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  1. Your pictures remind me of me. I am getting the panniculectomy and two hernias repaired on July 23rd. I am just curious about how it all will look and work out.
  2. My bariatric surgeon is pretty insistent that this is unrelated to my gastric bypass but I'm not buying that. I think what all of you have said is spot on. I think the endocrinologist I am seeing on Friday would possibly know about this. I'm hoping.
  3. Thanks everyone. I'm seeing a cardiologist on Friday because my psychiatrist thinks it might be related to the carotid artery because he had something similar happen to him and that was his problem. I also have an appointment at for January 5 with an endocrinologist. Hopefully between these two I can figure out the problem. My wife has a glucose meter because she is diabetic. Maybe I could use that one. Thanks everyone for the replies. I've lost 108 pounds in 8 months and my bariatric surgeon thinks I'm doing very well with the weight loss. I'm only 50 pounds away from my goal now.
  4. I think I'm having a type of hypoglycemia related to my gastric bypass surgery from April 2017. I've been having episodes of intense sweating /shaking/feeling faint/feeling weak and fatigued. I also had an episode so bad last week that I actually collapsed and almost blacked out as soon as I pulled my car over. Unfortunately I was 3 hours away from home at the time and driving alone. The scariest thing I think I've ever experienced in my life. I saw my PCP as soon as I made it back to town and now have an appt at with an endocrinologist for January 5. I had a bariatric check up last week and they thought it was not related but I think it is. I've also had minor episodes like this for the last two months varying in intensity. Including headaches, excessive hunger, feeling weak, bad insomnia. Any thoughts?
  5. I also have bipolar disorder. I had my gastric bypass in April 2017 and maybe three or four months ago I started having a severe depression and not sleeping and feeling sped up (I get mixed episodes). My psychiatrist and I talked about it and thought maybe I was not absorbing the medications like I should be. I almost ended up in the hospital. But changing my Depakote from 500mg to 2000mg and adding two antidepressants (in addition to latuda at the same dosage) I managed to avoid it and felt better in aboutr a week after taking this changed medication regimen. In addition, for those who are following this, I was recently sick with pneumonia which took me forever to get over because I also was not absorbing the antibiootics well. I went through four different courses of antibiotics before I got well and at my recent apt with my bariatric surgeon he said I would probably have been better off going to the hospital for IV antibiotics (I think I will next time). Best of luck everyone. Kim
  6. I saw the surgeon this morning and he assured me that everything I'm experiencing is still in the range of normal. Even the pain. He said im still healing and so it might hurt a while longer.
  7. Just to be clear, I can get food and drink down for the most part. JUST not much of it. Sometimes if I eat able I can eat an ounce of cheese, other times I take two small bites of chicken and I feel like it's stuck in my chest and it hurts until it finally goes down. I don't feel hungry for anything really. And even if I do get a craving for something, after one bite or two I feel sick and I don't want anymore. I know you are supposed to eat small meals and not eat like you used to, but this feels excessive. I guess I'll wait and see what the doctor says.
  8. I just got a quick call back from the nurse. I'm probably going in to see the physician's assistant this afternoon to check on things. I'm glad they got back to me quickly.
  9. I just got off the phone with the surgeon's office but the surgeon isn't in the office until tomorrow. They sent my message till the nursing staff and if they have a question they will call me. I don't know what else to do. Thank you for the reply. I am really feeling low and tearful. I'm trying to stay positive but I'm not being successful at that right now.
  10. I had a two week pre op diet and then by two weeks after surgery I had lost a total of 27 pounds. In the week following that I only lost one pound. This week I don't know yet because I won't weigh myself until Saturday. Decided to stop weighing myself everyday and riving myself crazy. I feel like I am eating nothing, enjoying nothing, and merely sitting here existing and taking up space. I did not know I would feel like this after surgery. My left upper quadrant of my abdomen hurts when I breathe in deeply or even semi-deeply, I feel nauseous all the time, even drinking a small bit of powerade zero makes me feel like its stuck in my chest and won't go down. I can't seem to coordinate my meals and drinks and vitamins and I think I end the day deficient on everything. We went out tot he Japanese Steakhouse on Mothers day, and I usually love it, but all I could manage was about thre pieces of chicken and a few grains of rice. It was not enjoyable at all. I have an appointment to see my therapist tomorrow, I am obviously having some mental issues with all this. But I didn't know who else to complain to, I am having a hard time getting through each day. I feel like all the joy has been sucked out of my life.
  11. What is this for. My doctor didn't have me do this... Just curious.
  12. I apologize I just posted this again. I must be excited. Lol
  13. On April 21 I will have my gastric bypass. On April 7 I start my pre op diet. Just wanted to share with everyone! :-) I hate this pre op diet a little bit. But it seems doable. There was a little bit of an organizational hurdle for me because my surgery had to include these two surgeons and I almost had to have my date moved. But it all worked out in the end. The surgery is at 3:15pm on the 21st.
  14. I honestly don't know if I am as ready as I can be. Psychologically I love food. And cokes. I have a therapist who is helping me with those problems. I am doing the best I can. My family is very supportive, and I've already purchased my vitamins and some varied samples of protein powders to make shakes with.
  15. I have the federal BCBS in Maryland. I had to do a 90 day pre opp diet which only amounted to one visit with the nutritionist one on one and three class like nutritionist visits that included a lot of people. I also needed a letter from my PCP detailing my weights over the last three years, a psych eval. I also needed an EGD but I had already had one recently, so all I had to do was have the gastroenterologist a the results to my surgeons office. Then they submitted it all to insurance and in a little less than two weeks I was approved. My first visit with the surgeon was on December 8, 2016, and my surgery is scheduled for April 21, 2017,'so that's how long my total process took. My doc didn't require any certain weight loss ahead of time to get approved. But he does require a two week liquid diet before surgery. That diet can include unflavored oatmeal, and unsweetened applesauce as well as yogurt, in addition to the protein shakes and liquids. Best of luck to you!
  16. On April 21 I will have my gastric bypass. On April 7 I start my pre op diet. Just wanted to share with everyone! :-)
  17. Thanks. Actually I got approved on Wednesday! Surgery will be on April 21! So it took less than two wks to get approval.
  18. Isn't that the truth. Just had to come in on that point. Every doctor send to first see an obese person and only later consider that other factors may be impacting the person's quality of life.
  19. If any of you all had this type of insurance, how long did it take for approval once the paperwork was submitted?
  20. The first symptom my little brother had of his pancreatic cancer was itchy skin and jaundice. Make sure you look into the medical causes of your itchiness first before trying all the lotions, etc. Not trying to scare you but this is a true story.
  21. Awesome story. Very inspiring! :-)
  22. Sounds great. I wish you all the best. My surgery won't be until the spring so this story is very encouraging to me.
  23. I was checking out reviews of various chewable vitamins on Amazon, so wasn't trying on purpose to latch onto the expensive ones. Lol. I'm partially worried about the taste because I know I will be less likely to take them as I should if they are disgusting. Know what I mean?