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  1. Behind closed doors - Charlie Rich To my darling wife.
  2. It is more about the song than the group. I have heard it used on sporting broadcasts and like it and I am back from Vacation, so the Boy is back!
  3. No Scale for this guy today. Time to get back in a groove!
  4. How bout some old school LL Cool J - Mama said knock you out! Great workout song!
  5. Everybodys working for the weekend! - Loverboy - reminds me of the old MTV days
  6. Despacito - Justin Bieber...yeah...that Justin Bieber
  7. Surprised to see you have not had more support from this "Forum", perhaps try another Forum. Bariatric pal is a place that I frequent, very active forum and I think you will find the answers and support you are seeking/need.
  8. Congrats on the birth of your child and on your success to this point. Through this process I have always had to put myself first, it is hard to do at times being a spouse and parent and I am sure that the time you have for you at this point is next to zero. Perhaps finding some time while the baby is napping to formulate a plan. I would suggest the 5 day pouch test to reset your body/pouch and to get you back in the routine that you previously were in. I have used this on two occasions with great success and was able to eliminate the cravings I was having and get myself back on track . I have attached the link in case you are not familiar. http://www.5daypouchtest.com/ Good luck, Guy