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  1. Thank you Jason! I do have another question that was never discussed. How does Dr. Taylor decide what % of stomach to take? And, did you feel you really needed to stay the night? I see both sides some stay 2, or 3 nights and some are outpatient. Just curious how Dr. Taylor is on that...I'm scheduled to be there at 7.30 a.m so I'm hoping I'm one of his first patients. How long were you in surgery? Sorry for so many questions...
  2. Anyone go through Barix Clinics Ypsi? Looking specifically for Dr. Taylor. Scheduled for Sept 29, w pats very soon and NO clue what to expect for Pats.
  3. HI Jason, I'm headed in for PATS this Weds w/ Dr. Taylor. I have NO CLUE what to expect...they are terrible at informing the patient (I feel). Would you mind giving me an idea of how Dr. Taylor does all of this pre-surgery etc? Liquid diet time frame etc. I'm hoping only 1 night in hospital? Anyway, thanks in advance. ANY insight would be awesome! Surg. is scheduled Sept 20. I'm on a cancellation list for earlier but doubt that will happen...