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  1. Thanks @Nana Trish I feel a little better today but would like some answers as to what is going on with me for sure.
  2. I don't have H pylori so I have been scheduled for EDG.
  3. Thank you @Cheesehead. I look back at older posts when I wondered if I would ever get here, so glad I had the support I had here and stayed the course. This past year was not as stressful on me as that first one !
  4. Wow that is awesome that you lost so much and kept it off with a band, congrats ! Don't think they do bands much anymore and I hope you can get the help you need.
  5. @Jen581791 Thank you so much, hope all is going well for you .
  6. Went to Dr. today having my poop checked for H pylori infection. Problem is I have not gone yet ugh. Hope tomorrow things will move as I am so tired and feel awful. If that is not it having an EDG done.
  7. For over a week now my stomach has been feeling yucky. As soon as I had fluids this morning it started. It kinda feels like a sour stomach and I am tired of feeling blah. I have a Dr appointment this afternoon for that and the headaches I have been waking up with. Any ideas on what it could be? I looked up ulcers but I don't think that could be it because I am not in horrible pain
  8. I have that problem with cereal. I like the go lean protein, I rarely eat it anymore because of that and it doesn't stay with me like an egg and bacon.
  9. Sorry you hurt your ankle. Walking after surgery was not that bad for me. What was bad was lying in a bed and trying to get comfy but it is different for everyone. Welcomoe to TT and Good Luck
  10. Thanks Rob !! I would like to think that daily weighing will keep me in check.
  11. Thank you Tammy !! It is nice to be able to come in here and not be the only one. From what I have read the 2-3 year mark is where we must be extra careful and some say 5 year. All I know for sure is that I can never let my guard down.
  12. Two years ago today I had my surgery and at the time I could not imagine being where I am today. I am very happy with the choice that I made. I feel better and I go out in public without being stared at or whispered about by strangers who don't know what its like to have weight issues. I am confident and no longer hide in the shadows and I don't mind my picture being taken. This is not to say that I don't have daily life problems, its just that the big one is gone. I weigh in daily to hold myself accountable and will keep doing so the rest of my life which is a small price to pay to stay the size that I am. I do have some anxiety when I see others this far our regaining and wonder how it could of happened but am hopeful that if I keep doing what I am doing I will be just fine. My reflux is still there but is managed by meds and much better then it was after surgery. I was hoping to lose a little more weight this past month but was out of town for most of it, the good news is is that I only gained 2 lbs which I am working on getting off since I just got back Wednesday. I would like to get my BMI to a 25 after reading that it would be better for getting rid of the reflux and only time will tell. I am a very happy camper and wish all of you well and hope that everyone going through the process have the results that they dream of
  13. Welcome to TT, hope the pre op appointment went well. I was too excited to be nervous, lol. Stick around you got this !
  14. I don't eat salad very often it feels me up, but when I do I eat the croutons. ( 2 or 3 )
  15. Sorry you are going through this. @Kim M had revision done due to Gerd, hope she will see this and can answer your questions.
  16. tracyringo


    Glad to see you back and doing well !!
  17. Wow, you look very happy and healthy !! Congrats Rob !
  18. @Rob_VSG That is wonderful, congrats on all your progress !!
  19. I think they stop at weights they were at before, I stayed in the 170s for about 9 months and didn't have much problem. The 160s were my high school weight. I know for me if I stay at a weight for awhile it is easier for me to lose later, like now. I just have to keep it here for awhile for my body to adjust. Kinda weird but that is how it goes for me. Congrats being so far under goal, how does it feel?
  20. Thanks @cinwa @Jen581791 The acid part stinks but I don't mind so much since the meds work. I have been reading that being overweight can make GERD worse and hoping if I can lose a little more I will be able to get of the meds, only time will tell . Losing weight wont be the hard part at this point for me, it will be maintaining . Hoping I can reset at a lower weight but nothing crazy with my size frame.
  21. I totally get it as far as I know I can get the weight right back off. It can still be stressful that is for sure. Good luck if you do the WW. Let me know how that goes for you.
  22. That is terrific !! How are things going for you now?
  23. I am weighing in at 166.8 this morning. I have lost 5 lbs this month and I am very pleased !! I halved my dose of my PPI about 2 months ago and had been having issues with heartburn this past week day and night. I am happy to report that adding the generic zantac seems to have taken care of the daily heartburn !! I was eating those tums like candy. Thanks again for the info @msmarymac.
  24. I am thrilled !! Just got off phone with DR. office and they want me to take the prescription one, so I will have both just in case.