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  1. Thank you for your kindly answers. Talking about this to people who have already done it is very helpful. @Cheesehead about the scars, I was referring to the stomach scar. What happens to stitching yarn? Do I will need it forever? Or the "two sides" of the stomach will merge together like the skin? LOL I'm feeling a little embarrassed with this questions. @PapaG I found your words very motivational. Thank you. Right now I don't even schedule any doctor appointment. I'm just struggling with the idea!! lolol You are absolutely right. Cookies and snacks will be forever my problem. But I think will be more easy to cheat my hungry, like, "I want cookies RIGHT NOW" - "ok, I guess I can eat 1-2 cookies but let me first intake half a fruit and after the cookies" - "ok, the apple was great but now I cannot eat more, I'm full!!" LOL I'm just joking.. no doubts that I need to change my habits.
  2. Hello to all thinner times users, thank you for keeping up forums like this, I’m finding great motivation right here. Around one month ago I was introduced to this type of surgeries, because a I met a friend of a friend who have done it. Since that time the idea of doing one myself doesn’t leave my head, I barely can’t concentrate at work and find myself contantly thinking of the thinner times after the sleeve surgery. I’m 5ft11,5in and weight of 268 pounds - male - 32 years old. I guess I could be a good candidate. But I’m not sure if the surgery is right for me or if I really really want it. I want to get fit but thinking of removing almost all of my stomach is still very weird for me. Sometimes I’m very confident and I want it, other times I think I just don’t have the courage to do it. I’m on a limbo. I don’t know if I will some day lose weight again and be healthy again. I have a son (and planning another) and now I’m not thinking just for me. I want to be an example for my kids and I want to live many years to see them grow up. So I need some motivation and have doubts: Stomach - the cut on my stomach will heal? I guess this is a dumb question but..! I’m asking this because of day to day life. For example, will I be able to do any kind of exercise after surgery? Eating out - I have a lovely family and sometimes I like to take my family to a nice restaurant and enjoy a nice meal. When this will be possible? My problem is not this kind of meals. My problem is between those meals - cookies, candies, cakes, coca-cola, popcorn, etc. I don’t want to prevent my family to enjoy my company during this eating-out dates. Exercise - I really do love exercising. I was a handball player some time ago and this year I returned to the field - It’s hard because of my weight but I’m fighting for it. Handball is a very physical game, it’s tough. The scar in my stomach will be cured? I have very high chances of fall down on my stomach or lead with a strong bump of kick or any kind of force. The sleeve is strong? Am i able to do any kind of exercise (after post-op time of course)? Energy - after sleeve you won’t be able to eat nice quantities of food, right? The food/calories you eat is enough for your day? Any special procedures for when you want to exercise and request more energy to your body? Is frequent to feel low energy because you can’t eat the calories you need? What do you think? Do you recommend the sleeve? Are you happy with your own sleeve? What was the most significal changes to your routines? And about to your social life? Please be in mind that I’m new to this idea and my english is not good - I’m from Portugal. Thank you in advance. Looking forward to receive some help here.