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  1. Sorry you had such a scare. Not sure what the reason would be. The only thing I can think of is you changed your routine and your body didn't like it? Like you said you didn't drink before you ate so maybe you were dehydrated. I usually drink in the morning before I eat but now that I think about it there have been a few times in the morning I wanted to hurl after eating or drinking too fast when I get up.
  2. I remember finding out at the first seminar that I had to quit smoking. I was not happy about it at all. I quit the day my Dr sent the paperwork saying I could have the surgery which was 5 months later. I just kept telling myself how much I needed this surgery and I used a nicotine free vape for about 6 weeks. Good luck to you looks like you are doing well
  3. Switching surgerys

    No you are not wrong to switch. I switched from RNY to the sleeve and I was so worried I would regret it but I don't. In fact I am so glad I switched. I switched the day I scheduled the surgery. I can take any meds I need to take and don't have to worry as much about vitamins. I did end up with reflux but it is controlled by medication and I also have a sm hernia that they are leaving alone at this time.
  4. 7 months post op today

    Had my 7 month post-op this morning all is well except there scale said 223 Grrr. My vitamin D was on low side so I am now taking another pill Sigh.
  5. Mania creeping in again

    Prayers sent Trish. Take care.
  6. People really didn't start saying anything to me about my loss for about 50 lbs and I started at 311. My goal every month is 10 lbs and I didn't change clothing size really until I had 40 lbs in losses. Don't be so hard on yourself you are doing great. The heavier we start at the harder it is to see the losses. That is my opinion anyways. Did you do your measurements when you started?
  7. I have the same issue as far as eating my food and pressure just as you have described it. Its the same feeling. I just try not to over eat and remind myself to eat slowly. I carry a card from my surgeon so that I can order off the kids menu or senior menu. If I am at a buffet such as Golden Corral they except the card and charge me $5.
  8. Sad news

    @NerdyToothpick So sorry to hear about your friend. Prayers going to you and her family.
  9. Overeating?

    Oh the voices in my head !!! Its just a bite or two !!
  10. A few questions for your Sunday

    @delilas Congrats on coming off the stall. I still go through days I don't care about the food but I do make myself eat or drink to get the protein in. My calories range from 600-900 still . I love power crunch bars for a snack. Moon cheese ? Cheese Whisps ?
  11. Hi Dinah and welcome to TT. I had the sleeve 7 months ago. My eyes are still bigger than my stomach !! I try to weigh and measure still but you cant always do that depending on where you are. You don't have to but its not a bad idea if you can. I use butter still and regular salad dressing. I mainly avoid the carbs and sugar but not the fats. I really don't have cravings and my hunger levels are low still. Hope this helps. Good luck to you.
  12. 9 Months!

    Wow you look so nice !! Good job Tammy. I worry about my fiancé all the time and his eating habits so I totally get what you are saying about your husband. Thanks for the update.
  13. Overeating?

    If I eat too much and cough some will come up. So I try to avoid it, although it happens occasionally when I don't pay attention or eat too fast.
  14. I am so sorry to see this. How are you doing now? The med I take Dexilant says on the bottle it was formerly known as Kapidex . The insurance would not pay for the two 30 milligrams twice a day anymore, but they are paying for one 60 milligram pill and it is working for me still.
  15. 7 months post op today

    Thank you !! You too !! Looks like are stats are pretty close. Bet you are feeling a lot better too. Congrats on your 110 lbs loss !!