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  1. Start pre-op diet tomorrow.

    Thank you Eileen: I am feeling inspired by all that I am reading. Yes there may be setbacks but over all everyone seems happt that they did it. I just started the 2 week Optifast and wow its hard to get through the first drink. hopefully it will get better. Philly
  2. WOW!!!!! Thanks so much, you were reading my mind. As I ready to start 2 week pre-op fast, with only told very few people, had 2 people try to talk me out of it, I knew that I will tell no one else until it is OVER.... I went throught the chemo, the radiation, I went into shock and blacked out during Chemotherapy, I say if I have this 2nd shot at life I AM TAKING IT... Thanks so much for sharing this post. Best of luck to you on this journey. Philly
  3. Start pre-op diet tomorrow.

    Res Ipsa: You are correct, I keep reminding myself why I am really having this surg. I will take a few selfies tomorrow and start a journal. I am looking at member before and after pics and WOW AMAZING!!! Again, thanks for sharing. Philly
  4. Start pre-op diet tomorrow.

    Thank you Res Ipsa: I will be reading this web site page to page, much appreciated. I am 50 yrd old with 100lb to drop. what has been your experience with skin elasticity? For some reason this is on my mind. I am not sure if I am on the older side to have this surg or not. Philly
  5. Start pre-op diet tomorrow.

    Thank you Bellamoma: I do believe it is a tool, I have been doing a LOT of research since I started this journey, and thought I would be more excited or even visualise myself losing but for whatever reason I am just maybe afraid that I will not lose, and I know how badly I want this and how disciplined I am. I think I just have to go through the motions and let the process take place. Maybe its good that I have no preconceived ideas. Maybe I will not be disappointed. I plan on moving as much as I can and drink as much water and take votamins, and 60 to 80 grams proteen especially during the healing time of 4 to 6 weeks. Thanks for sharing your journey experience. Philly
  6. I have the RNY November 11-2016 It will be a day to remember and to give thanks in another way as well for me. It was a tough choice, the easy way out which I see nothing easy about it or the hard way out. I have been hitting the gym for a few years but every BODY is different. On the outside we are the same, but there are many factors, my body went down hill after chemotherapy-rads and meds and the weight just started piling on, if I worked out every day I could slowly lose, but if I took a break for a few days was hard to get back at it because of the arthritis pain. I have no emotion about the upcoming surg, no expectations I just hope that it works for me. Been feeling trapped 250lbs. I start my 2 week liquid fast in the morning and well have been eating out for a week now, silly I KNOW. If anyone has any advise, please share it. In less than 2 weeks I will be on the other side and on to recovery. This seems like a nice informative and supportive forum. I am looking forward to learning, reading and sharing stories. Good Luck to you all on your journey. Philly