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  1. Its been a few months since last post. The Dr. didnt seem to concerned with the reflux and I will be seeing the NP for a check up in Dec for my 18 month revision. My weight is holding steady a few lbs on either side of 148. I started buying 6s and 8s in jeans because my 10s are really just too big and I dont own a belt !!!! I have been told that around the 18 month mark of revision that I may have some weight gain? Wondering if anyone else has heard or experienced that?
  2. I eat taco salad with chips. I also can eat 1 taco from taco bell . They also have hard shells that are really light and crispy at walmart that only have around 30 calories and I can eat 2 of those. I eat these things on occasion and I am in maintenance.
  3. I am doing okay but still am on PPI. Going to see my Dr. Wednesday and hoping to get some answers as to what may be the issue. I am starting to wonder if it has something to do with my esophagus. I remember doing a barium swallow in 2019 and saying I had a slow moving esophagus.
  4. 15 months post op revision and I weighed in at 150 this morning. I have been bouncing between 148-151. Thinking I may need to gain a few lbs my face is really showing sagginess and my jeans are getting baggy. People are also starting to comment, saying I am losing too much weight and I do agree. I am not trying to lose anymore weight and am holding out on trying to add calories hearing there may be a bounce back up in weight. Is this mainly true and when is it suppose to happen?
  5. I also had pain in same area after gastric bypass and I remember being quite concerned but was told it was normal. Have you called your Drs. office to ask?
  6. They havent been online for 2 years. I revised and eat rice, pasta, potato with no issues. I eat them in small amounts with protein based meals. The things that get me in trouble are processed carbs like cereal and biscuits. I stay away from stuff like that and I dont have enough room to eat bread really. I avoid ice cream and cake because those things will get me sick too. I know that some people will say you should not be eating those things anyways but I would have those things on special occasions with sleeve. I get sick if I have more then a few bites of anything like that now. I do suppose that this is the reason after being revised that I went on to lose over 30 more pounds.
  7. What are you eating at this point? Did or do you have issues with drinking ? Hopefully you will make an appointment or call your surgeons office.
  8. Seems like a lifetime ago. I would tell my former self " Just wait, you are not going to believe this !" 160lbs gone
  9. Well well well here I am a few days short of my 4 year surgiversary !!! I decided to post early 8/9/17 was THE day that started the journey to change my life. I weighed in at 149 this morning !! 162lbs gone ! Had someone told me 4 years ago or even 2 years ago I would hit 140s I would have told them no way but here I am !! I look better and feel better but it hasnt always been roses and I have had bumps along the way. GERD, Esophagitis D to an A after being revised RNY 5/23/20. I still HAVE GERD and take 60 mg of PPI dexilant every day. Countless EDGs, problems with medications to put me under(i woke up last EDG nightmare and either right before or right after revision. I moved myself from one table to the next !) The best thing about losing this weight for me is that I dont dread waking up everyday to the voice the night before that said we would start a diet to lose the weight. I swear my mind was consumed 24/7 about food and how awful I looked and felt. I stopped looking in mirrors because that wasnt me!!! I went to bed feeling bad because I didnt eat right and tomorrow NEVER came. It was a vicious circle. I rarely left the house. I was always self conscious and stressed because I know I was starred at. In fact I was sitting in a parking lot waiting on my mom when she went into a store one day and a van pulled up someone got out and went in. One adult in front and 3 teenagers in back of van door opens and one of the kids started laughing and saying rude things about me being fat ect and the adult did nothing !!! The whole van full of laughter and me trying not to cry wishing I could hide. JUST HORRIBLE. I was in complete torture and my own prison. I do understand that this crap is all messed up and people are rude and it isnt right but it is so freeing to not have to go through this anymore. I didnt just lose weight. I left behind a world I didnt want to live in anymore. No!!! A WORLD I WAS NOT LIVING IN AT ALL !!!!! GOOD LUCK TO ALL ON YOUR JOURNEY AND LIFE CHANGES !!! NEVER GIVE UP !!
  10. Sorry you are having all these issues and I would imagine they would do another EGD to see if it has gotten worse. Do not be surprised if they want to revise you. Good luck !
  11. I am 154lbs I wont be unhappy if I go back up to 160s because my face has really sunken in and even the skin on my forearms is sagging.
  12. Its been a year since my revision and it flew by quickly. I weighed in at 154 and am content with how things all worked out!
  13. I am almost 4 years out but only 1 year from revision to bypass and I can eat anything in small amounts. I have to watch my sugar and carb intake or I get sick. I dont miss the old days and weighing over 300lbs. Its been very much worth the trade offs.
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