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  1. Don't be sorry! It's for the best. Thank you!! I'd love to add you guys on name there is Annie Stacey Lang. Health problems, I'm pretty sure aren't WLS-related. I have an Acoustic Neuroma (benign brain tumor in my Inner Auditory Canal) as well as Trigeminal Neuralgia and progressive hearing loss. Other than the health stuff, I'm happy. I have custody of my kiddos and I'm actually reunited with my high school sweetheart!
  2. My WLS cost me my marriage. I'm 75% happy with was for the best...but there is, at times 25%which is my undoing....
  3. Hi Tom!! Great to see you!! I sent you a FB friend request. Can you accept and we can talk there?
  4. Hi there! Remember me? How are you?

    1. cinwa


      I'm very well - nice to see you back and posting.

    2. Triadchick27


      Thanks!!! This is all new to me's been so long and now I'm on a tablet and everything looks completely different. Lol. 

    3. Triadchick27


      Who else is still here? What's new with you?

  5. Hi all. This is my first post in several months. I haven't even looked yet to see if any of my old friends are still here or might remember me. I'm 36 mother of three, seven days away from being divorced. I had GB RNY 5-13-14 and I want to get back on the wagon but have been having some major unexpected health problems. How is everyone doing??