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  1. No period for 9 mo...

    I had vgs 10/20/14 I got off birth control 9/5/15 I had a period for 3 months then stoped. Dec. 2015 was my last period. August 2016 was my 25th birthday and we have been wanting to get pregnant but didn't thing it could happen cus I did have a period so I did ovulate I thought. So went to dr. After 8 months I told him my story. He did blood work to check hormone levels... everything looked good. Then scheduled an ultrasound to see how my ovaries look. At that apt. The tech was really asking when was your last period I said December and when was your last pregnancy test I'm like December.... So we had a weird feeling about those questions went home took a test it was positive! Emailed my dr. Said we got home took a test it's positive. He emailed me back and said congratulations. By the look of the ultrasound your 5weeks and 3days pregnant!! Definitely a miracle, couldn't happen at a better time! From the day I got off BC dr said give it a year. I was loosing hope. Hope is never lost miricals happen. I'm 9weeks 4days pregnant now. And beyond excited!!