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  1. I'm proud of you for having the courage to share that you were chewing and spitting. It's not easy to admit things we find embarrassing but you reached out for help when you needed it and I think that's a great sign that you are going to do just fine. Also, you may have really helped some people who are too embarrassed to talk about it. So glad everything worked out!
  2. First off, let me just say that this forum has helped me through this journey immensely! The wisdom of many of the veterans has been so comforting. I pretty much knew exactly what to expect and wasn't frightened when anything strange popped up. My post op appointment with my surgeon today was great. I had surgery on January 13th and was in SO much pain until the last 3 days. Today was the first day I didnt have to use any pain meds. I feel so much better!! I don't know if it's hormones or just happiness but I wake up in a great mood every day! I've been able to get all my protein and liquid in every day without any real issues. (I do feel bloaty but it doesn't last long) Premier chocolate protein shakes have been my go-to. I take about 9 pills still and am able to take them whole about 3 minutes apart. Today I was approved for pureed foods and I could've done a cartwheel, lol. I had the famous ricotta cheese with a bit of marinara and it was HEAVEN. Also had pureed rotisserie chicken with a touch of mayo for dinner. I thought there was no way I would get full but I was so wrong. And for so long! It's really working guys! I haven't lost a ton of weight. Maybe 6 pounds. But I'm not concerned in the least because you beautiful people educated me about IV water gain. I know it will start dropping off eventually and I'm just fine with that. I feel so blessed. Thank you all!
  3. Hello:

    How are you feeling and how did your surgery go?

    1. TheGreyPilgrim


      Hello! I'm in an awful lot of pain. I think I'm one of the unlucky ones with a low pain threshold. My pain has been managed much better today. One of my large incisions has started to leak a lot but it's not infected. My post op doctors appointment is on the 27th. I'm looking forward to it. All in all I'm doing well and on my way to recovery. Thank you so much for asking! :)

  4. Thank you! Holy crap, I experienced one of those hellacious gas pains on the drive home! Locked up behind my incisions then traveled up to my shoulder! Unless you have one you can't be prepared! I'm glad I knew what it was from TT.
  5. All is well! Woke up pretty sore. Feeling muuuch better today Hubby is here and we're waiting to be discharged. No problems with painful gas but my incisions are super tender. No staples. They used surgical glue. Finally got to have my broth and a protein shake. Tolerating everything well so far. Water isn't a problem at this point. Can't wait to get home and get uninterrupted sleep. It feels pretty surreal. Can't believe I actually did it! Looking forward to good health and a longer life. Thank you all so very much for your support.
  6. Hubby and I are to be at the hospital at 9:15. Surgery at noon. Gastric bypass. Wish me luck!
  7. So glad to hear it! No, my hematologist is confident all will be well even with my elevated platelets and white blood cells. I was surprised that my surgeon was fine with it. It's comforting. Friday is almost here! I've been recovering from the flu for 10 days now and I think I'll just make it!
  8. Thanks guys. Res, I told her today and she's optimistic about me getting better in time. If not I'll have to be rescheduled for next month. I guess it's better that got sick before surgery. Coughing with stitches doesn't sound appealing at all!
  9. I have a blood disorder called ITP. Basically my spleen was killing my platelets and they don't know why. A splenectomy resolved it and now my platelets and white blood cell count are naturally very high. I saw my hematologist as a precaution before attempting to qualify for surgery. All is well. My surgeon is aware. Surgery on the 13th. I'm not sure if this helps you or not. Talk to your hematologist. I think they could help guide you.
  10. I just woke up with a terrible chest cold and I am so bummed out! Do you think I can shake it in 9 days? My doc specifically said that if I had a cold on the day of the surgery it would have to be postponed. That means indefinite liquid diet. What a bummer.
  11. My surgeon had 4 surgeries on Christmas eve! Time will fly by and before you know it you'll be on your way
  12. As the end of day 3 is coming to a close I find I'm doing just fine I really haven't been hungry. Staying super hydrated, having 3 shakes and 3 strained cream soups daily. Not bad at all. I think the soups have probably been my saving grace. They're so comforting. EXCEPT for a sample pack of Bariatric Advantage's chicken soup flavored meal replacement. Lord have mercy, that stuff was foul! (Lol, but I ate it all) I bought a 68oz stainless steel water bottle that I fill up every morning. Then I fill my 20oz bottle with it throughout the day until its gone. I have, however, been struck with memories of all the foods I miss. I know that I'll be able to have them again in moderation, it's just going to be a long time. I'm confident that I've made the right decision. Hospital pre-op is tomorrow. Looking forward to it. A bit worried about keeping up with my university courses that start tomorrow but I was able to drop the in-person classes for online courses so hopefully all will be well. Anyway, updates to follow I hope you're all well.
  13. Thanks everyone. I feel very supported by you all This is it. I had one last large sushi dinner with my daughter. Last thing I ate was an Almond Roca. When I wake up liquid it is!
  14. Omgoodness! How terribly negative.