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  1. It sounds like dumping to me. I have stomach pain when I dump but no IBS and I have to go lay down and sleep it off. You also may be experiencing late dumping @Res Ipsa posted on this recently and might be able to post it again for you.
  2. You will have to change your eating habits either way and considering you are not that overweight I would not do it. That's just my two cents worth. I would opt for seeing a good nutritionist that has all of your medical history to help you. Good luck in whatever you decide.
  3. I went up in weight after Covid lockdown, 15 lbs to be exact. I knew I would not fit my size 10 jeans so I didn't put them on, lol. The first of May I decided to get back on the wagon and lost 6 or 7 lbs before the revision for Gerd on May 22. I am happy for you and that you were able to correct yourself before it got really bad. Its definitely harder the further out we get. I also deal with head hunger still that comes and goes like the wind.
  4. So far the Miralax is working !!! I am taking a capful in the mornings with coffee and am just using 1 extra strength Colace with dinner. I am praying it continues to work so all of the problems I have will be no more !!!
  5. The Miralax is working so far. I do think I have another hernia. I didn't have any Gerd the first few weeks after surgery. I have it every morning now and sometimes in the evening. I wont be having another EGD for at least another 6 weeks. I hope whatever it is they fix it, I am tired of all the burning.
  6. I just went and bought miralax today and will start using it in the morning. It sure would be nice if it took care of it. Yeah I don't see how drinking and eating separate would help with constipation but it doesn't matter we cant eat and drink at the same time anyways, lol. Do you take the Miralax in the mornings?
  7. I have horrible problems too and they are even worse now since the bypass. This week has been a nightmare and I am tired of being in pain. Have you found any answers ? I take 3 extra strength Colace a day and its not touching this. I have taken MOM and used suppositories to no avail and my anxiety was at an all time high today because I have been having issues all week, but I was scared today that I may need to go to hospital. I tried a Fleet enema and finally got some relief. I get impacted so easily and I have decided to put myself on soup, yogurt, and a shake for a day or two in hopes of getting this worked out. Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated. I only did the enema because I had seen a friend of mine saying it worked for her .
  8. Premier protein or Fairlife protein are my favorite. You can also try Fairlife milk and PB protein powder. As far as fruit I would do berries if I were you blended in a shake. You may also want to ask your Dr. to make sure they are okay with it first. Welcome to TT and congrats on your losses so far !
  9. Its been a week of bathroom issues. I take 3 extra strength Colace a day and it isn't helping. I am doing MOM to try and get some relief. I have decided to just drink a lot of water and fluids the next few days and get myself worked out and I am going to try and see if Miralax every morning will help. I seriously cant do this another week. I still have GERD every morning I wake up to burning like before. I am going to buy a wedge pillow and see if that helps. Tonight I am going to sleep in recliner and see how that goes. Hoping I start feeling better after I get all the kinks worked out. I haven't had any dumping now for a week !!! Cutting out the processed crap has made all the difference
  10. Its just water weight and I went up 5lbs this last time. It will flush out the first week or two. No worries, I don't understand why they don't warn us about that. I remember being freaked out by it the first time also. Welcome to TT and good luck on the journey to a new you !!
  11. Sorry you are having a rough time. I hope you are able to turn yourself around, many people are having a hard time right now I am sure. Uncertainty of what is actually happening around us sends some of us to our comfort which is food. Are your stats correct ?
  12. Yes I am doing better now since I know what causes dumping for me. I get violently ill eating processed carbs or calcium chews lol. I still have the acid unfortunately but I have only had it one time in the evening and just about every morning for the last 2 weeks. I am hoping it will go away on its own in time. I am on Dexilant for the next 2 more months and then I guess they will see where I am at with it. I don't vomit I just dry heave and wish I was throwing up. I end up laying down after the episode waiting for the pain to go away and pass out for a couple of hours, lol. Glad to hear your weight stabled out. How long did that take ? I was told yesterday that my body would bypass calories for around 18 months and that it varies person to person but 18 months seems to be the norm. We are open here, but also spiking so it will be interesting to see what they do. It is nice having a garden and being able to get outside for you I am sure since you live in New York !!! Stay safe
  13. I know this is an old thread but I am commenting anyways. I wasn't able to take my bariatric45 because of the constipation it caused. I went back to Flinstones 2 a day. I went and seen my Dr. for 1 month checkup ( revision to bypass) and I was told that was fine so I am going to at least finish the 2 big bottles of it that I have and maybe in another month start trading off every 3rd day with a bariatric45 and see if I can do it that way for now.
  14. Had my one month appointment today. I got all the answers to my questions and all is well. The one thing that I found interesting is the weight loss one month post op VSG versus Bypass. VSG surgery weight 296. One month post op 282. 14lb loss Bypass (revision) weight 180. One month post op 167.8. 12lbs loss That's just crazy to me . It really shows that calories eaten are bypassed. I wonder what the percentage is ?
  15. Hi Corrina, Welcome to TT. How are you doing so far ?