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  1. I am still not on the right track. But i feel like i am being punished. Dont tell me you guys have never slipped? Its so easy to say. just stop, and follow your diet. If you are addicted to sugar and carbs, it really take something to get out of it. There is a reason i have been overweight my whole life. I need to get out of the "binge" i am in. Or i will continue ganing. I am still eating around 3000-3500 calories a day. No problems. I never though i would be able to do that again after the surgery. But now i can almost eat the same as before. Just not as fast. ( I get som pain med
  2. Hii Everyone. I am 2 years ahead. I lost 26 kilos. I was actually 10 kg thinner a year ago, but i gained that again. I read that you usualy gain a bit when everythings is getting back to "normal". I was never very big, (127kg . 180 cm high) so i paid for the surgery myself. Now what i wanna ask. I feel like all the liquid products like smoothies, yougurt, even kvark yougurt, protein yougurt, IF i drink a milkshake. All foods that has are that in thickness, and procecced like that. It runs right trough me like a juice, water, or a coke. So its not very filling at all. If i blend a bana
  3. Im trying to to be in ketosis as much as possible. That should give the best possible weight loss.
  4. Hey everyone. Just wanted to say sorry i was lashing out. I am in week 5 now, and i have found my rythm, and i'm loosing weight again. The hardest is to deal with your head, and your cravings. That takes time to overcome that. I also felt like my body had to heal. I felt like my body and mind had been in a woodchipper. It has not reconnected 100 % still. Today I'm eating under around 20-40 carbs a day. And i make sure i get enough fat. Between 30-50 grams a day and 120 grams of protein. Eating meat, eggwhites, veggies, protein shakes, nuts, With very few "guilty pleasures"
  5. Hey. I have been green lit to eat whatever i want, as long as i follow the guidelines, and i do not eat something with much sugar, or much fat. We still, or least some of us still get our cravings. Over one hour today i ate: ( I have found out that i CAN colerate sugar, but of course i don't go crazy) My meal were suppose to be: 150 grams cottage cheese. But i still had a sweet tooth, and i wanted to get me a little something. So. 150 grams cottage cheese 45 grams of Sugarfree Candy 1 Milkslice from Kinder ( Small cake that has 100 calories) 1 Kinder pingui ( Sm
  6. I don't know why. But i have always had problems with stalls. I was never built a thin person. I have always had a little extra on the sides. That followed me through my chilhood, and up to my teens, where i did something about it. I started taking Ephedra and Coffein, plus i joined i Gym. Then it started to go quick. I was nearly down on my ideal weight with no stalls really. But as soon as i stopped with the pills, i regained. I continued taking them as long as i could. But then i could not more. My head would not allow it. I began to experience anxiety and stress. After that
  7. Thanks you guys for all the wonderful answers and tips. Hmm. It seems like you all have a program on what to eat, and what not to eat. I don't have that. I got a little book. But that's that. There is suggestions of what i could eat. But not anything else really. She told me to get lot of protein,and eat every second hour, and not eat something with too much fat or sugar. But why should the "program" be different for me, just because i live in Denmark? We have had the same surgery. ( Of those who have had Gastric Bypass) So I will absorbe all the information i'm getting
  8. It was because i was told, that i could eat it. My nutritionist told me mashed potatoes were fine, if I did not add butter and milk to it. About the ice-cream. This is low carb, and low fat. It has the same ammount of calories in it as skimmed milk. So i can't see i'm doing anything wrong. It might not be such a good idea with the potatoes. But she told me it was fine. They acturally encouraged me to drink Cocio Light. ( A Cocoa milk) Thanks for the tips.
  9. Hey everybody. It's almost two weeks since i started this new life. I don't really have that "full" feeling yet. And I can just feel, if I had not had something to eat. I have only ate yoghurt, soup, ice cream,and pudding until tonight.. They recommended that i ate around 150 grams of food every second hour. Tonight i cooked 200 grams of potatoes, and put some ketchup on it. But i am not full. I am just not so hungry as i was before i ate. How much can you guys eat? I can also easily drink a Protein drink, that has 330 ml.
  10. Thank you very much. Yes. I mean the staples. I just did not know what they were called. I actually don't feel the staples. They are just a little anoying, because i can't really sleep on my belly. That is super. That it won't hurt. I though it would a bit. I'm also not burping anymore, or farting like i did before. That was kind of annoying. And i seem to tolerate food quite well. I am still eating liquid foods, but i have no problems with eating a little sugar, or a little fat, or drinking a protein drink (330 ml) So that is great. I'm still not feeling full yet. I'm
  11. It's now day 10. I'm down 18 pounds. I got some Clonazapam decribed, so i could get through this a little easier. But it seems like i am about 80 % "healed" now. No gas anymore, and no servere pain. I have stopped taking meds for pain. And i'm going to the Doctor on Monday, so i can get those "metal things" out, that is holding it together. I can't remember what they are called. So that is the first milestone for me.
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