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  1. Very well said. I did so much research and even had my husband read things and meet with people to learn about their experiences. We were both ready to commit to bypass when my sister out the fear of God in my hubby. She work as a clinical nutritionist at an ha spiral and had horror stories to tell. Of course, she only saw those that had issues, not the thousands of successful patients. Suddenly my husband wasn't on board for the bypass. After more research, meetings, and discussions he finally agreed to the sleeve. My sister wasn't keen on the procedure but was more supportive of this than bypass. Im happy to say my surgery was done Aug 2, 2026, and I'm doing great. I have 100 pounds off since I first started my program and would tell anyone to move forward, do your research, have a good support group, follow program and you'll do great. Don't let the nay-Sayers dissuade you from being a healthier you!
  2. Welcome, Helene. We have all had to deal with personal struggles but you've done great on your own. The surgery will be another tool for you as you continue your journey to a healthier and happier you!
  3. Hi, Guy! I'm relatively new and had some recent family emergencies so have not been able to visit lately. When I was on line more, I found the site helpful and the people friendly and willing to share. I hope to pick back up a bit after next week and contribute what I can. I hope you find the group and support you need.
  4. The first few weeks post-op canned difficult. I had VSG Aug 3, 2016 and it was almost 6 weeks before I was feeling better. The liquid portion will end soon and you'll be able to slowly make some additions, just follow your plan. Things will improve and you will soon appreciate not eating those crunchy bites when you see the weight drop. Right now you need to concentrate on your water intake and getting your protein in. Believe me, it gets easier and you will find ways to substitute the foods you miss.
  5. I'm about 9 weeks post-op and struggled for the first 6 weeks. Nothing I ate stayed down and there was concern I may have a restriction. But now I'm much better and can tolerate foods much better. I was just on the slower end of the spectrum, as we each are different. Try to get as much protein from foods. Add unflavored protein powder (this still has a little taste) to scrambled eggs, mashed potatoes, soups to help get in your protein. I use plain Greek yogurt in my morning smoothie and even add a scope to this. If you haven't tried protein powdered broths, I find the Unjury chicken broth doesn't leave an after taste. However, make sure the water you use isntover140 degrees or it lumps. The World According to Eggface is a great resource for recipes. She is on Facebook and Pinterest and has been a great resource for me. Best of luck as you find what works for you. Keep your water intake up and you will see improvement I'm sure. You may be like me and take s bit longer.
  6. Carina ~ I had my surgery on August 3, 2016 at the age of 60. I actually turned 61 later that month. So many years of yo-yo dieting, that I finally made the decision and have be regrets! After a lot of reading and research, I elected to do the VSG. I barely qualified with a 41 BMI and had no other health issues (diabetics, high BP, cholesterol, etc). My surgeon and nutritionist agreed with my final decision, but did want me to know my total weight loss would be less than if I went with by-pass. I fully understood this, but also know that the changes I will make in my life-style will allow me to control this journey and get me to a healthy weight. Hang in there and know that there is a healthier you on the other end of this journey.
  7. I had VSG surgery Aug 3, 2016. I have a desk job and was told I could return to work immediately, if I wanted. My weight restriction was 10 ponds until my follow-up appointment 2 weeks out. I took 2 weeks off and am glad I did. I was weak and tired. I've never been one to nap, but found I needed to rest mid-day and usually nodded off for 30 minutes or a bit more. I was able to do my daily upkeep of the house, but again in stages and with some modifications. Reaching and stretching was uncomfortable, so I did have to be more careful. If I recall, it was almost 6 weeks post-op that I started to have more energy and more myself. Give yourself time to heal and adjust to the changes in your day. Your body will let you know when you are doing too much, and you have to listen to it.
  8. Head to Marshalls & TJ Maxx. I've found several good prices in clothes there. I'm not a Goodwill shopper, but these I'm good with. I also am in 16 bottoms and 14 tops. I hit the sales at JC Penny's, Kohls, and Bergstroms last weekend and restocked my wardrobe with new, quality items for very little. I'm from WI and am preparing for cooler weather. I found some tops and long duster-length cardigans at Target for a very reasonable price. We have an exchange in our post-surgical support group. You may want to see if there is anything available through there.
  9. I just came across the site and found it very helpful. I'm 61 and had a VSG on Aug 3, 2016. I have struggled with weight issues ever since high school. However, I was in so many sports, that the weight was somewhat controlled. After having my first pregnancy I never lost the weight, and the yo-yo cycle started. I had successfully lost 100+ pounds a couple of times and tried several diets. Unfortunately, it always crept back on. So, loosing is easy, but maintaining was unmanageable for me. In September 2015 I was near my all-time high weight at 286. I entered Dean's Weight Management program on Oct 5, 2015 and weighed 276.6. I worked hard to develop the habits needed after surgery for several months and during this time ruptured discs in my back and had to have back surgery. This put off my WLS and also stopped my exercise program. But, I was able to have VSG surgery on Aug 3, 2016, and weighed 220 lbs prior to being wheeled in. Surgery went well, but 10 days after I was Ina car accident on the Interstate. The seatbelt caused some problems, so I had a bit of a set-back. The photos below show me the morning of surgery (in white) and then me 6 weeks post. I am now 9 weeks post-op and weigh 192 lbs -- 28 lb drop and a total of 94 lbs in about 11 months. I'm so happy I made the decision to have WLS, and look forward to what the future holds for me.