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  1. tracyringo

    Medicare Payment for WLS

    I used Medicare and it was not an issue.
  2. tracyringo


    I stayed 1 night.
  3. I go through that sometimes too, but the difference is we have a tool for life to help us and we have each other to help get through challenges in life and to find other coping skills aside from food.
  4. tracyringo

    4 month check in

    Congratulations Rob, you are doing so well !!
  5. I get what you're saying and I hope you are embrassing it all, for the work you have put in !!!!
  6. tracyringo

    11 month post op VSG today !!

    Thanks BB, once I get healed up I will be a lot more excited
  7. tracyringo

    11 month post op VSG today !!

    @CheeringCJ I would just love to be healed for my 1 year surgiversary next month !! @Ladybugzzz86 Thank you !!
  8. tracyringo

    Hemorrhoids , ugh

    They say its normal, then I found a health site with others that had it done and they say can have it up to a month. I am feeling better today. I have been reading it can take a month or two to recover. Today is first day I didn't take narcotic meds, so I happy about that.
  9. tracyringo

    11 month post op VSG today !!

    @Anita62 @Rob_VSG Thank you for your words and encouragement ! @Jen581791 I really hope I start feeling better also. It's really strange the goal is right there in front of me. I still can't wrap my head around it yet .
  10. tracyringo

    Talk about fast!

    Congratulations on your upcoming surgery. You need Premier protein shakes or some other brand of protein shakes. Premier are on sale right now at Sam's for 12 bucks and some change for a 12 pack, which is a great buy !
  11. Time sure does fly by !! I lost 16 lbs this month, which is unbelievable but true, unfortunately I have had health issues that brought on the Extra weight loss this month, but I will take it anyways !! I have lost 125 lbs total since July 26, 2017 the day I started my 2 week liquid diet and 110 lbs lost since my VSG surgery on 8/9/2017. I have 6 more lbs to lose to make my goal and I guess I will see what I want to do once I get there. This is the best thing I have ever done for myself !!
  12. tracyringo

    Hemorrhoids , ugh

    I take sitz baths with just plain water every 2 to 3 hours,
  13. tracyringo

    Hemorrhoids , ugh

    I am always medicated so I don't know about fevers, but I do have a yellow-greenish discharge from the back part of the wound that I keep gauze on. They keep saying the discharge is normal.
  14. tracyringo

    Hemorrhoids , ugh

    @Readytobeme it will be the first thing I do . Thank you for your prayers. I just trying to get through one day at a time (1 hour at a time really)
  15. tracyringo

    Hemorrhoids , ugh

    @BurgundyBoy thanks for the tip, will have to get some mineral oil. As far as pain goes today is the first day I have had minimal pain, but when standing and a few steps I get dizzy and cant see(looks like a cloud)anything but whiteish gray. I am assuming it is because I have not been able to eat much at all for the last 12 days. Will call the Dr. office Monday.