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  1. LisaAPD

    Long time coming

    Wonderful news. Excited to share in your journey.
  2. LisaAPD

    My surgery is tomorrow 3/31/2017

    Glad to see you posting so soon after surgery. You must be a tough cookie! Keep us posted.
  3. LisaAPD

    My surgery is tomorrow 3/31/2017

    You are one step closer to a better life. Best wishes tomorrow and be brave! I was so nervous the morning of my surgery I told the nurses they might have to tie me down After they got the IV started they said "no turning back now". I don't regret it for a moment. Good luck to you.
  4. LisaAPD

    One month down. The stall is over.

    Great post. Sounds like you have things under control early on! I lost very little weight the first two months and now am seeing 1 to 2 pounds every week 4 months out. I really stressed about my lack of progress and regretted the decision to have the surgery way back when! I don't regret it anymore now that I am almost 70 pounds down. I read how so many people were losing so quickly and couldn't understand what was wrong with me, but now I know it was just the journey I had to go through. I know how daunting it can be sharing your story with those who may judge so kudos on being so brave. Isn't it shameful the way that others judge? It's still okay to smoke two packs a day because cigarettes are so "addictive" and "hard to quit" but just let someone be addicted to food and the whole world chimes in with an opinion of how easy it is...just stop eating and start moving! So easy...not! Keep up the great work and I look forward to seeing your progress. Good luck on your job interviews!!
  5. LisaAPD

    14 months post-op VSG

    You look amazing! Great job.
  6. LisaAPD

    4 Years on Pi Day 2017

    Amazing progress. You look wonderful and must feel even better! Very inspiring. Thanks for sharing.
  7. LisaAPD

    Reached my goal weight today

    Way to go!! Congratulations on your success.
  8. LisaAPD

    One Month Out

    Hi Sarah, I have been remiss in checking in. You sound like things are really coming together for you now. It's great that you got to come off of your BP meds. I have been able to stop one of my BP meds but the other is still hanging on for now. However, my BP has been perfect at my doctor's visits so my fingers are crossed! I am down 42 since surgery but hit a stall for the past couple of weeks. I think my body just starting hanging on for dear life to everything that crossed my lips since I was so starved (I was probably very close to going in hospital). I have not been able to drink protein shakes since surgery without getting sick so when I started getting some protein from food the weight loss stalled. I am taking it in stride and now that I am actually able to eat some food I have some energy to start exercising. I did have a huge scare a few weeks back when I tripped ever so gracefully over my own two feet and went hurdling across the kitchen. I slammed my shoulder into the counter's edge and my knee into the cabinet and best of all hit the coffee maker (stainless steel pot) with my hard head and sent it flying across the counter. Then I landed on the floor. Scared the wits out of me! I was so worried about sutures, etc. but everything was okay after seeing the doctor and having some x-rays. How have you been doing? Were you able to make your Christmas goal? I read in another post about your wedding rings and was so thrilled for you. I know how meaningful that goal must have been for you. Such a wonderful thing to look down at that left hand and see those all-important symbols. Was Christmas any easier for you than Thanksgiving? Thanksgiving was torture for me but Christmas was fine since I could eat some healthy things like turkey that I couldn't have in November. You must be so proud of yourself to have lost so much weight. I can't wait to be in your shoes
  9. LisaAPD

    2 days post op rny

    Good to hear things went well for you. Take care!
  10. LisaAPD

    Any other November dates out there yet?

    tkk54915, The nausea was definitely the worst part for me in hospital and boy was I nervous the morning of procedure. I kept going from giddy to weepy and that was without meds! I told them they might need to tie me to the gurney I was so scared at one point. Sadly, I was in a non-private room with someone else that had the same procedure and she kept yelling about how hungry she was and demanding the pain button. Luckily my husband was able to get me moved to a private room otherwise I think I would have done some damage to my roommate. I mean YELLING. Oy! I have only had a moment or two of buyers remorse and that was mainly the nausea talking. I am grateful beyond words to have discovered this forum and have the support of others going through the same process and those that have come through it. Cinwa, Thank you so much for thinking of tkk54915 and me. It means a lot.
  11. LisaAPD

    Almost time to Sleeve

    Saturday is nearly in the bag. Can't believe I leave for the hospital in less than 33 hours. Yikes!
  12. LisaAPD

    pre op diet

    HCUK, I am glad to know I am not alone in having a foul temper. I think if a marriage survives the liquid diet than anything is possible. lol My family has learned to keep a close eye on me after 6pm. I am fine during the work day but look out once evening comes.
  13. LisaAPD

    10 days to go

    I can't wait to be a "loser"!!
  14. LisaAPD

    Any other November dates out there yet?

    Hello! I am November 7 2016. I can't believe how quickly the process has gone. I finally got the courage to meet with a surgeon on 09/22 and now it is less than two days until my surgery. Only 45 days from consult to surgery and it has my brain spinning. I had heard so many people talk about six month waiting periods that I was not expecting this to happen so quickly. I don't know if quickly is better or worse. I have changed my mind a time or two in the past 43 days but have finally found peace with my decision. I suppose if I had to wait six months I would have flip-flopped many more times. I look forward to following everyone's progress and wish you all a successful procedure and a speedy recovery.
  15. LisaAPD

    Ready or Not...countdown to November 7

    I love hearing that you don't regret your decision and I can see why. You have had great success! Thanks for the welcome.