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  1. In need of some help

  2. Maintenance Month One

    Doing really well as always, Jen.
  3. Glad to hear from you! I’m 11 months out and have been stalled for three months...
  4. Did you keep or shed the dieter's mindset?

    So how is this different from before surgery? Honest question. We STILL have to limit ourselves in one way or another after surgery...why should we be able to do that now when we couldn't before? We all knew (in our earlier lives) that we had to change our way of living in order to lose weight. We all knew we had to be careful with carbs. We all knew we had to stick to a plan. We couldn't. So we've gotten surgery and now...we can magically do it? I'm really trying to get my head around it. I ask just about everybody this question and so far I haven't gotten "the" answer, lol.
  5. Exciting news

    @ktallon Wishing you the best; I sure hope this is the beginning of "much better".
  6. Changing bra sizes as the pounds drop

    Wait...your hubs is a bra couturier?
  7. Changing bra sizes as the pounds drop

    It IS disheartening. My breasts, butt and legs are all but disappearing. What I WANT to get rid of, my belly, is apparently the last to go. Sigh.
  8. Please give me some tough love.

    @NerdyToothpick I'll skirt the question whether a mini bear claw is or is not an inherently bad thing. My advice is just to remember something I read once (can't remember where): "Honey, this is only a moment. It's not the rest of your life!"
  9. My internal medicine guy said: reduce the size of your portions, eat more slowly, and eat more often (if you're not eating six times a day already). Both will help prevent a large amount of food getting into your intestine at once (which sparks the reactive hypoglycemia). Works for me.
  10. No words

    The Cleveland Clinic is generally very good; I hope you can work it out. A second opinion really sounds like the way to go. I sure hope your luck changes soon.
  11. Good to hear this, as I am at about this number of calories.
  12. Stressed!

    Hi Cynrey, how awful. I don't know what the right answer is; this happens. Three of us had surgery on the same day and had the same hospital room. I had no problems. Roommate two had no problems. Roommate three had two more surgeries before she was able to start recovering. No one can make this decision for you, but most surgeries go well. I wish you luck with your decision and I'll be thinking of you and your friend. I hope she begins to recover soon!
  13. Fun milestone

    How exciting, @Gretta! Enjoy.