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  1. shaker ball cup

    The Vitamin Shop, there are several in San Diego. I have also purchased one at Henrys Marketplace.
  2. Hello, Hello, Hello

    Hi, My name is Judi Gee, I haven't been active on this site for a very long time. I had LAP-RNY on 6/19/2002. Dr. Callery was my surgeon. I am still amazed at all the positive changes in my life that have taken place, and the ones that still continue to happen.
  3. Menopause and WLS

    WLS 6/19/02: I've just been told that I have gone into menopause. Any thoughts on WLS and menopause? Thanks :-)
  4. Depression crash

    Hi All, I haven't posted for over a year....but I wanted to discuss depression after weight loss surgery. I had surgery on June 19, 2002. I've to date gone from 276 down to 247 and bounced up and down 5 lbs which I can live with. Anyway....about a year after surgery I was very clinically depressed, had been seeing a psychologist for about a year. It took about 4-5 months to find a psychitrist to work with who was sensitive and understanding of bariatric surgery. It took about 2 months to find medicine that worked with my system. Any of you out there who are perpetually down please find someone to work with to help you feel like the you you know you can be. I don't think that I would be here today if I hadn't have found the professionals that I found to help me. Today...life is grand! Judi Gee
  5. Reconstructive Surgery

    Hi All, had bariatric surgery 6/19/02, lost 130 lbs. I had my first of five reconstructive surgeries in 8/04, just had my second reconstructive surgery on 12/8/04. Wow, I can't believe that this is ME! It is amazing when little by little a body changes, the total cumulation of these changes is UNBELIEVABLE. I am always grateful that I made this choice to include my self in life but I am in awe at the doors that keep opening and the experiences that I have on a daily basis. Looking forward to the holiday party tonite, wearing my "holiday sweats" since I'm stitched in places that I don't even want to know about. Judi Gee LAP 6/19/02 275/135
  6. Struggling with Weight Gain & depression

    Hi All, I had my surgery on 6-19-02. I too know the fears of weight gain and having the "fat girl" revisit me. Last April I had 15 lbs. creep back up on me. My clothes wouldn't fit, I felt fat, frumpy, and very miserable. I was socializing around food, imagine that? I had to address the problem head on. I never had exercised during the weight loss, my back was so compromised. I decided pain or not exercise would have to become an added lifestyle choice. I went for it. I began walking/ now run at Torrey Pines about 5 days a week. I feel better than I ever have and find that it is a great stress reliever. My weight now is where it should be. 275/139
  7. Post ops later than 12/1/03...

    Hi All, The holiday party last year was wonderful. It was held on the same night as the support group and was a potluck. People like me came in my work clothes but others dressed up. Either way was it is a worthwhile time for all and a way to catch up with "buddies" you don't get to see that often. Judi G. 6/19/02 275/139
  8. Question of the week 9/7/04

    Great question. I had always been the fat kid, the fat teen, the fat adult, the buddy, the friend, but never just Judi. This surgery has given me a life as Judi. I have met some wonderful people who know me just as Judi and like me for me. Novel concept. I feel like a kid in a candy shop. I have met some very remarkable men who are tickled to know me and be with me, imagine that. I feel like I am making up for lost time and making every moment count. I have a saying that I read everyday as I go through my morning routine...An investment in enthusiasm should pay off. It starts my day on the right foot, I now always try to put my best foot forward and look forward to each and every moment. Life is grand, glorious, and bountiful! Dr. Callery 6/19/02 275/143/130
  9. Reconstructive Surgery

    Post Op 6/19/02 135 lb. loss, Hi All, I just had to share that I have had my first of 4 reconstructive surgeries. It is so exciting to have my silhouette change in so short of time. Had surgery 8-4-04, they removed 2 1/2 liters of fat from my thighs, no amount of running would make them go away and I am a very active person these days. Life is grand! Judi
  10. Pouch size

    I am almost 2 years post-op and still can not eat chicken. The first bite will stick in my throat and stay there for what seems forever! My portion size for other meats (fish, steak, etc.) is about 3 ounces, if I have just started to eat vegetables in very small quantities. Some days it seems to be too much food and other days it seems just right. I do eat fruit as a snack at times. I start my day with about 4 cups of caffeine free tea, and when I have "phantom" hunger I have found out that I am not staying hydrated enough and have more tea, it works for me. One thing that is new for me since this surgery is carbohydrate cravings and salty food which I have to watch out for, I can't even bring bread in the house, I become obsessed over it.....I guess being pro-active is better than being reactive and knowing these foods will lead me down a "forbidden" path it is better to not have them at all.