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  1. @Rob_VSG That is wonderful, congrats on all your progress !!
  2. I think they stop at weights they were at before, I stayed in the 170s for about 9 months and didn't have much problem. The 160s were my high school weight. I know for me if I stay at a weight for awhile it is easier for me to lose later, like now. I just have to keep it here for awhile for my body to adjust. Kinda weird but that is how it goes for me. Congrats being so far under goal, how does it feel?
  3. Thanks @cinwa @Jen581791 The acid part stinks but I don't mind so much since the meds work. I have been reading that being overweight can make GERD worse and hoping if I can lose a little more I will be able to get of the meds, only time will tell . Losing weight wont be the hard part at this point for me, it will be maintaining . Hoping I can reset at a lower weight but nothing crazy with my size frame.
  4. I totally get it as far as I know I can get the weight right back off. It can still be stressful that is for sure. Good luck if you do the WW. Let me know how that goes for you.
  5. That is terrific !! How are things going for you now?
  6. I am weighing in at 166.8 this morning. I have lost 5 lbs this month and I am very pleased !! I halved my dose of my PPI about 2 months ago and had been having issues with heartburn this past week day and night. I am happy to report that adding the generic zantac seems to have taken care of the daily heartburn !! I was eating those tums like candy. Thanks again for the info @msmarymac.
  7. I am thrilled !! Just got off phone with DR. office and they want me to take the prescription one, so I will have both just in case.
  8. Thank you Mary. I went out and bought a bottle last night and took one. So far today I have not taken any rolaids or tums !!
  9. So sorry that you fell !! Glad you are okay.
  10. Were you able to get the liquid pain meds ? Glad you are doing okay. Welcome to the losers bench !
  11. @msmarymac thank you for the info, I am going to try ranitidine. Do I need a prescription for that?
  12. I had my surgery early in the morning. That evening I coughed all night and could not sleep, but they had me in an upright position. It started immediately the cough was a prelude of what was to come. I was discharged the next morning and the first night home is when it all started. I woke up choking and was diagnosed with reflux/ GERD. Medicine has controlled it to where I cut the dose in half but I am having a lot more heartburn now, which I didn't realize was the same thing. So mine was immediately. Hope you don't develop this. I will say that I would rather have this heartburn then weigh over 300 lbs. I suppose I need to go see my DR. and re up my dose.
  13. @msmarymac I don't have acid coming out my nose and mouth at night anymore. I guess I am confused because I thought the heartburn and reflux were 2 different things. Do you take a PPI ? I had a bone scan done 2 months ago and they said everything was fine.
  14. So I am almost 2 years out and the heartburn is daily although I take a PPI (Dexilant). I use antacids but am wondering if I still need to be on a PPI ? I cut my dose in half 2 months ago and haven't had any issues with the reflux at night, just heartburn. Wondering if there is a pill I can take for heartburn so that I can see if I can get off this PPI.
  15. How are you doing now Judy ?