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  1. I cannot stand the taste of these vitamins! But I'm also pretty poor right now with buying schoolbooks and that kind of thing. Can I just take a tasteless pill and be done with it that way? I can't afford the fancy Bariatric pills that they have on the market right now but I need to take vitamins. What are my options?
  2. Does anyone want to confess anything?

    Thanks, I guess. I feel bad about it, clearly. :/ I'm back on track, though.
  3. so i met someone yesterday.

    girl where did you get that sweater? and that lipstick? and those earrings? Let me steal your whole outfit.
  4. I know that I do. I ate movie theater nachos today. I just wanted to get that off of my chest.
  5. Stuck Food

    Wait, what are the papaya enzymes for?
  6. Weird smell in urine.

    Hey guys, I'm 5 days post-op for VSG. I've been doing my protein shake sipping in one ounce form, so my diet basically consists of Premiere Protein, Atkins Advantage, and Gatorade. I've noticed that my urine smells unlike anything I've ever smelled before. I don't know if this means that I need to drink more water, or if it just means there's extra protein in my system so it's making it smell bad or what. I'm getting really self-conscious about it. Have any of you guys experienced this before?