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  1. Thank you, I suspect it will be awhile before they reschedule it.
  2. Thanks @Nana Trish and @Anita11 I feel pretty good as well. Hope you guys are doing well also !
  3. My surgery has been cancelled until further notice. I am relieved .
  4. My Gerd has caused erosive esophagitis grade D now and I have been scheduled for my revision on April Fools Day . I will be taking my computer with me and giving updates while I am there since I wont be able to have visitors. I am not happy about it and am scared considering everything that is going on at this time.
  5. Well I have been scheduled for the Bypass for April Fools Day LOL !! I just found out today so I am nervous it is happening so quickly and during this time with the Virus. Only one person is allowed to go with me to the hospital where they will be checking us to make sure we are not sick. After the surgery is over the person has to leave and cannot return until I am released from hospital. I do not have to do a liquid diet since I am still at goal weight. I did go back up 10 lbs over the holidays then went back down and have gone back up again over the last few weeks and I am good with that since I really don't want to be losing a lot of weight with this surgery. Hoping I can keep myself from going lower then 155.
  6. @Kim M I am so sorry to hear you are having issues !! Hope you start feeling better soon. I must say hearing all of this makes me even more nervous about having this revision.
  7. What is a long limb RNY ? Glad you are getting better by the day.
  8. I went in to have a bravo test done and they said I had advanced to a Grade D so no test. The barium swallow showed a slow moving esophagus and I refluxed during the test. It feels like something sticks in my throat. At any rate I am having the revision. The NP sent a message telling me they will be calling to schedule it tomorrow. I sure hope this takes care of the acid and I can heal.
  9. How are things going for you? What surgery did you have?
  10. Glad you are home and doing well !! Did you have weight you want to lose this time ? Hope you continue to do well and have a speedy recovery !
  11. Well good luck to you and I hope it all goes well. Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.
  12. 5 more days hope you are doing well ! Keep us posted on how it all goes. I went to my NP who heads up the bariatric program and she is sending me in for acid test and barium swallow test.
  13. That was the day they had me scheduled. I don't blame you for being scared at all. Sorry you are going through this.
  14. After much thought and deliberation I have cancelled the bypass. I realize I will have to come back to it someday but at this time I just don't want to do it !