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    Gastric Bypass
  1. How can there be so much food in my stomach?

    Im trying to to be in ketosis as much as possible. That should give the best possible weight loss.
  2. How can there be so much food in my stomach?

    Hey everyone. Just wanted to say sorry i was lashing out. I am in week 5 now, and i have found my rythm, and i'm loosing weight again. The hardest is to deal with your head, and your cravings. That takes time to overcome that. I also felt like my body had to heal. I felt like my body and mind had been in a woodchipper. It has not reconnected 100 % still. Today I'm eating under around 20-40 carbs a day. And i make sure i get enough fat. Between 30-50 grams a day and 120 grams of protein. Eating meat, eggwhites, veggies, protein shakes, nuts, With very few "guilty pleasures".. If you can call it that. Sugarfree 30 grams protein bar, with less than 5 carbs. Then i am covered, and i know i'm eating correctly. I think a lot stall, because they don't eat enough fat in their diet. Some eliminate it almost. Eating meat, eggwhites, veggies, protein shakes, nuts, Just wanted to say i'm back on track. You got to get to know new you, after that operation. And it takes time
  3. How can there be so much food in my stomach?

    That was a terrible answer..
  4. Hey. I have been green lit to eat whatever i want, as long as i follow the guidelines, and i do not eat something with much sugar, or much fat. We still, or least some of us still get our cravings. Over one hour today i ate: ( I have found out that i CAN colerate sugar, but of course i don't go crazy) My meal were suppose to be: 150 grams cottage cheese. But i still had a sweet tooth, and i wanted to get me a little something. So. 150 grams cottage cheese 45 grams of Sugarfree Candy 1 Milkslice from Kinder ( Small cake that has 100 calories) 1 Kinder pingui ( Small cake that has 1 23 kalories) 1 Sugarfree snack bar I know it's not a lot if you weight it. Maybe 300 grams if you weight it. But I just can't still understand, i can eat that much. I am full now, but if i could eat like that every second hour, then i would surely not loose weight. It concers me a bit. Someone have said that they can only eat a half a slice of Rye bread, which i think is insane. I can eat 2 slices with no problem. I'm almost a month from surgery. My advisor said that i should eat 1200-1400 calories. Which i can, and which I do. But that "pouch" they are talking about are not larger than an egg. It may be. But the food is still going down.
  5. Stalling

    I hope so But thanks for the pep
  6. Stalling

    I don't know why. But i have always had problems with stalls. I was never built a thin person. I have always had a little extra on the sides. That followed me through my chilhood, and up to my teens, where i did something about it. I started taking Ephedra and Coffein, plus i joined i Gym. Then it started to go quick. I was nearly down on my ideal weight with no stalls really. But as soon as i stopped with the pills, i regained. I continued taking them as long as i could. But then i could not more. My head would not allow it. I began to experience anxiety and stress. After that i was put on a SSRI. And i really began to gain weight. I stopped with them, but i could never loose weight as i could before. Maybe i just got older, and my metabolism changed. I don't know. But in five years, with many attempts. I have tried to loose weight, and get under 118 kg's. But never succeeded. There is something that is stopping it there. It's like i hit a brick wall every time. No matter what i eat, no matter how many months. It just doesn't matter. But now i have had the surgery, and i'm almost down there. And i'm stalling again. I have stalled for over a week. Almost two now.
  7. How much does it take to get you full?

    Thank you for the links guys
  8. How much does it take to get you full?

    Thanks you guys for all the wonderful answers and tips. Hmm. It seems like you all have a program on what to eat, and what not to eat. I don't have that. I got a little book. But that's that. There is suggestions of what i could eat. But not anything else really. She told me to get lot of protein,and eat every second hour, and not eat something with too much fat or sugar. But why should the "program" be different for me, just because i live in Denmark? We have had the same surgery. ( Of those who have had Gastric Bypass) So I will absorbe all the information i'm getting
  9. How much does it take to get you full?

    It was because i was told, that i could eat it. My nutritionist told me mashed potatoes were fine, if I did not add butter and milk to it. About the ice-cream. This is low carb, and low fat. It has the same ammount of calories in it as skimmed milk. So i can't see i'm doing anything wrong. It might not be such a good idea with the potatoes. But she told me it was fine. They acturally encouraged me to drink Cocio Light. ( A Cocoa milk) Thanks for the tips.
  10. How much does it take to get you full?

    Hey everybody. It's almost two weeks since i started this new life. I don't really have that "full" feeling yet. And I can just feel, if I had not had something to eat. I have only ate yoghurt, soup, ice cream,and pudding until tonight.. They recommended that i ate around 150 grams of food every second hour. Tonight i cooked 200 grams of potatoes, and put some ketchup on it. But i am not full. I am just not so hungry as i was before i ate. How much can you guys eat? I can also easily drink a Protein drink, that has 330 ml.
  11. The beginning

    Thank you very much. Yes. I mean the staples. I just did not know what they were called. I actually don't feel the staples. They are just a little anoying, because i can't really sleep on my belly. That is super. That it won't hurt. I though it would a bit. I'm also not burping anymore, or farting like i did before. That was kind of annoying. And i seem to tolerate food quite well. I am still eating liquid foods, but i have no problems with eating a little sugar, or a little fat, or drinking a protein drink (330 ml) So that is great. I'm still not feeling full yet. I'm just feeling comfortable. Will i ever feel full again, or is this permanent? Anyone?
  12. The beginning

    It's now day 10. I'm down 18 pounds. I got some Clonazapam decribed, so i could get through this a little easier. But it seems like i am about 80 % "healed" now. No gas anymore, and no servere pain. I have stopped taking meds for pain. And i'm going to the Doctor on Monday, so i can get those "metal things" out, that is holding it together. I can't remember what they are called. So that is the first milestone for me.
  13. The beginning

    Thank you very much
  14. The beginning

    Hello everyone. I'm 26 years old, and i'm from Denmark. Last Tuesday I was operated, and I had a Gastric Bypass made in a little Private Clinic. Now today it's a week since surgery. And i am down 12 pounds. I have had a lot of pain. So I have tried to get the best out of it. I still have some pain in the torso area, and a little tired, but every day gets a little better. The worst for me was the air/Co2 they pumped into me under the surgery. It really hurt when i woke up, and the next couple of days. I am actually not sure, if it has been totally eliminated yet. I hope the pain is completely gone, within the next two weeks. I still take some painkillers. Not morphine related. But enough about that. It surprises me really, what a major difference there is, before the operation and after the operation. I ate really fast before. Almost like The Saiyans from Dragonball Z :)... I don't anymore. I just can't. I could simply not get full. I ate at least every second hour. I have some stress and anxiety also, so that did not make it more easy for me. When you are stressed, what do you do? Find a way to calm yourself down. I don't have the urge, to eat a lot of carbs and sugar like i did before. That was my favorite thing. To eat a lot of sugar and carbs troughout the day. And I was off course happy with burgers and pizza like everyone else is. But at the moment, it is totally under control. I'm eating around 6-800 calories a day. I have read that it's totally normal in the beginning. So this is very new for me. And i can't wait to see what The future brings. Anyway I just wanted to say hallo.