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  1. Bob J

    Waving from Yorkshire UK

    Welcome to TT. Keep up the good work!
  2. Bob J


    Baseball 2016. Grumpy Elf 2017 Christmas Friend 2018
  3. Bob J

    Loose skin?

    I had a lot of excess skin that will never go away. After 21 months and loosing over 200+ pounds, I had skin reduction surgery. If you look under Members Photos, under the topic “Before/After Skin reduction”, you can see what I had done.
  4. Bob J

    Before/After (more or less)

    Very impressive. Keep up the great progress.
  5. Bob J


    Excellent progress. Keep up the great work.
  6. Bob J

    One year surgiversary!

    Keep up the great work. Your looking terrific.
  7. Bob J

    Energy? and transition

    Both WLS and Skin reduction surgery drained all energy out of me I want to say or was 2-3 months after WLS that I felt better and started doing things again. I went through Skin reduction on July13, and now staring to get everything back to normal and doing some extra stuff. Be patient. Your energy will come back and improve. It’s just different for each individual.
  8. Bob J


    Welcome to TT. Congratulation on your weight loss. Keep it up before you know it, you will be at your goal weight.
  9. Bob J

    Having a sleeve in November :-)

    Hi Amy. welcome to TT. I suggest to wear loose clothing for the trip home and maybe a neck/head pillow for sleeping in the hospital bed.
  10. Bob J

    started puree today.....

    I did 30 minutes before, ate my food and then waited 30 minutes after. Just think of your stomach as a sieve. Put puréed foods in it, then if you add your water, it flushes out quickly. Let your stomach/system absorb what vitamins and nutritions are in that food.
  11. Bob J

    Happy Labor Day Friends

    Thanks for the wish. Hope you have a great Labor Day. It’s raining in Wisconsin, but I found my self at an Indian Reservation in Green Bay and they were very nice to me
  12. Bob J

    One week Post-Op

    Maria, Welcome to TT. Congrats on taking a big step in your life.
  13. Bob J


    Congratulations and welcome to TT.
  14. Bob J

    Changed pictures up

    I was diabetic, had high blood pressure, sleep apnea, been removed from all medications and sleep really good at night. Feeling good but if I don’t lose the last 40pounds to get to my goal weight, I am happy with how I am and this weight.
  15. Bob J

    Changed pictures up

    I was bored today, so I redid my pictures. One is when I was in St Louis in July 2015 weighing almost 500 pounds. The 2nd one from Oct 2016 right before my surgery. The after pictures are self explanatory. Current weight: 220