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  1. I had my sleeve in 12/2011. I weighed 322 at my high, 276 at surgery and got down to 200 in about 4 mths. Then everything changed, I started falling and getting numb in my legs. Long story short, I was diagnosed with a rare nerve disease (CIPD). I had to relearn how to walk and write. I went from being a working nurse to disabled. My weight loss took a back seat to my other health issues when I was put on iv and oral steroids for 5 months. I regained up to 280 lbs. I am now at 246 and am still losing about 1/2# a week. I can walk and write again. But still have some nerve damage that causes me to be off balanced. My endurance for exercise and long distances like the grocery store is poor. I am now having severe gerd. I'm waking up in the night with it and taking extra medication to try and ease it. My dr is wanting me to have the revision to the rny. He says it's medically necessary. I am scared. I still watch what i eat but if i have sugar now i don't get sick. I know with the rny that won't be the case. My water intake is still low (40 to 50oz). My proteins better and my NUT and i have been trying to get me to eat enough food as i have apparently been starving myself so my weight loss has stalled. Have you had a revision and has it been successful in curing reflux? Have you lost more weight? What vitamins do you take daily so malnutrition doesn't become a problem? Any advice?