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  1. TentativeMe

    So frustrated!!!

    Thanks for the kind words and suggestions. On the "plus" side, I guess, I am too upset to eat so I shouldn't be gaining weight now. I'll likely be absent from the forums as a switch focus to my next surgery
  2. TentativeMe

    So frustrated!!!

    All this just got sidetracked. I was just diagnosed with endometrial cancer so I'll be having another surgery shortly. Sad to say one of my first responses was "damn, something else to mess with my honeymoon period".
  3. TentativeMe

    So frustrated!!!

    I'm charting everything. The most they could come up with is that since I'm allergic to egg whites and now have a lactose intolerance, my relying on beans and legumes for protein has pushed carbs up too much. To which I say give me a break!! If you're consuming 400-600 calories a day, I don't care if it's all butter, you should have a weight loss. I'm really discouraged as you can tell
  4. I lost a whopping 7 lbs in my first month post op. Liquids and purees....for what??? Doc's office is just oh well, you should have lost at least 16. At this rate my honeymoon period will be a loss of 35 lbs.
  5. TentativeMe

    2 weeks out from surgery

    Stick with the excited part! I just do what my bariatric team tells me to do. I've made it a month post op which is a shock to me. Seems like yesterday I was trying to come up with an excuse not to have the surgery. Lol. Glad I had it even though my weight loss has been slow. I got it done for the long term fix, not just a short term dump the weight trick. So, as Res said, relax, and stick with the program. The docs know what their doing And keep up on the boards here. You can find answers to just about anything here!!
  6. TentativeMe

    one week post op SG

    Try different temperatures. Room temp, warm, hot. It makes a difference. I just now can tolerate cold a month out. I also found using a Camelbak eddy to sip from helps a lot. I keep it filled with infused water and sip all days
  7. TentativeMe

    Update..... and stuff

    Have you tried infusing water with fruit and/herbs? It's the only way I can drink water. I bought an infusion pitcher and mix up different flavors to fill my Camelbak. Today's flavor is lemon mint! Next up is orange basil!
  8. I'm betting no one recognizes you! Working out with free weights is awesome! You'll see results really quickly. It would be worth a few sessions with a personal trainer to get a program going. I'm about to do that as soon as my doc clears me. I did that the last time I lost weight and the change was amazing
  9. TentativeMe


    Do you mean a protein supplement? If you are supposed to be on an all liquid diet, your doc should provide guidelines so I'm not sure what you're looking for
  10. TentativeMe

    2 Days away form surgery...

    You always wanted a normal life....well, you're taking steps to have one. Congratulate yourself on not waiting another 20-30 years. Heal, stick to your program and live well!
  11. Are you able to walk? The more you can walk and the less codeine you take, the faster you will feel better. Don't be a hero, though. If it hurts a lot, take something but if it's manageable, try to work with it. A lot of what you describe is gas that works out by walking. Also try some GasX for the first week.
  12. TentativeMe

    My Fitness Pal users-- tips??

    I use it constantly but found it nearly impossible to use during puréed stage. I made a black bean, tofu, Mexican cheese mess that I would nuke and put taco sauce on....Figuring out what 1/4 c of that was worth was just too much bother for me. Pretty much the same with my other concoctions too.
  13. TentativeMe

    Considering Gastric Sleeve

    Hi, Mike! I had sleeve surgery just about a month ago. Discuss your medical history with your bariatric team. They will be able to advise you on which surgery is best for you. Because of my medical conditions, my surgeon felt the sleeve was preferable.
  14. TentativeMe


    Welcome and wow!! Great success so far!
  15. TentativeMe

    A little levity...Mama June

    I figured it wasn't required but if a family ever needed nutritional counseling, it's them.