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  1. jules_78

    Struggling against bulimia

    Hi everyone, today I went to the second session of therapy. I must say I'm doing much better - also been prescribed Prozac. My eating urge has decreased a lot and I haven't any of those horrible "chew and spit" episodes. I am confident better times are coming soon! Love and hugs to you all and thanks very much for your support! Bless you all!
  2. jules_78

    Struggling against bulimia

    Thanks, cinwa, much appreciated!
  3. Hi folks, hope everyone is doing fine. Unfortunatley I'm not. I have recently been diagnosed with bulimia. Yep. That's right. It all started a couple of months ago, after my breakdown and when my snacking urge got worse and worse and I started overeating. I first thought that the post op physical limitation would make me stop eating. Oh boy, was I wrong. It just got worse and worse. I can't stop eating until I'm really full and sick. Obviously, I feel really bad and guilty for eating so much and I have to take laxatives everyday ( I hate throwing up!). My episodes of chewing and spitting also got worse, I can do that more than five times a day. I'm now 10 and a half post op and the idea of regaining weight scares me to death, but on the other hand, I can't control myself. I had WLS to feel and live better, but now life's a nightmare. Honestly I've reached a point where if I could go back time, I'd never have had surgery. I truly wish I could feel good about it as everybody else does, but I can't. I'm starting therapy tomorrow and just hope better times will come soon as this is affecting my personal and professional life.
  4. jules_78

    Before and after - measured in kg, not lb

    Thanks, Zyia!
  5. jules_78

    Before and after - measured in kg, not lb

    Hey! It's been a long journey, but it was well worth it! Being brutally honest I hate exercising, and I'm not gonna pay for a gym membership that I won't use. But I try to walk as much as I can and I play the Just Dance Wii video games - they're quite fun and at least I get to move and jump around a little bit! Yeah! Tattooed & Proud!
  6. jules_78

    Looking for buddy or mentor gastric bypass

    Where in Europe are you? I'm in Spain!
  7. jules_78

    Before and after - measured in kg, not lb

    Thanks Res! Altough it's been only 8 months out of surgery, this has been a long winding road, with lots of ups ans downs and now the battle ahead is to keep these pounds away forever! Yeah, I guess I should be fine at my current weight. My nut said I could be somewhere in between 58 - 68 kg, so at 60 is perfect!
  8. jules_78

    Before and after - measured in kg, not lb

    Thanks, Gretta! That's very sweet of you, but I was very unhappy at my highest, altough I tried all that "body positivity" thing, but it didn't work. Regarding my tattoos, my tattoo artist said although I lost a lot of weight, my skin did not wrinkle and the tattoos look really good now!
  9. jules_78

    Before and after - measured in kg, not lb

    Thanks so much Jen! I am 170 cm tall, so I guess 60 kg would be good to me!
  10. Congratulations Ziya, you look great! Love your cat pin!
  11. Not very creative on my post title, but that's it! Above pics, me at my highest of 126,7 kg (too lazy to convert into pounds, sorry!) and below, me right now at 60,2 kg Some more info: My highest was 126,7 kg then I managed to lose 22 kg on my own (before considering surgery) - then had RYN at 104 kg. My NOW pictures are after 8 months of the surgery. My goal was to reach 55 kg, but now at 60,2 I guess I'm fine.
  12. jules_78

    Weird question...

    Actually I've always had nightmares and after surgery they got worse, but luckily they went away. It's a horrible feeling when you wake up, but hang in there!
  13. jules_78

    Weird question...

    I had horrible nightmares a few days after surgery, when I was discharged from hospital. Horrible vivid nightmares. They disappeared eventually.
  14. jules_78

    Nervous breakdown

    Absolutely, BB! This forum has been of great help and support during this journey!
  15. jules_78

    Nervous breakdown

    Oh Zyia, that' so true! There are so many things I'm able to do without getting breathless in a second, walk the dog, walk up a steep street etc. Oh boy, the tight gap! Actually I miss my tights rubbing each other (I remember having this problem ever since I was a child), strangely enough,it feels kinda weird when I walk, as it seems something is missing in between my tights, so I walk with my legs half open, it's just so weird! hahahaha! About clothes I went from a size 22/24 down to a 8 for pants and 6 for tops. Anyway there are so many things to cope with after WLS that one day you end up breaking down, as I did the other day. But fortunately I did not fall into the trap as you said, all the positive things are far much better.