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  1. I had my gastric bypass rny in July 2009. Everything was going great until March 2015 when I developed a massive marginal ulcer that medication didn't heal. I had a revision in June 2015 and by January of 2016 was in severe pain again . I am now in hospital for 9 day due to another massive ulcer however due to unexplained severe bruising all over my body am now being followed by the hematology team as well as the bariatric team. I have had 6 days worth of iron infusions and am still waiting for lab results on my zinc and vitamins c levels as iron doesn't explain the bruising. The bariatric team is leaning towards a complete reversal and making a gastric sleeve, however I would prefer another shot at revision. I guess I'm terrified of gaining weight but more so of such an invasive surgery. Has anyone gone through a similar situation and if so I would love to hear how it worked out. I've still got a couple of weeks in here and would appreciate any input to help me make an informed decision . Thanks