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    Mr R Ackroyd
  1. i was out with my daughter shopping, all was well when i reached the checkout. suddenly went dizzy, very hot and my vision went to a tunnel. i made it to a bench the otherside of the checkout and the next thing i knew i was surrounded by staff and was apparantly very pale, sweating like crazy and yawning alot. i did contact my bariatric nurse who has told me i need to be eating more, i eat at least 3 times a day but i dont feel hungry for it. after the "episode" i have had a evening snack. tomorrow i will try the 6 tiny meals and hope it never happens again
  2. 2 days post op rny

    i am day 5 now, apart from some alarming movement below which i am assured is fine all is good. i have some bruising emerging on my abdomen which is pain free and i am aceing injecting myself :) surprised how very little it takes to feel full
  3. when any members here had their rny the first time you pooped. did it stink and contain alot of old black blood? i have experienced this and dont know how usual this is. i feel good otherwise. on hardly any painkillers now (4days post op)
  4. 2 days post op rny

    it went great and i am healing well. only having mild to moderate pain. home today.
  5. its so close now just got to double check my bag and make sure i have everything. see you all soon x
  6. silly question

    thank you
  7. silly question

    i know about removing jewellery before the operation but can i keep my daith piercing in place? if it is covered with tape. its in my ear in the cartlidge and i know it will be hard to get out and impossible to put in again.
  8. all the very best for tomorrow lisa x
  9. 10 days to go

    i am so excited i think i am the only person around me who knows that isn't anxious about having it done and i suffer with anxiety lol i am so sure this is right for me and will give me my life back x
  10. WendyH Before & After

    the before pic looks alot like i do now, if i end up looking as good as you i will be one happy bunny
  11. 10 days to go

    you too lisa, i look forward to reading about how it has gone for you in the coming weeks xx
  12. hi lisa, i have my surgery on the 8th and i really cannot wait. we are both on the liquid pre op and i am so excited that its coming soon. this is by no means the easy way out, we have to work hard at it but we are all making positive choices and like you i think those who have gone before me are so brave x
  13. pre op diet

    still hanging in there, headache went away but is now back, roll on the 8th
  14. pre op diet

    i am determined to stick to it no matter what. so cool we have the same surgery date x
  15. pre op diet

    milk yogurt and sugar free jelly. not long now though