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  1. ***Update*** I received an email yesterday from the gastric bypass coordinator and she stated that I don't need authorization from my insurance (Medi-cal- Molina) to proceed. All I need to do is schedule my Dr.'s appointment (which is tomorrow...yes i am on this!) and have my Dr. refer me for the procedure and to see Dr. Khan. (San Bernardino, CA).. I am not sure exactly if this is exciting news but I am told that it is... I am sure I have to still attend a weight loss program, but it seems that i may not have to do the 6-12month requirement. Maybe 3? Can anyone else give some incite on this for me?
  2. thanks so much to the both of you! I am stoke to get started
  3. #SelfieLife #Beautiful #FaceBeat #EyebrowsonFleek etc, etc, etc!!!! How many times have I taken a gorgeous photo of my face, hair done, makeup done and posted it to my social media accounts? I can't even count at this point. But the truth is, what about the other portion of my body? Some may say I am "THICK" or "CURVY" or a little extra to hold on to… I pride myself on loose fitting tank tops to disguise the muffin top that I have gradually created for myself. Jeans? I forgot what those were! The thought of trying them on one leg at a time only to get to my hips and either JUMP, shake or suck in my gut to put them on has become a tiring task in its’ self. Leggings have become my new best friend along with flats. FLATS are the new high heel for fashion in my closet! Just the thought of squeezing my now chubby toes into a sexy 5-6 inch heel is tiring enough… Now, I just want everything to SLIDE N GLIDE… slide into my leggings and glide away in my flats… awe the simple life! But is it really so simple? I have just been getting by and accepting the unhealthy physical change not even truly knowing that my mental has adjusted to this bad habit as well. I think that I secrete confidence and in reality I am disguising my pain and defeat. I wish I would have thought about it a while ago. I wish I would have known that my SELFIE is SELFLESS without my true worth being the equivalent to the picture. This is NOT going to be an easy journey, but I can only pray that GOD gives me the strength and courage to make every appointment, to be sure to be as up forth and coming with all of my flaws, to be patient in the process. My goal is not to just be SKINNY! I want to be GREAT in all aspects and not just SLIDE and GLIDE thru life, but to be able to LIVE it… Today I go to my 1st VGS seminar with DR. Douglas Khan… today marks the 1st day of my new life… My #SelfieLife will no longer be just a face, but a new self-image ALL THE WAY AROUND!
  4. Lol... Hahahaa well then there it is there... Im bringing in weighs and a twinkie in my back pocket God in my heart and crossin my fingers!!!
  5. Hahahaha!!! good laugh for the day! Yea my friend who previously has the surgery done herself told me to put weights around my ankles...LOL I don't want to be dishonest tho, If i start off bad I will end up bad and regretful.
  6. Yeaaaaaaaaa I don't have any of those issues. I mean I do have trouble sleeping but that wouldn't be enough to say i could be considered just off that. Frankly, I am trying my best not to get discouraged just yet. I haven't even went to the seminar and spoken with the surgeon yet. That is next weeks' venture. I am just so tired of being on diet after diet after DIET dropping and gaining dropping and gaining. I have the issue of when I stress... i gain... NOT OVEREAT OR BINGE but just gain. unlike some who lose weight when they're overwhelmed. I just pray that God gives me patience and the courage I will need to follow through and be qualified to get this done for a new life and I hope my insurance sees my determination I have already put forth. Dear Insurance Company - Ya girl is TIRED OF THE PLUS SIZE SECTION!!!
  7. Thanks guys! I am such an impatient person, but this is also a mental change as well So I know I will have to practice on that. My current BMI is at 39. My main concern in trying to get this surgery is due to my fear of getting Diabetes as my father was diagnosed about 10yrs ago. As for the questions, luckily i have 2 very close friends who both went to the same doctor (small world they don't even know each other) So i can gladly pick their brain. I just really don't want to have to start another 6months to a year of a program when I have already documented records of my weight fluctuation. ughhhh I just want to be GREAT!
  8. hello Beautiful People.. I pray that everyone is having a productive week and blessed spirit. I am new to this site and forum and I am seriously considering having the VGS done. I recently found out that my medical insurance (MOLINA) covers this surgery and I must say… I HAVE BECOME OVERLY OBSESSED with the process since then. I have always been a thick (NEVER CALLED MYSELF FAT) woman and I admit I have been a yoyo dieter. Well I will be 33 in March (Yay Pisces) and IT IS TIME FOR A MAJOR LIFESTYLE CHANGE!!! I would like to get any kind of advice from anyone willing to extend support.. I started last year and lost 30 lbs total before LIFE took a toll on me… Now I am back at it starting 3wks ago at 260 and today I am at 248lbs. My question is… If I have previous record of going to a weight loss management facility and I am currently attending will my medical (Molina healthcare) still require me to sign up at weight watchers/jennycraig for another 6 months? I have already signed up for a seminar next week in San Bernardino Western Bariatric Center, with Dr. Douglas Khan. And I am hoping that I can get started right after that with the process… Someone please give me hope!!!