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  1. Post Op - What's up with my tongue!?

    Im also curious about this! I am still on the pill but they made it clear it won't be 100% post op. For now it's not a worry, but looking into other forms. The whole, object inside me for years, is kinda crazy to me.
  2. Post Op - What's up with my tongue!?

    Thanks everyone for calming my nerves! I did call the doctor, they said they'd get back to me and did not. I'll be there wed for my 2 week post op any way. Which is fine because the more I read and watch my tongue, the more it's looking like Ketosis. So that's manageable. Gross but manageable! It is incredible how the body transitions and changes through this! I am excited and motivated.
  3. Hello fellow TT-ers! Sorry I didn't check in sooner. I am 8 days post op and feeling great. Some ups and downs but I am pretty impressed with the quick turn around. However, this morning I woke up and thought, damn girl your breath is hot! Ive never had an issue with bad breath so I immediately got up to brush. When I looked at my tongue, it was coated with an light orangey, beige coating. Not spotty like Ive seen thrush so idk if its that? Really grossed me out. Doesn't hurt or feel like anything. I brushed a lot of it off with my toothbrush. But wasn't sure if this is normal? Other than that, doing good. Trying to power through this liquid stage. Side note and TMI: any other ladies get an unexpected period that doesnt seem to want to end? I heard it can happen post op but #%$ when will it end. Lol And down 11lbs so far! -Emma
  4. Surgery Date - Next week!!

    Thank you both!! I will keep you all updated
  5. Surgery Date - Next week!!

    Hi everyone! I have been a little MIA, but I did get my surgery date! I go next week, Thursday July 20th (Gastric Bypass). I can not wait! I have been trying to prepare everything and couldn't feel more ready. I am sure I will be leaning on here for support after! I am probably most paranoid about the internal healing than anything. Hope everyone is doing well and kicking their goal's butts!
  6. Almost 2 months out. BLESSED

    Congrats! great job you must be feeling great!!!
  7. Opinions on low start weight

    nomoreyoyo - EVERYTHING about this - yessss. as others said - remember who you are doing this for! a LOT of people have said to me "but you arent as big as people who really need it" "cant you just focus on the gym more" "why dont you stop eating poorly" "you just need to work harder" I get it - and you are not alone! aside from avoiding FUTURE issues - I would love to tie my shoes without losing my breath...walk up stairs and not be winded and huffing and puffing...or go on adventures my weight keeps me from - physically and mentally. can we lose the weight without the surgery - very possible...but this tool is here to help with that AND to keep it off...this choice is YOURS and there is no wrong answer.
  8. Waiting to Schedule: Books!

    Hello fellow TT-ers! I may have missed the thread that covers this (I went to look and ended up down 100 different threads lol naturally). Anyways! I have completed my Group program and now have a few 1x1s while I wait for the team to approve (sounds like this will be in April) and get the call to schedule a date (SOOO excited - and a mix of 100 different emotions ). In the mean time I thought it may be beneficial to get some reading material to continue that emotional support/learning we had during the program. Does anyone have any recommendations? I saw one on here, and then started looking at more and more on amazon. I am posting the titles below - if anyone has others, or has read the ones I am considering - I would love your suggestions/feedback. I am looking more for the complete package - not necessarily on HOW they do the surgery - I have a pretty good handle on that. It is more the emotional side/building a new healthier you. "Eat It Up! The Complete Mind/Body/Spirit Guide to a Full Life After Weight Loss Surgery" by Connie Stapleton PhD "Mindset Breakthrough: Achieve Weight-Loss Surgery Success" by Beth Bianca "Fresh Start Bariatric Cookbook: Healthy Recipes to Enjoy Favorite Foods After Weight-Loss Surgery" by Sarah Kent MS RDN CD Thank you!! Em
  9. Loose skin on your "ahem"* kitty*, after weight loss.

    darn! thank you for letting me know
  10. Loose skin on your "ahem"* kitty*, after weight loss.

    Elizabeth - as someone who is about to have the surgery - this HAS been a thought of mine. seeing as how you are now well beyond your surgery date - how did this turn out? is that awkward to ask? I find I am most nervous about this! ughh struggle is real.
  11. Feedback from the single users!

    Thank you for the honesty! Strains because you lost weight? Or it changed habits? I decided to be completely upfront about it. Because i know some people DO have a type. And this way if they only want thick women...they can leave now lol But I do imagine if someone is with you through the transformation, it can be hard. Possibly insecurities on their end about you leaving etc. Appreciate everyone's honest opinions!
  12. Feedback from the single users!

    Thank you everyone! I have no problem walking away from someone who can't love me because of that. But definitely want to prepare myself for it happening etc. I think I am more worried how I WILL feel than them. but at the end of the day, this is for me and my health and I love me no matter what! thanks again!
  13. Feedback from the single users!

    Hey everyone! Happy Sunday- snowy if you're in Massachusetts! Just curious about people's experience dating prior and post, for those who did. Before I say anything, I know that anyone who reacts poorly to my decision OR my body post surgery is not worth it. But still, what are your experiences? I am off and on dating, but find it kind of awkward to tell them. "Hey dont get attached to the curves they will change significantly!" Luckily (for my life prior to WLS), most men I date LIKE the weight....but I kind of feel like I'm misleading them if I don't tell them. Again, if weight is that important to them they prob aren't right for me. My bigger concern is post....I learned to accept my chubby gut...might take some acceptance on my end when its the skin. what are some reactions post surgery to the excess skin? Have some of you told them prior or said screw it and didn't say anything? I imagine most men dont notice or care but wanted to hear your stories, good or bad! I know, it's a superficial issue but dating is hard enough! Lol Good news is, I am 75% done with my program and closer to discussing surgery dates! And 10lbs down! Xoxo Em
  14. Hi! Don't let age stop you! I am only a few years older and I literally feel like this is my saving grace. I am in the process now (hopefully having surgery around June) but have never been more sure of a decision in my life. Yes, we have to live with it longer - but that means we get to REALLY LIVE. I can't even picture going 2 more years living like this - I want to be free! to run up stairs...go for a jog....tie my shoes without becoming a body contortionist lol I am similar height and weight and I know sometimes you think "nahhh I'm young I can do it myself" it took some time for me to admit and accept that I NEED HELP. this tool is our help (if you choose). some people can lose 90-100lbs on their own, that is amazing! but for me, I can't. I'm not sure if you have children yet, but for me.....I haven't started my family yet. I want to be physically healthy to carry my children and keep up with them after! I am most worried about extra skin, but many doctors and people here have told me since I AM starting young - there is more of a chance my skin will snap back easier. this is a deeply personal decision - but we are here to support either road you choose!
  15. Don't 'look' like I need WLS?!

    I am right there with you!! people think I am cute and little....because I am 5'2 (on a good day). and sometimes I think the same as you. but then it's the little moments that remind me why - being winded after walking up stairs, struggling to lift my leg high enough to tie a shoe....not being able to do physical activities that I would love to do. sure it feels great when our friends, loved ones, significant others validate that we "look fine" - but you have to remember what this is about: HEALTH. I have a friend who is scared of me having the actual surgery/"going under the knife" and I had to say to her "If you are scared and have questions - ASK, but I have made my decision and I need you to stop questioning if I really need it. fear of surgery is valid, say that. not that I don't need it" I chose to wait to tell anyone until I felt confident in my decision, I actually haven't told my family yet because they are the emotional source of my eating! I will tell them when I am ready. this is YOUR life and YOUR choice. I realize by now you are 4 days post op - I hope all went well and cant wait to watch your new journey!!