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  1. I am doing okay, thank you. Losing the weight will help a lot with depression and you will feel so much better about yourself. I also avoided mirrors. I also didn't like having my picture taken or leaving the house. Life isn't perfect but it is a lot better when you aren't constantly focused on the weight and beating yourself up. I wish you the best and hope you get approved very soon.
  2. Welcome to TT and the losers bench ! I also was like cheesehead and gained water weight from being in the hospital. I only lost 3 lbs the first week. Good luck to you on your journey
  3. Sorry you aren't feeling well and are having pain. Hang in there it will get better. I have heard of others that weren't able to drink cold stuff after surgery but are fine now and I hope that will be the case for you too.
  4. How are things going ?  Hope you and Trish are doing well

    1. Nana Trish

      Nana Trish

      Hi @tracyringo :)

      David doesn’t get here much...I guess I don’t either these days. He is doing very well...down to 194 pounds now. He’s allowed to advance to all foods now, so he’s starting to try new things. He has trouble with fish (I still do too, after 2.5 years, lol) but lunchmeat seems to go down well for him. He did tender baked pork loin ribeye last night, and he was able to eat I think 1.5 ounces of that. He’s thoroughly sick of tuna, probably because his diet consisted mainly of tuna salad in the soft food phase. He’s not a huge fan of yogurt, so he’s only eaten that a couple of times. And he doesn’t like cottage cheese, so he was pretty limited for a while. He’s not a breakfast person, so he still drinks a protein shake every day for breakfast. He does eat an egg occasionally, but it has to be scrambled because he can’t tolerate hard boiled. He’s in a size 35-36 jeans now...he had been wearing 42’s prior to surgery. He’s just melting away in front of me, and it’s weird being on the other side of this watching your spouse lose weight so fast. I can kind of see why some of our SO’s worry when we lose so fast. But I know he’s healthy and it will just take some getting used to for both of us, lol.

      Its officially in his record that he no longer needs high blood pressure meds, and from what I can tell his sleep apnea is gone as well! So he is really doing great with this so far ❤️

      I’m just me...same old, same old, lol. Maintaining, and for once I’m not having any major complications of any kind! I haven’t been a guest of the hospital since June, with the exception of my colonoscopy in September, which showed no urgent need for bowel resection/colectomy :) I also went for my mammo finally, and that came beck all good. Gotta go to Albany for a second opinion on the MS stuff, but I’ll post on that another time.

      How have you been doing, my friend?

      Love and hugs,

      Trish ❤️❤️❤️

    2. tracyringo


      So glad to hear he is doing so well.  Glad to know you are doing well and having no issues.  I am okay other then needing a EGD done to see how my erosive esophagitis is doing.  To be honest I don't think the up on the PPI is working as I am still having bouts of pain.  I don't have regrets though.

  5. You look absolutely amazing lady !! You also look very happy !! Congratulations !!
  6. Why do you want it reversed ? Not quite sure what the pouch size has to do with it. I thought they used the remnant stomach with a reversal. I don't know anything about any of that I guess.
  7. Congrats on all your success CJ !! You are so right, some of us were never meant to be 130s or 140s. My high school weight was 160s and I never thought I would see this weight again. NEVER yet here I am and I have found peace with it, 50s and menopause on top of it all too.
  8. How about ulcers? I have been having pain on right side in abdomen and it comes and goes. I had an EGD done almost 2 months ago and it come back erosive esophagitis grade C. I assume my right abdomen pain has something to do with it, but forgot to ask. I am having another EGD done soon, as they upped my PPI to see if it would take care of it. Personally I don't think it has fixed it because I am still having burning pain. Hope you get some answers soon, please keep us posted.
  9. Way to go, glad you found something that made you so happy. Mental pinkies right there with ya
  10. I have LA grade C erosive esophagitis according to my EGD results from 6 weeks ago. Is that ulcers ? I thought that was what I was told but I was out of it. They upped my Dexilant back up to 60mg and I will be having another EGD in a few weeks. Anyone have an idea as to what it means ?
  11. Congrats on all your accomplishments so far !! You are doing wonderful. God bless you and prayers for you on your continued success.
  12. Sorry to hear you are struggling. The pre op diet was the hardest part for me. You have to stick with it though. Where I had my surgery if you didn't shrink your liver, you didn't get the surgery and that means sticking to the liquid diet. It does get easier in my opinion after surgery. Good luck to you !
  13. Thanks for your response. It is nice to know after 8 years you still have restriction. I can see how the first time you eat that it would be tighter considering you have not eaten for hours. I imagine solid proteins would make you feel more restriction also with all that being said it seems like we are the same.