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  1. So far, So good. I am impressed that the weight is coming off so easily. My goal weight with this doctor was 160, and I am 163 now, 5 months out of surgery. I rarely get all my protein and water in unfortunately, and I think losing the weight so fast may have caused me to lose my mind when I lost my best friend/father of my 2 kids in April. I'm struggling with my mental state and praying I can keep my job. The hardest thing is working 8 hours, when I'm depressed. I just want to be relaxed with a blanket all day.
  2. 3.5 months post op and I've lost 55 lbs as of today with minimal effort. - Well with lots of "effort" but minimal achieving what my goals are.

    Water - Hard - Finally Finally starting to get over 40 oz. a day. I was starting to feel very bad. 

    Vitamins - Throw them up sometimes. I am on 6 medications AND 4 types of vitamins. I am having trouble keeping track of this - esp. when I can smell the vitamin B pills from across the room :(

    Protein - Usually not an issue, but I am not tracking. So, who knows. 

    Today is my first day tracking in over a month I'm sure. Fingers crossed I can get on the ball. In the mist of all this my ex, the father of my two young children died last weekend. That led to milk and sweets as often as I could. i made a sugar free peach cobbler and cupcakes... I ate an entire butterfinger bar. I am too aware that this is a sign I am an emotional eater and I'm worried how this will effect me once I get out of the "honeymoon phase."


    Thanks fa listenin yall,


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    2. DaniLiz


      Thank you Jen! The team thinks it's my nerves resulting from stress at work, home and the recent loss. My doctor ordered me an esophagus something just to be sure. 166 now! lol. 

    3. DaniLiz


      Esophagram was just done. Doctor said he could see reflux, but it'll be studied more and sent to my bariatric doctor. 

      Mentally - Cried this morning, trying to get through my days. 

    4. Jen581791


      Hugs. Glad you've seen the doctor. Crying is what happens sometimes. 

  3. DaniLiz


    Now it's been 2 weeks, and I'm a 32DDD.. can't complain there. I just can't get VS bras to fit, and now Lane Bryant has no 34DDs or 32 anythings! I spent an hour trying on diff sizes and styles in VS last week, to spend $100 on 2 bras that are kind of not fitting as well as I'd hoped. I'd like to get my size down before that semi annual sale
  4. Well - I bought a Camelbak water bottle last month and still haven't used it. I have a medicine thing just like that 28 compartments. 4x7days -- I'm just annoyed that I really need to take meds 5+ times a day to get all my calcium in. I'm still trying to figure that out. And I wish mine had parts that would come out! mine is like the size of a binder. I am currently taking 4 calcium chews a day (pills were too big), 2 multi's with iron, 1 B-50 and 1 B-12 per day.. plus all my other medications.. it's the timing of the calcium and multi's that is also overwhelming.
  5. Thanks for the reply. I was trying to figure that out the other day. I can't get my heart rate that high so easily anymore either. My elliptical isn't nearly as challenging as it was before. I need to use it more!!!! My biggest frustration is um everything. - lol. vitamins and tracking food/water intake.. I never know when to eat and i hate timing when I can drink, so I made today a shake day - so I knew I could drink water whenever I wanted. Thanks for listening ~d
  6. DaniLiz


    Well 3 months post op and I'm from a 40DDD/38F... to a 36DD.. Just enough for all my expensive layne bryant swimsuits to not fit! Just got back from vacation. It was nice to buy off the rack swimsuits from target.
  7. I am 3 months post op, and this is hard work. Forget monitoring food, but my medications and my multis, the B's and the calcium!!! I'm also having soo much trouble with the drinking and not eating some days. Does anyone have an app or method they use to make this easier? Or a way for me to take less vitamins that contain all I need?
  8. Thanks everyone. I just found out I've lost 37 lbs since my last doctor's appointment in November (my GP)
  9. What kind of Camelbak? The kind you wear? Thanks
  10. Good Luck. In Louisiana, it is very rare that this surgery is covered by insurance, so mostly - we only do a 2 week preop diet. I fell way below the avg. weight loss for this time period, but I think I'm doing okay now post-op. I've lost 25 lbs since surgery - but I still feel not myself. I'd love to eat something - anything - fried, but it makes me sick. I'd love to have pizza but they said it will make my stomach grow, so I've successfully avoided it. Small cookies, cakes and candies however, do not make me sick at all. I had 2 valentines chocolates, 2 girl scout cookies - and a small petit four. All were cheats, and my dietitian would definitely fuss at me. The hardest thing for me - is just making sure i take 6 vitamins a day 2 hours apart from one another. Drink enough water even though I have to wait 1 hour after eating to drink and 30 min. after drinking to eat. -It stresses me out. Best of Luck!
  11. Will this regret / "what did I get myself into" mood go away? I've lost 25 lbs since the date of surgery, but I still don't feel myself. My stomach gets easily upset and I get the "stuck" feeling so extreme sometimes - and the only way I've found to make it go away is to drink - which is breaking a rule. I'm having trouble with water and protein and taking my vitamins lately. I need to get back on track, but feel I've hit a brick wall and I'm trying to get around it. I'm finally on bipolar meds that seem to be helping with everything else in life - but i hope they aren't the culprit of me avoiding my medical duties of taking all these things. I keep telling myself that once I lose another 40 lbs I'll be glad I did it - and I'm trying not to worry about it. Trying to live each day and enjoy it and do my best. Did anyone else feel this way in the beginning? Like right now, I'm at work, and I just feel uncomfortable. I need to eat, but also need water - so I'm stuck because I always have to choose 1 over the other!
  12. Ok buddies... Entering soft foods today. I am extremely unfamiliar with Ricotta and Cottage Cheeses - but trust me I want something cheesy! LOL.. Do you guys use these in recipes? Can you describe how they taste/what to make with them. I've looked it up - but I just cannot imagine. I'm a mozzarella and mexican blend person. That's all I've ever bought.
  13. Thanks! 197 sometimes lol. I definitely get the Onederland joke now.
  14. Oh.. and girls.. I'm 198 now
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