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  1. Mine slider experience was brownie batter. Yes, know better. Yes, sugar, raw eggs ....all bad. And still I licked and licked the bowl. Nope won't eat brownies but thought I would die after eating all that batter. Lesson learned for sure. Thank you for the reminder (stalls and sliders) as I'm home for the second week with flu kids and munching a pretzel here and there is messing with the scale. So I need to get back on track.
  2. Congrats and I love all of your posts and following your journey!
  3. Love the highlights and honesty. Always enjoy your posts and only sometimes realize I'm reading conversations from years ago. May year 5 be continued happiness!
  4. Excited to read you are on the bench and doing well. It is a blur, really the first month just getting hydrated and a few calories is a good thing. The odd tastes seemed to fade over some time as well for me. Your commitment will be an asset to success!
  5. Quest is my mainstay but the Birthday Cake Oh Yeah is such a treat like candy! Love them! Will have to keep an eye out for a maple donut one!
  6. That sounds very frustrating, I am too new to have any wisdom. But sending thoughts and TT hugs and will watch for advice from the veterans.
  7. Sounds like a rough experience and you definitely need the clinic/team to guide you due to the health concerns re stricture and nutritional needs due to these problems. Please let us know how you are doing.
  8. Agree with all of the wisdom and support shared. It is a happy place to be here and we all share NSV and empathize with the struggles of our new lives. Please keep tuned in here Pollyspokets for the support and now its a few more weeks that you are feeling a bit improved.
  9. So enjoy your blog and updates but the photos are the best! What a wonderful representation of your journey! Beautiful all sizes, and looking like an athlete in the recent!
  10. Thank you for such a great point - I too can get too focused on reach the goal weight that we may miss the important milestones along the way. Congrats and love to keep watching the numbers going down!
  11. all those ideas and also may sugar free mint gum when you want to reach for the emotional snack? I love late night crunch of chips, any kind, any flavor not picky in the dark... so now I try roasted garbanzo beans with all different flavors and then some orbit gum to keep my mouth occupied. you know to stop before you go too far and that is an awesome thing, use what ya got and you will feel great again!
  12. CoTN


    Congratulations, such an exciting accomplishment and after traveling. Well you are always traveling but to a super fun place with super yummy food. Your discipline and focus on goal has paid off! Next adventure in the works and next goal in sight!
  13. What a beautiful telling of your trip; love the activity and food details! And all from our shared WLS point of view which is so special. The pictures are great, the culture and you!
  14. latina63 so interesting, i am short and every time I read one of those that just are just losing by large amounts I instantly check out their stats and think wow okay they are tall LOL
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