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  1. Hi, I had my GVS in Mexico (Dr. Kelly ) 2013. I went from 236 lbs to 130lbs within the year. I loved every minute of it. I loved how I felt and looked, until the fateful day in the airport. I made the mistake of not preparing for my flight home after one on many business trips I did on a weekly basis. I always carried a per boxed protein shake for the just in case flights. Well not that day, I broke……. I bought my first chocolate bar in a year. It literally made me sick, and I swore I would never eat another………. Until the next day!!!!! When I told myself that I deserved another bar, kind of like a reward for losing so much wait. Well that one bar put me back to 209lbs and I am back to feeling ashamed of myself. This is how easy it can be, I wish someone had told me it would be the same as a drug addict in a sense. You just can’t have just a small bite or at least I can’t. I am now spending my days’ research Surgeons to a bypass. Is it true that it is near impossible to revise a sleeve? Has anyone had a sleeve done then a bypass? If so please share your story and Surgeons name and if you would recommend them?
  2. Hi, I agree with all the foods still being there. I have tried going back to strict protein and very low to no carbs for a few weeks now with no success. I agree with seeking out a therapist and have , which points me to the point of being fully prepared for the next step.
  3. Hi, I am scheduled for this Nov with Dr. Lopez. I would like to hear how you made out. Thank you...
  4. A lot of bad habits and food chooses.... is the bottom line. Fast food is so easy to obtain, its on every street corner. Thought I could just have that one piece of pastry.... 80 pounds later I could eat 5. I know that I can never go back to just have that just one, just like a smoker can ever have just one ciq.....
  5. Hi, I have had a GVS 2012 which I have gained 80% of my weight back. I have however learned what I have done wrong. I am looking at gastric bypass in Nov with Dr. Alejandro Lopez in Tijuana and wonder if anyone has any input.