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  1. bananaboat1230

    Carb Cycling

    Carb cycling does work to shed fat. It's a method a lot of body builders/bikini competitors do a couple months out before a show to help lean out.
  2. bananaboat1230

    Diet Change

    Hey guys! So i had my first appointment today and the doctor talked about a low carb/high fat diet. I was just wondering if yall have any go to recipes or stuff that's quick to make. They said Atkins could work. I would love to know what everyone does for their food Thanks!
  3. bananaboat1230

    Hey guys

    Hi everyone! I'm new to this site so I'm still getting used to everything. I've thought about surgery on and off for the last 4 years and finally decided to pursue it. I was leaning towards gastric banding, but now it's more towards the sleeve. I would love to know everyone's experiences on either surgery. If you have had the sleeve done, how far post-op are you? Have you had issues with weight regain or your stomach stretching back out? Give me all the info you've got! My first doctors appointment is October 6th, and I want to go in loaded with info and able to ask questions that i don't know exist yet. Thanks all!