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  1. Help

    That's true thank you for the encouragement ! I cut out apple sauce because there is no protein in that so I'm just sticking to eggs for breakfast. I hope those that are still in Pre op that you succeed and start to enjoy your new healthy life. I have over 100 pounds to loose but I'm still so greatful I had the opportunity to get this surgery, best of luck to all!
  2. Help

    Today is my one month aniversary after having vertical sleeve gastrectomy and I've only lost 38 pounds. I'm scared that I won't loose anymore weight. I take all my vitamins, I have apple sauce for breakfast but not much. Then I have my protein shakes in between. For lunch I usually have tuna or chicken for lunch( maybe a couple bites) and dinner. I do need to add more vegetables to my meals. I will be walking more, I am just very scared that I won't loose the weight I need to.
  3. Birthday dinner

    Thank you so much for the detail, I will screenshot it just so I can remember all these important points lol. Thank you also for the birthday wishes. Hope everyone enjoys this holidays !
  4. Birthday dinner

    Thanks for the tip and help
  5. Birthday dinner

    Thank you for the help
  6. Hello, my birthday is Saturday and my parents want to take me out to dinner. I just started my stage 3 diet,so basically chicken,salmon stuff like that. Would anyone know any California restaraunts, that have great vsg meals? Thank you in advance
  7. Multivitamins and Calcium Citrate

    Okay thank you for the info
  8. Multivitamins and Calcium Citrate

    Thank you Wendy it's appreciated !
  9. I am on my second week post op of my surgery,and today I began taking multivitamins with iron and also calcium citrates.They are so big and taste horrible I've tried smashing the pills into the food but I don't eat most of the food so I am not sure about continuing putting the pills in the food,however I also put two calcium citrates in my protein drinks but that still leaves me without my two multivitamins.Please if you have any tips or any brand of multivitamins or calcium citrates you recommend let me know.I do need to be taking 15 mg iron or more with the multivitamins and the calcium citrate has 600 mg which is good they are Equates brand.Thank you in advance!