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  1. I dont vomit either and its horrible when you have a dumping episode !! The only thing I can do is lie down until it passes or I am able to fall asleep.
  2. So sorry that you have gone through so many horrible things. Hoping you can get in and get the help you need soon. Things will get better hang in there.
  3. Thanks for starting this topic. I myself have been dealing with things that I just couldnt seem to get to when I was obese. Seems like the weight always got in the way of everything and up until recently I had been keeping myself distracted with other things besides food to avoid all the baggage. I did go see the bariatric phycologist but since none of this is a food issue I have been sent elsewhere. Come to find out at this age in life I have anxiety and possible PTSD from childhood. I have been burying all this plus other issues through the years causing me to go from depression t
  4. Congratulations !!! Good luck on your journey !
  5. Well not all surgeons will perform the surgery if you didnt adhere to the 2 week liquid diet to shrink your liver. Your GF was lucky because that would not have been the case here.
  6. Today is a day that I will never forget. I lost half of my body weight !!! I weighed in at 155lbs !! CRAZY !! It may only last a day or two but damn I am still in disbelief when I think back to a little over 3 years ago. I would never have believed I would get this low. I must have been in Jr. High the last time I weighed 155. I remember being 14 and weighing 145. In high school 160s. WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW
  7. Congrats @Ladybugzzz86 on getting on track and losing the #15lbs !!
  8. How are you doing now with your revision ? Hope all is going well for you.
  9. Yes the skin issues suck !! I tell myself its better then the alternative and I truly believe that. I would much rather be smaller with loose skin then morbidly obese any day and some of us do not have the luxury of being able to afford skin removal surgeries. I am trying to learn to love myself just the way I am. We all deserve to love and embrace our new selves. We have all gone through too much just to get here to keep taring ourselves down.
  10. I went for my EGD this morning and have went from grade D to grade A erosive esophagitis in the past 6 months !! I do NOT have ulcers. They saying I still have reflux and are sending me to the hospital for the acid test. I am just relieved that I am healing and do not have ulcers. I didnt pass out with the meds given to me for the EDG and they said my vitals were too low to give me more. NOT HAPPY about that. I was choking during the procedure and I do remember !!! Anyhow that is why they are sending me to hospital for the next one.
  11. How did you get rid of yours? If that is what I have will they change my diet? I dont have problems eating or notice anything after eating. I usually wake up in the morning burning and sometimes through the day or night. They have put me on liquid pepcid to take before bed. I took some last night around 10 PM when I felt the burning coming on. It feels like it did with the sleeve so that is why I am saying reflux but what do I know lol.
  12. Well its been 6 months and 2 days since my revision to bypass. I weighed in at 163 this morning. I had my 6 month check up 2 weeks ago and am going in for a covid test Friday so that I can get an EGD done on Monday. We are suspecting that I may have ulcers, if not ulcers then I still have reflux. I have been praying I havent gotten worse if it is the reflux.
  13. This is all very interesting !! Thank you for the information. 150 calories a day really makes you think. I am a daily weigher for the most part and that helps me stay in the zone I like. So you are saying the revision surgeries have a 4 month honeymoon and is the regain the same after revision to bypass being 3-5 years.
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