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  1. So I'm a week out from surgery and I would advise that your abs will hurt after and that lifting a weight from the floor will not be easy if you don't already have strong quads and a strong core. If you are able I'd say exercise that area a bit for an easier recovery.
  2. 3 days post gastric sleeve

    Hi Michael, I had mine the day before you did. It was hard to figure out how small of a sip was needed not to cause the tightening/pain reaction. If I had too much in my mouth I would just warm it and take a portion down. Using a teaspoon, half full helped as well, and I started the Baritastic app that has reminder timers to drink every ten minutes because I didn't want to get dehydrated but had no desire to drink in this manner. I agree that room temperature liquid goes down better.
  3. hey guys and girls im new here

    You'll have a morphine drip or something similar and you get to press the button to dose yourself. It's not harsh pain but I guess it's relative. They don't want an uncomfortable patient either. Good luck!
  4. Looking for post op buddies

    Hi Madsmits, Have you heard of the author Geneen Roth? She has a couple of really great books about emotional eating, one is "Feeding the Hungry Heart". All of the books are really similar, so if you go back to her first 1-3, those are the best. Also your stats frightened me because they don't say KG and my brain read 75 LB goal weight first!!! Oops.
  5. I've been reading this forum for a while, and find the most inspiration from the "What are you wearing" posts, because I looove clothes and will be happy to get back in my extensive smaller size wardrobe. So thanks for posting and for all the information, this forum gets more regular visitors than others I've seen. I really did regret this enormously for the first 3 days, that I couldn't reverse it, because it was just so extreme and I had forgotten how much I hated even good surgery because of the recovery process. I'm okay now.
  6. No regrets at all but have no energy

    Hi Jen, I just had it done a week after you. I downloaded the free Baritastic app for iphone and send myself an alert to drink every ten minutes and that is helping. I also set it up to do the 30 minute waits before and after meals. If you do that then you can ask your husband to back off a bit, it sounds like he cares but if you'd like to self-monitor this app is a good way to go. I'm happy my ex did my shots, I did not want to do them myself. Best wishes.