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  1. I have awful pain if I eat one bite over and I don't see that ever changing, which is a good thing. That valve saves me but you are saying that your food pushes right on through into the intestines right away? So if Rny ers over eat there is nothing to stop them from doing it?
  2. Okay so I am a VSG er and I thought that RNY ers still had their stomachs and therefore still had hunger pains ? Where as the VSG ers not so much
  3. I am just curious to learn about others and the restriction they have after 18 months and onward. Early on I didn't see how I was ever going to get enough in and to be honest it hasn't changed much more then when I was at 10 months out. I was told that we would be full sized at 18 months and I still have a hard time eating a tuna creation packet and 1/2 cup of cottage cheese for lunch or 1 egg and a turkey sausage for breakfast. I am not complaining I am happy for the restriction I have, I am just curious to what others have this far out or further.
  4. Did your restriction change much from 2 years to 4 or 5 years out?
  5. That is great !! 5 years and only 8 over original goal. I go back and forth with hunger also. Great pic too
  6. Glad you turned that corner and are feeling better. There is nothing wrong with eating an English muffin once in awhile, especially when you are at or below goal ! I eat a half bagel with cream cheese, avocado and, tuna on occasion and I see nothing wrong with this.
  7. I got sick back in Jan and my weight dropped also,7 lbs in a week, but as soon as I started feeling better and eating a little I started gaining 1 1/2 lbs per day or every other day. It is shocking to see your weight plummet like that though I am sure.
  8. This is a great post Kim. Glad you are doing better now. How far out were you when you started to regain and did you make it to goal before you started regain? How is the GERD now since you had your revision?
  9. Thanks Cindy. I try and take it one day at a time.
  10. Great Job Trish !! 200 lbs !
  11. tracyringo

    still here!

    Hope you get to feeling better soon
  12. Glad you can do that Aussie, I would eat it all within a few days. Out of sight out of mind is my motto. I deal with panicked indulgence anytime I buy myself a treat, ha ! is a hot x bun a donut machine or a bread machine? I will sometimes buy a bag of Dove Dark Chocolate and I don't seem to have a problem eating those constantly.
  13. So happy that you were able to go to the meeting and be a part of it. We have support group meetings, but I have never been either. I suppose one of the reasons I never went is because of all the support I got here and I know the keto thing is not something my bariactric team likes. They are more for a balanced diet which I mostly try and do now but during weight loss phase not so much, I was doing the keto like most people on TT but let myself get up to 50gm a day during weight loss phase and after goal stuck around 100gm. Now that I don't track I don't know what it is but as long as I don't gain I am good.
  14. I am weighing in at 172 even this morning .6 less then 18 month. I hit 170.8 this month and bounced right back up. My weight is holding without much effort on most days at 172 or 173. My body is comfortable here and I am pretty content with my size. I also like not having to track anymore and I don't have as much anxiety about regain, but I am weighing in everyday. At 19 months out I am not a perfect eater but I still put protein first 95% of the time and I still read the labels when grocery shopping. I also try to keep junk out of the house but like I said I am not perfect. I still have really good restriction as long as I eat my protein first, I can eat 3 to 4 oz of meat , but not much more then that. Salads are not a slider food for me but I have seen others who say that they are for them. My slider foods are of the savory sort and I wasn't a savory eater before VSG so I just keep those out of the house and it doesn't bother me, but cupcakes are a different story, cake of any kind I do occasional cupcakes now because of the size and they do sell them in singles. I know this isn't for everyone but it makes me feel normal to be able to enjoy one if/when I want. I had my breast reduction and lift 2 1/2 weeks ago and all went well and I am doing really well. My surgeon Dr. Mystrik was great and did a really nice job. I still cant believe these are mine, lol. This is the 2nd best thing I have done so far.
  15. I really don't know how my journey would have gone had a not had this board. I do plan on sticking around though and hope I can help others. I figure I will be more successful if I stay here and hold myself accountable with others.
  16. I agree @Aussie Bear and you know what works for you and what doesn't , so you not going to your sisters was the right choice for you.
  17. My bariatric team sent me a referral over after I hit goal. Dr. Mystrik taped and measured me and took pictures then sent it into the insurance for approval. My back problems are all documented but I am not sure that has to be the reason. I say that because I was sent by the bariatric part of it and not by my back Dr. Oh, turns out I didn't have stitches under the tape, lol.
  18. This post is 8 years old and the girl who posted it has not been on in 7 years. Looks like your Dr. has a lot of experience, good luck to you.
  19. Oh my goodness, I am so sorry @cw00 and @Polls I don't understand how things work in other countries but I myself would also be devastated. I waited 2 years because I wasted the first year on a PCP that had a big head and would not sign the papers. I switched PCP and she signed my first visit. Hope something turns around for the both of you so you are able to move forward quickly.
  20. Yes, I absolutely agree !! I keep myself accountable here and I need the structure I get from this support group.
  21. @Aussie Bear I had not heard about the 12-18 month regain. I will be keeping an eye out around year 3. I will still be here in 3 years too and hoping to be as successful as all the other long timers.
  22. 2 week follow up went well this morning. I don't go back for 4 more weeks. I am still very happy with everything.