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  1. What will it feel like when I wake up?

    I remember waking up and being in a lot of pain which I wasn't expecting. When I got back to the room the nurses put an abdomen belt thing on me and that did help. Also the day I had my surgery they had me drinking after I got back in the room and I remember thinking I can drink this pretty easy, it was the next day the swelling kicked in and it took a half hour to eat a popsicle !!!
  2. Trying to get back in the groove...

    Congrats on making Goal @Nana Trish !! You look so nice !!
  3. Happy to be here!!

    Congratulations on your surgery and new journey.
  4. Excessive craving for salt?

    This is very interesting because I also crave salt now. Before surgery I hardly ever used it. Now I salt everything!!
  5. Picture updates

    You look amazing @Trish13 !! Keep up the good work !!
  6. You know your body better than anyone. Don't listen to him. I have the same problem with a bad metabolism and I have stayed at 800 calories now for 6 months and have only averaged 10 lbs a month loss. 20 pounds in the first month is great as I only lost 14. I have actually gained this month and I think it is the up I went in calories which is 1000 now. I going to give it another week and if I don't start going back down I am dropping my calories back down. Good luck to you on your journey !1 You are doing great !!
  7. HELP PLEASE I am gaining !!

    I wont weigh again until Monday and see where I am at. I have never seen gains like that on myself so I panicked. You are absolutely right I didn't eat 4000 calories lol. Sigh
  8. HELP PLEASE I am gaining !!

    You are right I just needed to hear it from someone else. Thank you.
  9. Ugh I have gained 6 pounds since last week !! I trying not to panic, but my Dr. appointment not until next month. I went up to 1000 calories and when I went up a few pounds I assumed it was my body adjusting to the calories BUT 6 pounds? I am at 235 this morning. I am going to drop back down to the 800 or less and do shakes and a meal today and hopefully for the rest of the week. I just want to CRY.
  10. 298lbs!

    Great job Elisa!!
  11. You look beautiful Jen .... Congratulations !!
  12. 2 year update

    Congratulations!! You look amazing.
  13. I also have a hiatal hernia they found on a swallow test I had done. They did the scope after that and are going to leave it alone. Will they have to repair yours? How is your new meds working?
  14. Before and after so far

    Thanks Trish. Glad to see your over your hump. Things seem to be slowing down more for me now and I have been slipping up a little. Getting back on track tomorrow !
  15. VSG five days out

    Congrats on your new sleeve !! Your hunger pains could be acid which is common after the sleeve. I take rolaids, or tums when I feel like I may be hungry just in case its acid and 9 out of 10 times especially in the beginning that is what it was. Good luck