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  1. Carina


    Yes. I wondered whether anyone had heard from him.
  2. Carina


    Anyone heard from PapaG? He hasn't been on in a while. Just hoping he's doing well.
  3. Carina

    Today was awesome!

    Hey deserve it. Hope you revel in all the good feelings!
  4. Sure would love to! But too far away for now.
  5. Carina

    Aahhh, the sun!!

    Congrats from your saggy-butt sister! ;-)
  6. Carina

    NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    I was going through a couple drawers of summer clothes to get a few things ready for the tailorette who's coming over later on. (Not at goal yet, so trying to save money by having stuff taken in where possible.) So I got a reasonable pile ready for her (NSV 1). NSV 2: I have an even bigger pile of stuff that's so big it won't even look good if taken in! NSV 3: While on vacation a couple of years ago I bought a Tennessee (yes) t-shirt. The largest size wasn't big enough, but I bought it anyway, hoping I'd be able to fit in it one day. (You guys hear me on this, I know you do.) That t-shirt, as yet unworn, is now in the pile to be taken in.
  7. Carina

    NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    I've had mine resized twice; isn't it great?
  8. Carina

    Will there ever be a TTF app?

    I was wondering too.
  9. Carina

    Stool softners

    A lot of people use Miralax. You may want to check with your program to see whether they recommend something else. Don't wait, though. Constipation is no joke.
  10. Carina

    Good vegetable soup

    Hi George, I agree with you about being reductive. I am convinced that we just do not know everything about nutrition (by a long shot), so singling out parts of foodstuffs and ignoring or not knowing about the rest doesn't appeal to me. I also tend to be sympathetic to Pollan's ideas, partly because they take this into consideration. I am a bit concerned about vegetables myself, even though I'm one year out. I don't eat meat or fish, so the protein question is even more important. Since I do want to eat vegetables (and fruits), I make sure I get a protein boost each day using a shake. Then there's not so much pressure to get it all from meals (which I just can't do). Good for you that you're prioritizing fluids right now. Protein is a close second at the moment. The rest will come in due time. :-) Congrats on your surgery and keep us posted!
  11. Carina

    Claiming my spot in the Cafe

    Dayam! :-)
  12. Interested in the answers you get, also stories about how much "bouncing back" we can hope for above a certain age (I'm in my late fifties).
  13. Carina


    I LOVE Jane Lynch!
  14. Carina

    In 5 days, I will be one year out

    So, SO happy for you, Punkin. Hoping for smooth sailing from now on. <3
  15. Are those protein shakes or more like smoothies?