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    Hi guys

    Hi @Kio, sorry to hear this. I can relate; we had our beloved dog put to sleep about ten days ago after a lifetime of caring for him and loving him so much, and several months of wondering when we would have to make the decision. We also worked in shifts so there was nearly always someone home with him, just in case. It was so hard, and we miss him so much.
  2. Keep on truckin', @Nana Trish! <3
  3. Nice! I don't have a blender, but maybe it would work with a stick mixer.
  4. Carina

    Goal day!

    Fantastic! You must feel great.
  5. Man, I would just want to snack on those puppies.... Doesn't look like I can get them here, though.
  6. Whoa, what a fabulous idea! I work "alone" now, so no immediate colleagues, but I'm squirreling this idea a way to use at some point. Thanks!
  7. There's a lot of wisdom in these paragraphs (as usual)! Emma, this is the real deal. My two cents: at this point (18 months out) I am working on the emotional eating. I am lucky enough not to have had any complications with the surgery, and I can pretty much eat anything I want, just not much at once. That's both a blessing and a curse, as you can imagine. I think the work you have already done on creating a stable eating pattern (yay you!) will serve you well after surgery. The first few months are different, because you are "starting over" and then slowly introducing other kinds of food. But after a few months you will be back on "normal" food, just less of it and emphasizing healthy food. An occasional treat shouldn't be a problem. It sounds like you are really thinking this through, and that's great. That makes a good WLS patient. Feel free to message me (or anyone else, probably) if you want to chat. Good luck! You'll be OK.
  8. Carina

    One year!

    This is great...both your success and your way of writing about it. Cheers!
  9. You look so healthy and happy! I bet you're fishing up a storm. Enjoy!
  10. This has been exactly my experience. I'm about a year and a half out, and I can definitely do a lot more than before surgery, which is great. But it's not like I magically started dancing through the meadows on my way to work or anything like that!
  11. Love you, Punkin, and I've got everything crossed for a good outcome. So sorry you have to wait so long for the next appointment. As others have said, try to do what's within your power to take care of yourself, like the vitamins, water, and protein. And try to rest when you can. So glad to hear from you; keep us posted when you can. PM me if you like.
  12. Is there a way you can make/get your iced coffee that doesn't involve 400 calories? That's a lot, but it would be nice to be able to enjoy coffee. Not sure where all those calories are coming from, but there are sugar-free syrups if you use those. Good luck!
  13. That looks very cute on you!
  14. Hi, @QuietMissB, just another thought: two months is not long after surgery. You will likely still be getting tired sooner than you'd like. You might want to go light on the scheduling as far as activities go, so you can really enjoy your trip. You can always add activities if you feel up to them.
  15. I think there are several people here who have been on a CPAP, including me. It's pretty common with obesity. Sounds like you are getting the right treatment for now and your PCP is alert to other tests that might help you. Good thing you went to see her! 80% is very low and you do want to figure out what's going on. Are you doing OK with the CPAP? I didn't have much trouble adjusting. It's a weird feeling, but once you trust that you really can breathe with that thing on your face, then it's OK. Good luck and keep us posted.
  16. You must feel great, Bob, and look at your posture improving! Way to go.
  17. Sounds like a great summer. Too bad I can't taste your salsa!
  18. Heyyyy...I'm sorry. I know how it is to more or less suddenly see things through someone else's eyes. You've got the right attitude, I think, and K is lucky to have you. Don't beat yourself up about the eating. I'm sure it's a stress blip. S*** happens and we're not perfect. {{{hug}}}
  19. I like these better than Quest bars too. Not a fan of Quest. My favorites are Peanut Butter Pie, Brownie, Almond Bliss and Maple Glazed. Has anyone tried making "cookies" out of these like people do with Quest bars?
  20. My first reaction would be that you are noticing "swelling" because there's still gas in there from the surgery. That takes a while to dissipate. I remember not being able to lie flat for about a week or so. That said, if you are having real pain or have some other reason to be unsure, then check with your surgeon's office.
  21. Heyhey @NerdyToothpick and @summerset! No, not in Germany but maybe a general remark would be helpful: you'll probably get closer to insurance coverage if you can document any (physical) problems you have that are caused by the extra skin. For example: back pain and/or skin infections because of a pannus. Or problems with blood circulation, like if the skin doesn't look healthy somehow. Check with your family doctor; he/she will know the best way to proceed. Good luck!
  22. Great video! And those dimples!