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  1. Got my date

    Pain is a strong motivator that's for sure. It seems weird that losing weight hasn't helped with your foot, must be a completely different issue. Though losing weight is very good for yourself esteem. If I was you, I would not let other people bother you with the silly comments. You are getting these surgeries for your health and people who haven't been it your situation don't understand. It is none of their business anyway. It's not an easy way out, who wants surgery if they had an alternative. I had some negative comments from some family members, but I just had to overlook it and follow the path that was right for me. I am glad you started your pre-op diet and I hope the time goes fast for you. I hope you can keep your stress down, try to imagine a time when surgeries are done and you've recovered. I suppose you will have a lot of rehabilitation with your foot surgery. I am experiencing what they call a stall, I haven't lost any weight in 4 or 5 days, but I'm happy with what I've lost so far. I'll just have to be patient and see what happens.
  2. Got my date

    It makes you feel guilty when you get your BMI low, like that you could do on your own, even though know you can't. I tried for a lot of years up and down gradually gaining more and more. I've only lost a bit since surgery, but have lost 15kg from beginning of process and already my blood pressure, blood sugar levels and my cholesterol levels are back to normal and I feel like I'm getting my energy back. I can only imagine how hard it must be for you, having to wait 12 months to have your problem sorted let alone 3 months incapacitated. I have to go back for my 4 week review next Wednesday, the time has gone fast. I'm trying more varieties of food now which is nicer, the liquid diet got quite boring. I've been out for dinner several times the food always smells nice, but I don't have any trouble with hunger as I don't feel hungry. I'm just eating because its time to eat.
  3. Got my date

    Seems like you have to jump through a lot of hoops to get your health back. I suppose its worth it when you get the results you are hoping for, I don't know how I'd manage if I couldn't drive for 3months. I drive every day for one reason or another. I used to drive up to Port Pirie quite a bit about 6 or 7 years ago, as one of daughters was living there. I found the trip quite tiring. You must have great willpower to cope on such a long drive and with the pain as well. I don't think you'll have any trouble getting under 30 BMI once you've had bypass. I seem to be going down quite steadily, slow but steady. All I seem to do is eat and drink, I have 5 or 6 small meals a day. It is not been quite 3 weeks for me and I've lost about 6kgs, I just hope I can maintain that weight loss for a while. Anyway hope you can the response you are hoping for when you see your specialist.
  4. Got my date

    It is a bit hard to lose weight and keep it off if you can't exercise. You must have been really dedicated to have done as well as you have. Surely your doctor would understand this, your so close to a 30 BMI. Best steps I've gotten to was 1200, but usually manage a range of between 8ooo and 10000, its about all I do for exercise. Maybe that will change when I lose some of my excess weight and get more energy. How do you manage driving such a long distance when you are in a lot of pain. Hopefully this will be the year to get it all sorted. It must be very frustrating for you, knowing all this stuff needs to happen but having to wait around for the arrangements.
  5. Got my date

    I think a massage sounds like a wonderful idea should be very relaxing. I didn't have any bowel prep they said it wasn't necessary for this surgery, you would think it would be, maybe your surgeon is different though. The surgery was pretty laid back I thought, except that I was in ICU for a night. I don't blame you for buying a dressing gown it has been pretty cold lately. It's hard to resist a bargain under those circumstances. I finally went shopping yesterday, bought some jeans, something I haven't worn for a long time and bought some clothes in one size smaller not buying much as hopefully will lose more. I managed to get 7000 steps in for the day, best I've done since my surgery, now just have to keep it up. I went out to tea last night, had a child serve, I didn't eat it all but I paid for it. I was ill all night, a quarter of a cup seems to be my limit. I won't do that again in a hurry. I see my dietician in about 10 days, I think I will have to talk to her about it see where I went wrong. My dietician seems quite good I think you need to feel confident in there ability for your piece of mind. How much longer do you have in Adelaide? I suppose ou are missing home. It is nice to get away but always nice to get back home again.
  6. Got my date

