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  1. Thx for the response! At first, I was def deciding on going with the full tummy tuck, but the bariatric surgeon convinced me that he could perform the "panniculectomy" with desirable results. He stated that he would "throw in" a few stitches to my muscles, have belly button, etc. I consulted with 3 plastic surgeons and all 3 stated that I didn't need lipo.
  2. I had gastric sleeve sx 12/2015 and I am now scheduled for a panni. SW 223, CW 160, GW 150 My insurance bcbs has approved the panniculectomy. I have a preauthorization for the bariatric surgeon to perform the procedure and I also have a preauth with a plastic surgeon. The plastic surgeon would be performing a full abdominoplasty "Tummy Tuck." The bariatric surgeon, Panniculectomy only. I do not have a huge pannus and I consulted with another plastic surgeon who actually told me that I didn't even have a pannus. Anyway, the bariatric surgeon is who I am leaning toward and I already have the surgery scheduled for the end of next month with him. ONLY because, if I go with the plastic surgeon I must pay everything up from front ($7800) and whatever insurance reimburses is returned to me at a later date. NO ONE is able to tell me how much bcbs will reimburse for the panni... I have talked to everyone involved, including the insurance company on several occasions. The plastic sx stated that the reimbursement would range from $1,500-3K, thus at best case scenario, I would be out-of-pocket close to $5K. If money wasn't an issue, I would totally go with the plastic surgeon! I really would like to have the full package with abdominoplasty. The bariatric sx that would be doing the panni def leaves you with a belly button. He also seemed very confident that I would be satisfied with the results. I really want to believe this! Has anyone had a panniculectomy performed by a bariatric surgeon? If so, I would love to hear from you. Has anyone had panni and wish they had tummy tuck? Thanks so much!!