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  1. Yes, I did not have acid issues before the sleeve other then heartburn. The reflux and esophagus problems run in my family though and no one else has had bariatric surgery in my family. I hope you never get it and sorry about your husband.
  2. I do use the chewables. Gummies (calcium gummies) make me dump so I never have used any other kind of gummy.
  3. Be prepared to sleep. other then that I cant think of anything except you wont remember anything, even the Dr. telling you what he sees during the scope. Your driver can tell you once you come around.
  4. I am doing okay. I do miss my sleeve as I didnt want to revise to bypass either but had to. I still have GERD but it is better as I dont have that burning all day long. I mostly have the burning when I wake up and I had it last night which I dont understand how we can have GERD after bypass. I still am taking 60mg dexilant daily. I was told to start switching every other day with zantac but I dont want to do that until they give me a EGD to make sure I am healing from the erosive esophagitis. I go back in Novemeber and will be requesting the EGD. I cant vomit with this surgery and I
  5. I dont recall them talking about this in 2017 either. I do however remember hearing about it on the forum. I myself wasnt having issues after the sleeve but since having this revision to bypass that has changed. I was, up until a week to 10 days ago, doing a few shots of alcohol several times a week. I had to take a step back and try to understand what in the world is going on. I will tell you I dont care to much about food anymore. Nothing sounds good to eat and it doesnt feel the same with the bypass. I know that I have an addictive personality and that I need to find other outlets th
  6. I take 2 flinstones daily and my bariatric team has no problem with it. I had labs done for a physical 2 weeks ago and they were great.
  7. So glad you stopped by !! How are things with the GERD since the revision? What do you think about the revision now?
  8. So glad you are back Trish !!! Sorry you are going through all of this but I know you are strong and can do this and I am here for you anytime. Thank you for sharing your story and what has been going on with you. I am glad to hear the medications are working and I am sure your family are glad that you took that step. There is no shame in someone reaching out for help as we all need it at times. Love you and thanks again for sharing.
  9. I can not tell you the last time I weighed under 160. 160s was my high school weight !!! In truth though I have not been eating much and food seems like a pain in the rear. I can eat and I dont have problems but I am just not interested. I am going to assume I am going through some kind of phase. I am wondering if anyone else has had issues with not being interested even though they dont have a problem eating ? Another thing is that I had noticed I was drinking more alcohol and I have never been more then an occasional drinker so I have nipped that in the butt. This makes me wonder if I
  10. I had the VSG to help me lose weight and be able to eat normal. I knew at that time I would want an occasional treat. I dont feel like its realistic to think that one would never have that again, but this is me and not everybody. I also am 3 years out and in maintenance which I have been now for 2 years although I did have to revise 3 months ago to the bypass because of my acid issues. My major issue when I was obese was the amount of food I would eat in a sitting. I was not a fast food or big junk food eater. I pretty much eat all of the things I use to eat just in a lot smaller quantiti
  11. Thanks @cinwa and no I never thought about it weighing 18 gallons !! OH my, no I dont think I could carry 150 pounds and I am not sure about picking it up but I will do it with a family member LOL
  12. You look great congrats on your success !! I am only 3 months revised so I have no idea on weather or not you will have to change your diet.
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