    It sounds very complicated, but he is obviously a very experienced professional. I'm sure that you won't be disappointed when you wake up. In difficult situations you need a surgeon with skill and expertise. Hopefully you will be first up, waiting for hours is frustrating and nerve-racking. How was your trip down, it's a bit of long drive. It was quite chilly today, nice for a change. I've gotten out my fluffy dressing gown tonight. I prefer colder weather to hot. I'm not looking forward to daylight saving finishing gets dark to early. Don't worry about your surgery it will all work out I'm sure. I was worried a lot before surgery from what the surgeon told me, but everything went smoothly. They have to tell you all possible outcomes just to keep you fully informed. Anyway I hope you are enjoying your stay.
  7. Got my date

    Oh I thought it might have something to do with low BMI, my mistake. It must set your mind at ease, see that he will be following you up personally. Also handy that he works at your local hospital. I have read so many comments on here about post-op I must be so lucky as I have had a relatively ease time, nothing to complain about. I hope I don't jinx myself speaking to soon. Have you left already for your stay in Adelaide. My doctor didn't say there was any damage from prior surgery, although prior to surgery he did say that he might not be able to complete the bypass if there was significant scarring at the sight. I have my first challenge tomorrow night, my grandson birthday tea. I have to find something to take for tea, easy to travel food. Last day of fluids and I am looking to the next step.
  8. Got my date

    It sounds like you have a very caring Dr. They told you could drive as long as you were off strong painkillers. You just need a cushion to protect your stomach. I have only been driving small distances though and some people need strong pain relief for longer. I hope you have a good an experience as me, as I think I got off pretty easy. I would say a hysterectomy would be much worse, I know my c sections were more painful and took longer recovery time. I didn't do any bowel prep, I don't know why. I have the exercise person appointment on the 29th to let me know what exercises I can start doing. I'm glad to hear that low BMI patients can lose a lot of weight and I not to concerned if takes awhile, as long as it happens. My pre-op appointment only lasted about half an hour, but had to fill in a questionnaire before hand. Hope your Dad's birthday goes well, it will keep you pretty busy for awhile. I'm planning my first shopping trip next Friday with one of my Daughters, have to start doing a bit of walking. Won't be long now before your pre-op diet starts., then time will start to fly for you. Do your surgeon say why he was following you up very closely, it wasn't because he was worried you would lose to much weight was it ? I have always wondered how you would stopping losing weight when your in the right weight range. I don't think I'll be seeing Justin from now on, I think I only see Helen and the dietician. My GP is very good if I have any concerns.
  9. Got my date

    no it was open. apparently it is harder to do laprascopically in a revision, Which way are you having yours. I us a pillow when I'm driving. Sounds like the ball is rolling for you now. I'm pleased that my capacity for eating has diminished. I have to remind myself to eat and only in very small amounts. I never had this lack of appetite with the band. When do you start your pre-op diet, I think it is the hardest part. I just had the hospital ring me to see if I was doing ok, or had any questions. I don't know how these people get back to work in 6 days, I'm still dragging my feet. I read that if you start with a lower BMI you lose your weight slower, will be interesting to find out won't it. I don't have any particular weight goal, but would like to get to more normal BMI.
  10. Got my date

    Glad things are falling into place for you, although I know from my own experience that while you are waiting time seems to crawl, better if your busy though. It will be better if you can have a doctor you have confidence in. I drove myself to Marion today and got my haircut. Feels much better now. Was going to do some shopping, but wasn't really up to that. My taste is coming, had my first decent cup of tea. Everything seems to be getting back to normal now. I have only lost 3kg since surgery, but I guess that is enough. It will be interesting to see if your experience is similar to mine, I hear than can be a lot of differences. Mine was pretty positive apart from some breathing difficulties, which I have been having trouble with for last six months, nothing do with surgery. Those pain killers they give you in hospital are different, I was hallucinating first couple days, don't think I could handle being a drug addict, I like to be in control, but did it's job.
  11. Got my date

