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  1. Hi and welcome to TT. Hang in there you are still in the healing process. A cup of food is max for someone who is farther out. I would think 3 to 5 mouthfuls would fill you up a few months in, but it may be different with the GB then the Sleeve. You should really be focusing on protein and fluids and you will loose a lot of weight even though you are not able to exercise.
  2. I guess I should not be too surprised on the small amount you can eat. I was eating small amounts with the sleeve until the 2 year mark and now I can eat 4 oz of protein without too much of an issue. I can also eat more carbs when it comes to amounts but now with the holidays over I have went back to my protein first. I did bounce back up to my original goal weight but am on my way back down weighing in at 175 this morning. I do feel a lot better knowing about the bypassing of less intestines and will be asking about that. I going to make an appointment to go see his NP and write a list of questions. I was not prepared when I went in to see him on the 2nd. I am also still debating on cancelling the surgery and making some changes to see if there is something I can try before proceeding with it and I am hoping she can help me with that.
  3. He connected further up? I wonder why they don't all do that ? Although my surgery is scheduled for 2/26 I am still not sure I am ready to do this, but I think I would feel better if I could have the same done to me if it helps with the malabsorption .
  4. I don't mind hearing your story and picking out or similarities, it actually helps. I think I will go see my Dr. and see what she has to say about all of this. Had I not made my goal or if I was struggling with regain we probably would not be having this conversation and like you I actually like my sleeve. I have a medical problems with my back and neck and worry if medicine will work if I need them. I rarely take anything but when I do I really need it. There is a lot more to consider then just the Gerd and esophagitis especially if I can be comfortable for the most part taking the PPI and I see you have done this for years now. I also have a hernia and he didn't say if it had gotten any bigger. I didn't have it when I had the VSG but they found it in an EDG 2 months post op when I was feeling like food was stuck in my throat.
  5. Malabsorption of nutrients is what I fear also. Its all quite a bit to think about.
  6. Thank you Kim. Are you saying you can only eat 2 oz of fish and a mouthful of veggies at a year out? Where did you land as far as weight? Were you trying to lose ? He said I will lose and then go back up and level out. I can stand to lose 20lbs more but he is saying I will lose 40 to 50, I suppose if I bounce back to 150 that might be okay. I had got down to 164 this summer and my face was looking pretty thin, ugh lol .
  7. Ugh, hopefully your esophagus is okay. I myself am just afraid but I am sure all will be fine. So you feel better now?
  8. Thank you. Don't feel bad, I feel fine a lot of the time. That is why I am unsure about the whole thing. I am also scared to have Bypass. I know most folks do just fine with it but its the stuff that may come later that concerns me. It wont hurt me to lose another 20 lbs its just that I have gotten use to being able to eat a portion size and now I will be going back to nothing lol. I worry about the stoma or what is going to happen with my teeth ? Stuff like that
  9. Kim how are you doing now? Do you have any regrets? My Gerd gave me esophagitis grade C and they want to do the bypass on me Feb 26th(that is when I am scheduled for surgery) if I don't chicken out. How much more weight did you lose and where did you end up as far as weight? Are you off all the meds now? Do you feel much different from VSG to Bypass with what and how you eat?
  10. Springfield here. Sorry you are having issues ! Are you one of the lucky ones who don't have reflux issues ? I am having Bypass done due to Gerd and erosive esophagitis at the end of Feb. Have you talked to a surgeon about re doing the sleeve?
  11. I suppose we are close to the same situation. He said I could wait and its not emergency, but in the end I will need it. Hoping this will fix the esophagitis. I don't have to do the liquid diet he said I lost enough weight. You had mentioned awhile back you may do this too? Do you have ulcers or the esophagitis?
  12. Just got back from the surgeons office and am having the By Pass done at the end of February. Not quite sure how I feel about it.
  13. There is nothing easy about having WLS. There are countless people having the surgery not making goal and/or gaining the weight back. WLS is a tool to help not a magic bullet
  14. I see you had a revision was it for something similar and how are you doing now?