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  1. Wow good for you for being able to stop and not look back! The first two and a half weeks I haven't had any cravings for anything and didn't feel any hunger, as soon as I started on soft foods I started the cravings again! Mostly at night like I did before surgery, but I fought them! It took about three days of fighting them now I don't have any cravings. If you start craving candy or anything try the sugar free they are not bad at all! Just limit them as much as you can so you dont keep the craving for them long
  2. Omg you and me both. I've literally been poked over 50 times in the last three weeks! They can never find a vein so they get someone else and they try and so on and no one ever gets it. Last week I had to go to the dr to get blood done and they poked me four times and quit and told me to come back a week later and then they couldn't get it then either so I have to go back in two weeks! They put an iv in my shoulder when I was in the hospital because it was the only place they could. They had to get blood from my thumbs because they had the best veins they could find and those blew. People give me weird looks In public because I look so beaten up it's crazy! I can't wait to get back to a normal life again ugh lol and o found it weird, by dr never gave me a blood thinners at all! They didn't even do a leak test on me after surgery!
  3. I'm getting in around 50-60 oz a day, not perfect but my urine is clear for now, yea a week out I was in the hospital for three days due to dehydration omg it was awful. Still I didn't have any symptoms then other than headache, I think it might be from being anemic since they have been taking my blood like crazy and I was borderline anemic before, or it could be from not having enough carbs and sugar which annoys me because everyone is always preaching me to stay away from all carbs and sugar! The first two months suck!
  4. Hey friends! So today is day four that I've been feeling this way. I am one month and two days post op. The thing is I am soooo tired all day no matter how much sleep I get. I also feel a little foggy in my head, and I'm a tiny bit dizzy. My body feels fine it's just all in my head. I don't think it's anything with low blood sugar and my blood pressure is fine. I've read that it could be from cutting carbs? I have no idea. I see my primary care dr Thursday and I'll talk to her about it of course, I was just wondering if you guys have experienced anything like this after VSG?
  5. Omg thank you so much I was a little worried! I go for my one month follow up today I'll see what he says!
  6. Hey everyone hope all is well! I was in the hospital due to severe dehydration a week after surgery and while I was in there they would check my blood sugar every four hours and it was always low so they had me eat popsicles to get it back up. But now I feel like I have this problem everyday. I have headaches and dizziness. I eat three sour patch kids and I feel better immediately. Though I always read about how bad sugar is after surgery and it's said to avoid it like the plague. I have never had issues with sugar before and don't have diabetes or anything so I'm just wondering how the heck can I stop this from happening so frequently! I'm sure sugar patch kids isn't the best thing to eat but it helps so much and quickly. Also, people who have VSG and had this problem say this sort of thing hasn't happened to them until 3 months or so post op. I'm four weeks post op today.
  7. Are you sure? I looked up what you said and could not find any information on that as it still says it's 30grams, is there a link you can send?
  8. Quick question! After having VSG are you allowed to take calcium in tablet form? Or does it absolutely HAVE to be a chewable form?
  9. Have you tried Genepro? It's a LIFESAVER. One scoop is one tablespoon and has 30 grams of protein in it and you can put it in with absolutely anything hot or cold, and food. Some people put it in their plain water it's so tasteless! I like mine in crystal light lemonade it's perfect! I couldn't get in even 20 grams of protein in the first two weeks post op because the drinks I tried were soooooo disgusting. Now just a scoop of this stuff in one cup of almond milk in the morning and at night and I've got my protein in!
  10. Omg I am going through the EXACT same. Cravings and night head hunger is the worst. And due to a minor complication after surgery (Tachycardia) I am kinda afraid to exercise because my heart rate shoots through the roof just from standing. Dr is working on what med is right for me to stop this issue. It's scaring me. and most of my family and friends are overweight and always bring in pizza, chinease, and fast food and eat it by me and it's driving me nuts. But it's ok! WE GOT THIS! I feel like the first two months will be the adjusting period and we need to take that time to learn about ourselves and our new way of life....seems like it's just like moving to a foreign country lol but we will get use to it! weight loss can be tricky. I believe you may be experiencing slow weightloss is because we are basically starving ourselves this early out of surgery and when you starve your body wants to store and hold onto everything and doesn't want to let it go...I was two weeks out and started on the soft food diet and gained 5 pounds and kept those pounds for a week because of that reason, but eventually your body gets use to it and starts burning fat, I lost those 5 pounds plus three more over the course of three days and now loosing like crazy! So don't feel discouraged! You will do great!
  11. Omg lol I use to always fake out my friends haha that is a great idea! Thanks!
  12. Wow that's amazing that you were able to quit cold turkey the day of your surgery and are able to manage it still! I know an alcoholic so I know how hard it is! That's great!! And yea I can't imagine myself being addicted to the gym lol or cleaning omg but who knows! I also can't picture myself thinner I have always been overweight since I was 8 years old! So thankful for this amazing surgery!
  13. Omg yessss that sounds so good! Thanks for the tip! And I'll try the mio
  14. CUCUMBERS. DUH. Why didn't I think of this before and great philosophy! Lol it will be hard but I'm new so I'm trying to get things straight I think it takes everyone about the first month to really know what to do. It's harder than I thought! I just can't wait Til my stomach is fully healed so I can get the actual feel of what's going on in there lol