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  1. I'd like to join you for dinner I live outside of Orlando and love meeting folks on the weight loss journey with me. Please email me details when you have them. Allison
  2. Sigh....yet another reason to be jealous of the men folk! Quick weight loss!! I havent been on a scale since my surgery. I have an appointment next Monday with the surgeon. I am hoping for just half the results you've had!
  3. Hi guys! Wow! I just caught up on the thread and everyone is doing great! I am thrilled to hear about Mike's 30lb loss! You rock!! I had to go back to the hospital Saturday. I was walking and the pain in my belly was increasing. It felt like a burning sensation. When I got home, I looked at the area and saw that it was red, swollen, and warm to the touch. It was the incision site just to the left of center and high up. The surgeon said that is the site where most of the work is done. Anyway, long story was infected. The docs removed the bio-glue and drained the infection. Then came the fun part. They had to clean and pack the "cavity." Holy Mary, Mother of GOD, what the?!?!? I work in pathology and nothing grosses me out. Guess what, I have met my match. Doc asked if I would be able to do the packing myself or if I was too much of a wuss. I almost passed out from the sheer ick factor. Nope, I can't do it to myself. I could do it on someone else, but, not myself. They gave me IV antibiotics and painkillers for the night. I was let go the next morning with scripts for antibiotics and liquid lortab. I cannot believe this happened. Monday was my meltdown day. I had to wait and wait for the doc to call me and tell me to come in to have the bandages changed. That meant I could not take pain meds because I was going to be driving. The doc was stuck in surgery ALL day long. It was 7pm before she called me. I had cried and regretted having the surgery all day. What a mess! I finally got a grip and things are healing nicely. It just seems to be soooooooo slow! The infection definitely explains why I felt so zapped of energy and couldn't walk very much. I have a home nurse coming twice a day to take care of the bandages. I walked for about 20 minutes yesterday and went back to work today. The wound still hurts and is limiting me getting around as much as I would like. Thanks for listening to me whine. I hope everyone else is doing great and that I took the one complication for the team!!
  4. I am really having trouble walking around much. I get exhausted after only a minute or two. Does this get better soon? My surgery was on Monday and today is Friday. I am only good for a very few minutes on my feet. I am getting the protein and fluids in. Any advice??
  5. OK, I made it! I had surgery Monday late afternoon and came home Wednesday afternoon. The pain is pretty uncomfortable, but, the meds are helping manage it. I am just soooooo sore and sleeping way more than I thought I would. I had no idea how sore I would be. I've never had surgery except a c-section in the past. My butt has been kicked! A couple funny things from my hospital stay (I always find the humor in any situation). The anesthesia doc gave me some Versed before wheeling me to the OR. As my friends are wishing me luck, I look over and announce to God and everyone that I am "stoned outta my mind." The last thing I remember before passing out was the doc and nurses laughing at me. LOL! I remember waking up in my room and the nurse lifted my gown to check the lap sites. My belly was GREEN! No one warned me that the antiseptic the surgeons use now is not the old iodine/betadine stuff! I was pretty worried for a minute there. Ok, time for some sips of protein drink and another nap. I hope Mike's gas pains have passed.
  6. I am on my fifth day of the liquid diet. I can't believe I am going to actually put these words is easier today than yesterday. The first three days were the pits. I think my body is adjusting to getting only liquids and yogurt. I hope I drop some pounds after this LOL! My surgery is on June 15th so I am right here with ya
  7. Let me tell ya...this liquid diet is the pits! I was a work today and my boss heard my stomach growling from across the room. It was actually pretty funny I cannot wait to be done with the pre-op diet. It is a real test of will power. I've completed three days and have not cheated at all.
  8. Thanks for adding me to the June list. I am doing the two week pre-op liquid diet and it SUCKS! Does anyone have any advice on how to get through this without loosing my mind? I have been following the diet to the letter. It is basically protein drinks, some yogurt, and one cup of uncooked vegies per day. I am trying very hard to focus on the end result, but, this is hard! I had to cook dinner for my daughter and it smelled so good. I held strong for today....
  9. I just got my surgery date today! I am having it done on June 15!!!!!! I am so happy to have a date finally. I start the liquid diet on June 1. Does anyone have any suggestions for the protein drinks? Which ones taste better?
  10. Congratulations!! I can't wait to ge in your shoes
  11. I am on facebook, too. Allison Holder Smith. I am addicted to tetris LOL!~
  12. Hello, I am wondering how often patients have to get their gallbladder removed following weight loss surgery. Should I inquire about having it removed at the time of the GBS? Thank you!
