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  1. That is a beautiful thing!!! I love your hat in your picture!! So pretty!
  2. I made it through Matthew's birthday without cake. Yesterday out of no where I just had some depression going on. All the carbs where chanting my name. I had a bad day yesterday but I told myself this morning that it wasn't going to be a bad week. That's the difference in the past Kari and present Kari. I don't have a diaper pail any more but if I did I would have done the same. I just had to dish soap it. Thanks @Jen581791
  3. Oh my Matthew is turning 4 this Sunday! Happy Birthday Katya!
  4. I'm an open book so I'll tell just about anyone who asks that I have had wls. I had a girlfriend who I was roommates with in college have lapband. I asked her how she was losing weight and she told me that she was on a high protein diet. So my other girlfriend who was also trying to lose weight felt defeated because she was also on a high protein diet and not losing like my friend. Later I found out she had wls. I was frustrated that she lied to me but reading this kinda helps me understand it. Thanks for the post. I think you should just say that you radically changed what you are eating. That's what I've done and clearly with your success, you've done the same thing. You tell who you want to tell lil' toothpick!
  5. @NerdyLady Will you be offended if your new nickname become lil toothpick?? You are killing in those jeans! I'm hoping to get into a size 10 by Christmas. Come on santa bring me what I want!! I totally understand the fear. If I have an off day, I go a little nuts. It takes one bad day to lead to another to lead to gaining weight and I don't want it! So thankful for this group!
  6. @CJireh That little guy and his brother were two of the main reasons I had my surgery. Yes I can play harder and mom harder than ever before!
  7. @Jen581791I love your new profile picture! I feel the same with you. How does it feel to be only 20 pounds from goal?!?
  8. @NerdyLady Yes. 50 shades of gray is not just a book but my closet. Although it would be more like 50 shades of black. Seriously no more black. Yesterday I was looking for a new shirt at Walmart and picked up a black shirt. Somethings are hard to change!
  9. I was almost forced to have the colors. I was running out of work out clothes and a girlfriend gave me hers that she no longer wears. I've loved it though! My wardrobe looks like a funeral. I need a little bit of brighter. I think it puts a little bounce in my step or at least that is what Im believing.
  10. The second picture is me yelling through my teeth to my husband "DONT GET MY GUT IN THE PICTURE" lol I do feel much better for sure!
  11. October 24th is my surgiversary but I just wanted to take a picture today. I took about 50. I'm currently 113 pounds down. I still have a few weeks to go and hope to get to 115 by my surgiversary.
  12. I found that singing jingle bells loudly in any situation makes everything better. Sure people will think you are crazy but they will stop talking about your weight most definitely. So next time someone asks just sing jingles bells as your response as you walk away from the conversation.
  13. I remember eating beans and I seriously felt like angels showed up and sang around me as I took each bite. Those beans are coming and when they do enjoy the two bites that your stomach will be able to hold hehehe.
  14. I workout with a gal who is thicker but firm. We go to the gym every morning and talk to Barbie and Barbie's brunette cousin. They are thin, tall, and exactly what I will never look like. I'm okay with that! I don't have a yearning to look like someone else or be someone else. I just want to be a healthier me. Kari 2.0. I'm getting there! I haven't been this small since my freshman year in High School. So it's been a minute or a thousands of minutes. Size 10 is awesome! I am dancing for joy over here! If, no when I get to be a size 10, I might just get a 1 and 0 bejeweled on the butt of my pants.
  15. Karimeaway


    I remember drinking my chicken broth and watching my husband and kids eat burgers and fries. I told them it was ok but boy it was not okay. The first 6 weeks were the worst for me but now I feel better than I have in a long time. Hang in there. You are not alone in hating things. Most of have and still do sometimes! Welcome to the new normal!