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  1. @Aussie Bear sorry about the medicine issues in Australia. You will have to join me and CJ for the excess weight you want to lose !
  2. @Aussie Bear thank you for your explanations of both those tests. I am having mine done the 28th of this month, hopefully all will be well !!
  3. First you made me cry and I am so sorry of what you have been through and it takes a lot to open up to people that way, I hope releasing things in your past will help you to move on and find peace and happiness. Congratulations on having your surgery and welcome to the losers bench !!
  4. @cinwa @Cheesehead thank you, I had read online about a bone scan they inject something in you and it can take 3 to 4 hours for the whole process !! I didn't think that could be right or surely the Dr. office would have told me that. Thanks again
  5. Wonderful ! Congrats on the 5 lb loss !! Glad your sleeve took to the 5 day PT, that helps make it a little easier.
  6. Cindy one year ago during weight loss phase I had a wedding in Pa I went to, then we went on to D.C. and from there Ohio. We were gone a week or more and I didn't track during that time. I didn't gain nor did I lose weight that week. Try not to stress on it and have a great time on vacation, you deserve this.
  7. I am having a bone scan done next week. My WLS team had me request my Dr. for it. I have really bad arthritis that took out both hips at 45 and back problems ( lumbar stenosis is severe bilateral in L5) I was wondering if any of you have had this done and what the process is. Thanks in advance
  8. Do you want to lose more at this point Aussie? What do you weigh in lbs now?
  9. YAY !! How is your restriction at this point?
  10. I totally get the emotional eating and I also indulged in a few things I would not eat during weight loss. Thank you for your words of wisdom ! Do you still have GERD since having the by pass?
  11. @Kim M I am curious to know what happened at 4 years to make you start gaining? Obsessing is what I am worried about . I obsessed the whole journey and even after I hit goal and I think a lot of it was the tracking of food constantly, but I do believe I needed to do that to hold myself accountable at that time.
  12. Awesome, I was hoping someone would join me !!! Whoohoooo I have gone back to 3 small meals and 1 or 2 snacks (yogurt and almonds for snacks at this point). I also found myself grazing at night sometimes, so I knocked that off too. I also find if I have even 1 or 2 glasses of wine the scale goes up ( so no more of that while I am trying to lose 10 more ) How much more are you wanting to lose CJ ?
  13. I decided to bite the bullet and see how it goes, 10 more pounds !! I don't like failing and so I think this has been what has held me back. I have been having wars in my head about it. I am pretty sure I can do it but maintaining that extra 10 pounds is what I am really afraid of. I was at 175 last week and am sitting at 170 this morning. My plan is to get to 162-164 and hold it. I have been holding 171-174 since January without stress for the most part, a few days of 175( holding water I am sure or I would not have dropped 5 in a week) Just wondering if anyone else has gone back to lose more this far out ? If so were you able to maintain it?
  14. I do keep a journal and have since the start of the 2 week liquid diet. It really helped me in my journey to see how my body was losing, so I didn't give in or up. I would go 3 weeks and not lose, then BAM 7-10 pounds over a week to 10 days. It was like getting a prize at the end for all my hard work and not giving up or in. I also tracked my food with sparklepeople for 17 months, I no longer track but I am mindful of what I am eating in a day. I still weigh daily and will for the rest of my life. I cant have any surprises here.
  15. I was told the same thing and mine didn't whiten up either. I was told by the hygienist of a tooth whitening system that works but haven't gone down to buy it yet. I have tried several since surgery but they didn't really do anything.