  13. Thanks Lisa! I guess I just had not thought about the pre-op clearances. I have been looking into bariatric surgery for a few years now. I had in my head that the six month medically supervised diet and insurance approval would be the longest and most frustrating part of the pre-op part. Doh! The cardio doc was very kind and took time to explain his reasons for ordering the tests. I understood his point, but, it sounded a bit like defensive medicine. You know, let's do every test just in case. I am going to try something new today. I am going to take out my irritation on the wii fit. Look out Mini Mii!! It is on today LOL!~
  14. I got insurance approval several weeks ago. I thought the aggravating part was done. Nope, the pre-op stuff is way worse! I had to get clearances from pulmonary and cardiology. Pulmonary only took a week to get an appointment with. The surgeon is requiring this because I used to smoke. I go the lung doc and he wants to have PFTs done. I have to wait 2 weeks for those to be done. Ugh! I get in with cardiology today (took 2 weeks for an appointment). My only risk factor is that I am diabetic. They do an EKG and it is normal. Great! All done, right? Nope. That would be far too easy. The doc wants me to get an echo and cardiac PET scan. I have to wait three weeks for the first available appointment. Ugh!! For the love of GOD! This is so frustrating. Good thing I do not need some sort of emergency or urgent surgery. This is snail's pace. The best I can hope for is to have the clearances by the beginning of June. I hate the fact that I am having these very expensive cardiac test done and I have no cardiac issues at all. I am still kinda young (37 yrs) and have no chest pain, murmur, ect. It just seems a little overboard. Ok, I am done whining. I was unprepared for the delays between insurance approval and getting a surgical date.
  15. I have pretty much cut myself out of all family photos. I take the pics or videos. Even with my efforts to avoid pictures, there are still a few out there. I am so sick and tired of not being able to participate in my kiddo's life as much as I want to. I grew up in Central Florida and spent every weekend at the springs or the beach. I refuse to go anywhere that involves a swimsuit. I feel like I am ripping my kid off. Thank goodness I finally decided to DO something. I cannot wait to be an active parent!
  16. Hello, I have been approved for RNY surgery, but, do not yet have a surgery date. I am still obtaining clearances from cardiology and pulmnology. When I got the approval, the insurance guru at the doc's office went over my out of pocket portion of the bill. I was given an exact amount for the surgeon's fees, ect. Except the hospital's charge. She is not a hospital employee and could not give me there numbers. I have called the billing office and cannot get a straight answer there either. I have another call in for a supervisor. I have Aetna insurance and hospitalization is covered at 90%. Apparently when you have an elective procedure the hospital wants its 10% paid up front. Ok, not a problem. I just need a ball park figure to work with. Did anyone else have to pay their co-pay to the hospital up front? If so, how much was it? Thank you very much for all your help!
  17. I go to the support group meetings at Florida Hospital Celebration. They have one on the first Wednesday of every month for folks pre-op to 1yr post op. There are also other meetings for cooking, ect. Check the website for all the meetings. I've been to a few and there are LOTS of people there. I went a couple months ago and there had to be 75 people there in all phases of the weight loss. Dr. Kim leads the meetings along with a couple staff members from his office. Thank you to everyone for the encouragement! I greatly appreciate it. PS How do add a weight loss ticker?
  18. I told all my co-workers when I first started my six month diet. I need/want all the support I can get! I work in the healthcare field and my employer has all these healthy living programs. In fact, they have a weight loss challenge every six months. Everyone is very supportive of my decision to have surgery. I have heard no negative pushback. I have no issue explaining my choice if someone questioned it. One of my co-workers offered to attend a support group meeting with me. I am going to take her up on that
  19. Thanks for the positive thoughts Leanne, I am looking forward to being on that losers bench. I have yo-to dieted all my life and never spent more than a few months on the losers side. I have never been a normal BMI. There are a few things I am most looking forward to once I loose weight. I want to fly without needing a seatbelt extender. I want to ride my friends horses again. I want to be on the bone marrow donor list. They do not accept donors with a BMI over 40. I want to walk in a crowded room and not be the fattest person there. Susan, my kiddo goes to Minneola Elementary too! They built a brand new school on the same propery next to that ancient building. There is actually another elementary school less than a mile from Minneola. I am not sure why the school board decided to build two schools for a town of only 5 square miles. I am having a RYN with Dr. Kim. The office staff seems very good at their jobs. I am currently getting approvals from pulmonary and cardiology. I stopped smoking in Jan 2008 and it still haunting me! Stupid cigarettes. It is funny....I can quit a 20 year smoking habit with no problem, but, I cannot control the food thing. By the way, how do I get the weight loss ticker to show up with my signature? I went to the ticker website, but, did not know what to attach. Thanks guys!!!
  20. I have been approved for surgery, but, do not have a date yet. My insurance will cover having my gallbladder removed during the gastric bypass surgery. I have not met with the surgeon to discuss this yet. Is it a good idea to get it out at the same time? Thanks for any advice!
  21. Hello Everyone, My name is Allison and I live in the Orlando, Florida area (or Disney's backyard). I have been approved for surgery and am now getting the pre-operative clearances the surgeon requires. I am getting impatient with the clearances. I just want to have a scheduled surgery date! OK, now I sound like my 8 yr old. I have been considering GBS for the last four years. My insurance turned me down in 2005. Last year I found out that I am diabetic and decided that I must do something now. I am a single parent and cannot bear the thought of not being here for my kiddo. My family is very supportive. In fact, my brother is going to do the 2 week pre-op liquid diet with me I have read some of the info on the forums and gotten some great advice and knowledge. I look forward to picking the brains of those who have been down the path.