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  1. @cinwa @Nana Trish Thank you, I am having another EGD done in 2 weeks. We will see if the 60 mg of my PPI does the job.
  2. Had my EGD done today and it turns out I have ulcers !! They have upped my Dexilant back up to 60 mg and I have to go back in 2 weeks for another EGD. If any of you have tips on what I should and should not eat or drink I would appreciate it . I have not spoke to my Dr. yet, but will be reaching out to her.
  3. Congrats and keep up the good work !
  4. Congrats on your upcoming surgery and welcome to TT !!
  5. I had a bone density scan a few months ago, all was fine. Thank goodness
  6. No I don't have that kind of scale. How can a scale that you stand on know the difference ?
  7. VSG here was $16,000 and RNY was $ 30,000
  8. If you are concerned about the cost and don't want to go to Mexico VSG is half the price of RNY. (it is here anyways) Welcome to TT and good luck !
  9. I was in one of the classes pre op with a woman in her 70s. You are never too old to get healthy and feel better.
  10. Congrats on all of your hard work ! You look great.
  11. Sorry no one responded to you. They don't even do bands anymore where I am at. I do have a friend that has one and has regained and has issues with her port flipping, so she hasn't been able to get hers filled and is considering VSG at some point. Hope all goes well for you
  12. @TammyP @Jen581791 Thank you. Was worried being at the 2 year mark and regain, considering we have all been warned. I am holding steady now under 170, which I am fine with.
  13. tracyringo

    Two months

    Congratulations on all your hard work so far !!
  14. Mine was Chobani key lime yogurt and I still love it !!
  15. I am guessing most of it must have been water because I weighing in at 169. I am happy but perplexed, how do you gain 10 lbs in a week and lose 5 in 2 days ?