    Thanks for your warm wishes. Enjoy your hot cross bun lol. I got out Sun night had some complications to sort out before they would let me leave. But nave been a bit flat since I got home and hardly awake because of painkillers. I started just taking panadol today seems to control soreness and not feeling so weak or dizzy. Seem to do nothing but eat and drink at the moment. I am sorry to hear they put your date back, but hopefully the time will go fast for you, especially with easter. I have a very busy family easter this year we usually have one large family picnic and all 27 of my children and grandchildren get there, this year it is spread over Sat and Sun. And no more hot cross buns for me. But at least I should be on a soft diet by then. I haven.t been walking yet, I thought I would have but I think I need a little more time. For me the surgery wasn't as bad as I thought very little pain most just a bit of discomfort but I was able to get up and use bathroom by myself. The only thing I found was everything so different, so sweet, but if I persist with it, it tones down after a little while. I have to go hospital with daughter in the morning she has surgery on her sinus and has no-one to go with her. It will be a test of my ability to stay awake and also co-ordinate my meals and drinks. Anyway I better go no I have to get up four and half hours. All the Best Kyh 56
  12. Got my date

    Thanks Aussie, and like I said I'll let you know how I went when I get home. I'm glad you are busy, don't get stressed with it all. Thanks again for your support you don't know how much easier you have made it for me. Kym 56
  13. Got my date

    I've told everyone in my family, some are supportive, some are not, but I have to do what is right for me. I can understand that they may think if you've had one surgery that you should wait longer than someone who hasn't, but it does depend on circumstances. Any way I managed to find the money,. luckier than some. I've been for my last blood test and all set for tomorrow. I've lost 27 cm from all over my body since being on the shakes, but I can't really tell from looking. I hope it will stay off now. I can't wait to look more natural, got awhile to go yet I guess. I'm sorry you still have to wait, waiting was the most stressful for me, I'm just impatient. Any way hopefully the next weeks will go quickly, especially seeing your busy. I will message ou when I get home from hospital. Keep well. Kym 56
  14. Got my date

    It's hard facing these things on your own. I have my 22 year old daughter who lives with me, she is a great support and will help me out when I came home. I had to have optifast for all 3 meals but only for 2 weeks. I plain to have them for the first 2 weeks after with soup for alternatives. The dietician said I can use optifast but mixed with low fat milk to make more protein. So it won't be much longer before surgery. I didn't really have worries about my lap band surgery, I was totally sick of myself and ready for change. I hope it's easy for you this time around. It will be all worth it and you'll feel much better in 12months from now. Is your family supportive, some mine are very supportive and some are still trying to talk me out of it. I am ver determined though since making my mind up. watch video of the actual surgery, I usually squeamish but found it quite interesting. The QEH is the hospital I was going to go to have mine at but they have a rule if you have lap band out you have to wait 5 years for revision surgery, but I think it also depends on which Dr. that you see. I can't wait until 6 months aren't quite as strict in terms of food. I think that I won't have much trouble with food choices as it hasn't been that hard so far just head hunger and I just find something to occupy myself with. Using your exercise bike should give you the exercise but it's hard if you are in pain hopefully everything will settle a bit after your surgeries. Your journey is a bit more complicated then mine but I hope you will be happy with the final result. Please keep me informed on how you are going, I too wish you all the best .
  15. Got my date

    Sounds like you have a bit of trial to go through, hopefully next year will be more peaceful for you. Is your scheduled appointments just with surgeon or team of specialists. I think yours sounds like a good plan would suit me, I have to see 5 different ones in the first month. How far do you live from Adelaide. It is good that your specialist travels to your town. I am getting so nervous about my surgery, can't remember to much about last time so it couldn't have been to bad. I just don't like being put to sleep, no pain just unrealistic fear. I'm glad we have been able to communicate it has made me feel less anxious. What will you be able to do for your exercise, or will that be something you won't be able to do for awhile. I am luck that that I can do my walking also I enjoy it, especially by the beach. I have been busy last couple days make some different soups and freezing in small quantity. Also sugar free drinks pre-packed. I have heard a lot of different things about coffee, whether we can have decaf or not for 3months. Do you know anything about it ? I think my dietician told me something about it but I've gotten mixed up with all that I've read. Have you received a date yet? It's a bit of pressure when you know you're having it but don't know when. Are you going to the QEH or somewhere else. I had my lap band out FMC, had a great surgeon think his name was Chisholm or something like that. He works privately also but I had already been with Justin so thought best to go with him. I have lost 6kg in the last 11days on the optifast. I've been on it before but haven't lost that much in such a short time, mostly fluid I guess. I'm not having any trouble with hunger, but everyone around me seems to having my favourite foods. I heard that loosing weight helps with feet issues, I don't know if this applies to your particular issues. Hopefully it will help you'