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  1. WTG! I go to my second WLC next Monday and I am so nervous. I don't own a scale so I am not sure if I have lost weight. I suffer from severe depression, and have a bipolar diagnosis so even getting out of bed some days are hard! I go through depressive episodes and don't exercise. Going through this process is a big challenge for me but I MUST do it for my health. I need an accountability partner as well if you are interested.
  2. I go to my 2nd weight loss class in April. Yes, I had to start over. I missed one class last year, and had to start over.
  3. I was surprised I lost 4 lbs on my own. I have worked out once. I was told to start working out 3 times X 20 min a week.
  4. < sigh> 

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    2. NocaLove


      Just now seeing this. 

      Yes, I am ok. This is so hard. 

    3. tracyringo


      Yes it is. The hardest part for me was all the stuff before the surgery. I also have anxiety and am noticing it more than I realized before the surgery. Once you have the surgery it will be so much easier. Good luck

    4. Nana Trish

      Nana Trish

      (((Hugs))) @NocaLove ❤️❤️❤️ This is one of the hardest things you'll ever do in your life, most likely. But trust me when I say it will be the best thing you've ever done for yourself! @tracyringo is so right, it gets easier after surgery...and we are always here for you!

  5. I did it! I made it through my first WLC! I am a bit overwhelmed but I CAN do this!
  6. Anyone in Indiana?
  7. Prayers up Not sure if your mania is related to Bipolar or not, but I have Bipolar 1. Lots of hugs, love and light to you
  8. Thank you so much everyone!
  9. Happy Weekend! I have been in a slump all week but I feel better today.

  10. My name is April. I am 40 years old. I joined this forum a little over a year ago. I went to 4 of my scheduled weight loss classes and missed last May's, so I have to start all over. I have anxiety and depression and it makes appointments very difficult. I go to my mobility class next week.
  11. I am a Substitute Teacher. I love working with special needs groups.
  12. I am going to my 3rd scheduled weight loss class next week. I have a Bipolar diagnosis and recently started a new meday which causes weight gain. I have been on it and have gained 5 lbs. Has anyone else dealt with being on medication that causes weight gain?
  13. I have not had surgery yet but am curious how many people need iron infusions ongoing after surgery?