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  1. Carina

    One year!

    This is great...both your success and your way of writing about it. Cheers!
  2. You look so healthy and happy! I bet you're fishing up a storm. Enjoy!
  3. Thanks for this; I really mean that. I hope you write more.
  4. No butt here either. Which is kind of a problem because I'm still carrying "stuff" on my abdomen: pants just don't fit right, even when tailored. I can have them fit my butt/legs OR camouflage my belly, but not both.
  5. So happy you keep posting these well-written and insightful updates, Jen!
  6. Agree with you about a lot of stuff, as usual. :-) I can definitely imagine puking after eating meat. I haven't eaten any since about 1985 (!), with the exception of a couple years when I ate some fish. I really think I would hurl if I had to eat any. But it isn't always easy to refuse, I get that. And I don't imagine the French doing protein shakes, but: did you see any there? Just curious. Agree with the body size obsession. I think that's part of the process. I don't "get" my own body size (yet?), and I scan others all the time. Also think "Get the surgery, dude/girlfriend!" a lot
  7. Too lazy to calculate it myself, haha...what's your average protein intake on a typical day as described above?
  8. I wish Scotch tape helped! Nice blog. I'm wondering about the style thing too...
  9. Doing really well as always, Jen.
  10. Sounds like my first mountain hike in Austria. My neck was gritty with salt crystals from my dried-up sweat. It was amazing to realize I’d done something like that. I still have the photo of myself with the town waaaaaay down in the valley. Congrats! If you do something like this again, let me suggest one of those electrolyte drinks, even diluted. Plain water washes the electrolytes out of your body. I learned this the hard way....
  11. Carina


    Can sympathise. I’m six months out and it has gotten too easy to eat.
  12. Carina

    Catching up

    Chips? *antennae waving*
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