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  1. Sorry you are having all these issues and I would imagine they would do another EGD to see if it has gotten worse. Do not be surprised if they want to revise you. Good luck !
  2. I am 154lbs I wont be unhappy if I go back up to 160s because my face has really sunken in and even the skin on my forearms is sagging.
  3. Its been a year since my revision and it flew by quickly. I weighed in at 154 and am content with how things all worked out!
  4. I am almost 4 years out but only 1 year from revision to bypass and I can eat anything in small amounts. I have to watch my sugar and carb intake or I get sick. I dont miss the old days and weighing over 300lbs. Its been very much worth the trade offs.
  5. I had belching issues with VSG but not with RNY. Hope you will get it all worked out and let us know what it is. Good luck
  6. I am a week shy of my 1 year revision to bypass and almost 4 years from weight loss surgery as a whole. I still get sick if I eat one bite too many and have to be careful. It varies day to day really. Yesterday I got sick off off my breakfast which I didnt even finish. I only ate half !!! Just wondering how many of us still get sick after a year from eating small amounts of food?
  7. I love the fairlife milk and its great for the added protein !! I didnt mind the price but I dont drink milk everyday.
  8. They dont know and were going to try to solve it but have not heard anything in months. I had same issue with coughing and aspirating at night until I was put on Dexilant and for the most part it took care of the night stuff but not the burning which I still have. I hope it fixes everything for you
  9. It took a good 2 months or more before the pain went away to start functioning normally I would say. I did not have to do any diet whatsoever before surgery. I wouldnt think you would have to either since you are still at goal weight and are doing this solely for the GERD. I am curious to hear if it gets rid of your GERD after a few months when you are all healed up. I still have GERD and am on the same PPI I was on with the sleeve although my esophagus has healed from a D to an A.
  10. It took me awhile to get use to not having restriction after the revision and in the end its been better as far as it is not as hard to maintain a lower weight. I ended up losing 25 more lbs and have been maintaining the loss for 8 months. I am 11 months post op now. The surgery itself was worse for me and the healing process seemed longer as I had a hernia repair on top of the revision. I was advanced for soft foods at 1 week post op and had no issues other then DUMPING on dairy and protein cereal. I dont mess around with cereal of any kind still. I dump on heavy carbs( biscuit and gravy) or if I overeat. I suppose that is part of the reason I have been able to maintain a much lower weight then with VSG. I struggled to maintain 170ish but I dont struggle anymore. Kinda weird. Good luck to you
  11. I cant either and was told it was normal. Not sure how others do after a bypass.
  12. Hi, I seen where you say you still have GERD with RNY and I do also. You are the first person I have seen to have it after RNY. What does your DR. say the reason is for this considering RNY was suppose to get rid of it ? Are you still on your PPI ? I still take the same dosage I did before the revision but have gone from erosive esophagitis D to A.
  13. Things may change for you considering you are only 7 months out. I have the gassy problem at times and it has not changed but I am almost 11 months post revision. I rarely get enjoyment anymore eating either. What are you dumping on? I would imagine you are not getting enough food if you are dumping a lot and weak.
  14. I feel you with the bat wings, they are the worst for me also and here comes summer !!!! I swear ugh lol. I have contacted a surgeon but its $5000 and I dont have that kind of money to spend especially now with covid and not knowing what will happen 1 day to the next. I still think about it though, maybe one day sigh
  15. I am a little over 10 months post op weighing in at 159 this morning. Things are going well although I have been battling with head hunger on and off for the last few weeks. I feel like somedays I just want to eat and other days I could care less, not having restriction is still a little depressing but as far as weight loss goes and maintaining it has been much easier then the sleeve and I hope that continues ! I have not been contacted other then 1 time to have the Bravo test and am still having GERD issues but it has gotten better since I started doing half dose of PPI in morning and the other half at night. I go for my year check up in May so maybe they will schedule me then to see what is going on in there. I am glad that I had the revision and hope things continue to get better but doubt I will ever get off this PPI
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