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  1. Scott and White Health Plan

    Thank you! Getting a clear response from their business office (Scott and White Clinic) and the actual insurance customer rep was like pulling teeth! I decided to enroll with FepBlue instead this open enrollment.
  2. Hi everyone! Has anyone been successful in qualifying for bariatric surgery with the Scott and White Health plan? I have been frustrated with the process so far in my research. My hospitalization fees (includes all MDs) should come down to $250 a night, maxing out to $750 per stay per insurance policy, but the Scott and White Bariatric Center quoted my yearly max out of pocket (>$4500!!!). I have called insurance to verify, but the customer service reps I talk seem to be confused by the the entire policy (one stated only >40BMI but policy documents clearly indicate > or equal to 35 with at least one co-morbidity). Anybody recently approved? What are the requirements? Any thoughts on the Scott and White Hospital in Temple, TX? I am considering changing insurance to BCBS FEP next year, but that may push my surgery date into the latter half of 2017. Thanks!