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    I cant avoid the scale because I know where that leads for me. So happy for you and only being a couple of pounds since Oct. That is fantastic !!!
  2. tracyringo

    Oh life!

    @NerdyToothpick so glad to hear from you. Sorry life has been throwing you for a loop the last several months and praying things get better for you and your family as time goes on. HUGS
  3. tracyringo

    ballroom dancing

    Wow, congrats to you. Hope you two have the best time with dancing classes !
  4. tracyringo

    17 months post op

    The Dr. took my measurements and pics and sent them in. I have Medicare.
  5. I am weighing in this morning at 174.4 . I did much better over Christmas then Thanksgiving as far as carbs and weight gain. I have not tracked my food since before Christmas Eve, but I do weigh in everyday. I feel like I eat less when not tracking and I am guessing it is because I am not having to focus and think about food all day.?. Anyone else out there experiencing anything like this? In other news, I have been approved for a breast lift and reduction. My surgery is set for Feb 20th !!! I am hoping this helps out with my back pain. I think I am ready to start building muscle as part of my New Years resolution, but I am not sure how to go about starting. I would like to do this at home and any suggestions you guys might have would be greatly appreciated. All in all I am pretty happy and content with my journey so far
  6. tracyringo

    17 months post op

    I was a DD now I am a D. I am going to a C. All same as you !!
  7. Just wondering how you are doing now and if you are happy with the results?
  8. tracyringo

    17 months post op

    @Jen581791Thanks for the tip about YouTube, I will have to check it out. If my scale bounces up anything crazy my butt will be tracking for sure, but for now I am going to see how this goes.
  9. tracyringo

    The flu....

    Sorry about your grandson. I love that pic of you !!!
  10. tracyringo

    17 months post op

    @cinwa I never did track for more than 2 weeks before I had the surgery, this is the one thing I did religiously throughout this process. I am not saying I wont start tracking again but I think I am going to just see how this goes. I am 4# less this month than last month. The only thing I am watching now is trying to make sure I get my protein in. .It seems I am not thinking about food as much as I was when I tracked. So @Aussie BearI was pretty obsessive when I got into tracking on this journey. I would have anxiety on vacation when I didn't track, so letting go of tracking is big for me right now, but the scale don't lie ! Kuddos to both of you and the axe workouts !! I will have to think about that, lol.
  11. tracyringo

    Seeking post Sleeve Buddy!

    Today is the big day. Good luck.
  12. tracyringo

    A "Lightweight" Having RNY

    Jen I have sent @NerdyToothpick private massages and a message on her board awhile back. I sure hope she is doing okay.
  13. tracyringo

    I'm going to change things up - Wish me luck!

    Good Luck Aussie !! Keep us posted on how it is going.
  14. tracyringo

    Farewell to Favorite Foods?

    I didn't diet before the 2 week liquid diet. I quit smoking and that in itself was all I could handle lol !! I gained and I ate what I wanted. When it was time for the 2 week liquid diet I sucked it up and did it. Stuck to the plan after surgery too and lost the weight. You do what is going to make the transition easiest for you. Good Luck
  15. tracyringo

    Surgery done...happy but sad

    Welcome to the losers bench !! I asked myself the same question, why couldn't I just do this on my own. I did do it on my own a few times and always regained at some point. This tool gives me more control now. I still am the one doing the work. Remind yourself that it is just for now. Later down the road when you are all healed and things start getting back to normal you will be able to eat more and enjoy food again. There are people on here who have discussed depression after surgery from not being able to turn to food. I myself didn't have that problem, I am sure others will chime in that have has to deal with that. Good luck to you. Come here for daily support.
  16. tracyringo

    A couple of days ago

    You look so nice and happy and your grandson is a doll.
  17. tracyringo

    Regaining now after 4 years - sleeve

    Yes the after does suck for some of us. I remind myself that I would rather be here, then back there. If I were younger I might have more of a hang up about it. I don't have the dread of going in public and being starred at because of my size. There are so many more pluses than that one negative for me. But damn, I hate these bat wings, lol.
  18. tracyringo

    I cant believe that is me !

    I went to my granddaughters first birthday party yesterday, had a very nice time. I cant believe that's me !! I was able to get in that position with my granddaughter in my arms holding on to Nothing !! (but her) My eldest granddaughter on my other leg and I balanced there . No way I could have done that a year ago. OOps I blinked, lol
  19. tracyringo

    What have I done!

    Wow, that is awesome. Congrats !
  20. tracyringo

    Regaining now after 4 years - sleeve

    Hi neighbor, I have found the more carbs I have the harder it is to resist. I go back and forth with the head hunger. Thanksgiving was a tough one, the whole week was spent with family and food was everywhere !! I gained 8 lbs and put myself on a 5 day re set and that seemed to do the trick. No regain for me over this Christmas Holiday thank goodness. I agree with Kio 13 lbs over your original goal is minimal considering you say you lost a lot after the surgery and you have kept it off for a good period. Get back to basics and come here daily for support. This is a great place to get to goal and stay at goal.
  21. tracyringo

    I cant believe that is me !

    Thanks Trish !!! Feel much better too.
  22. tracyringo

    Happy Holidays !!

    Thanks guys, it was nice being able to do something fun !!!!
  23. tracyringo

    Happy Holidays !!

    Happy Holidays !! Not quite sure why the pic is so big. Anyways Merry Christmas !
  24. tracyringo

    One year Dec 12/18

    You look Amazing !!
  25. tracyringo

    Gastric Sleeve in T-10 days

    Congrats !! What a gift to give yourself for Christmas !!!