I know I didn't gain this weight in a week but sometimes it's hard when I am not seeing progress. I remind myself I just need to stick to the program.
  2. Any other February 2017 surgery dates?

    I am so excited! 2 days to go! How are you guys doing?
  3. Truitt-GBS!!!:)

    My surgery date! I can't wait to be on the losers bench.
  4. I am having my gastric bypass surgery on February 13th, anyone else having surgery in February?
  5. Hi everyone! I am so thankful to have found a support group for this huge life change. I am excited to finally have a date for my gastric bypass..Feb 13th! My first question for you guys( and I am sure I will have many more) is... how did you prepare in the months prior to surgery? I want to be successful for life so I have started making life changes already... walking everyday, only drinking water or crystal light, I no longer eat desserts or fast food. Whatelse can I do to be ready? I don't start my liquid diet until January 30th.