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  1. How did you get rid of yours? If that is what I have will they change my diet? I dont have problems eating or notice anything after eating. I usually wake up in the morning burning and sometimes through the day or night. They have put me on liquid pepcid to take before bed. I took some last night around 10 PM when I felt the burning coming on. It feels like it did with the sleeve so that is why I am saying reflux but what do I know lol.
  2. Well its been 6 months and 2 days since my revision to bypass. I weighed in at 163 this morning. I had my 6 month check up 2 weeks ago and am going in for a covid test Friday so that I can get an EGD done on Monday. We are suspecting that I may have ulcers, if not ulcers then I still have reflux. I have been praying I havent gotten worse if it is the reflux.
  3. This is all very interesting !! Thank you for the information. 150 calories a day really makes you think. I am a daily weigher for the most part and that helps me stay in the zone I like. So you are saying the revision surgeries have a 4 month honeymoon and is the regain the same after revision to bypass being 3-5 years.
  4. Congratulations on your weight loss journey !! Glad you found the culprit of the extra 10 lbs you want to lose. I like almonds and pistachios and will buy them in single servings sometimes so I dont have a bag of them in the house calling my name. LOL
  5. Welcome back @CheeringCJ !!! Glad you are doing well. Congrats on the 3 years. Its crazy how 5 lbs can make such a difference in clothing when #20 didnt make any difference when I weighed #300+ !!
  6. Thank you so much !!! I start therapy Wednesday.
  7. I was just coming in here to see how things were going with you and to give update. How are you ? Are you still taking the medication for drinking? Yesterday I went in for a checkup and let them know about my alcohol intake going up and what I have been drinking. I am waiting on the call from the shrink now, lol. I havent had alcohol for a few days now. I keep telling myself I dont need it (which I know I dont) I also am combating 2 addictions. Nicotine being the other. They kind of went hand in hand. I have been an emotional wreck the last few days since giving it all up at o
  8. You should be able to eat those things now unless your Dr has said no.
  9. Congratulations on being sober !!! What is your goal weight now ? Its hard to refocus when getting off track but I know you can do this. Clean your house out of all the junk food for a start and go from there. hugzz
  10. All I had to do was cough with the sleeve !!! It is horrible not being able to puke when you dont feel well. Glad you can.
  11. You can vomit ? I wish I could ugh. So sorry you are having issues.
  12. I would guess the feeling of being lethargic is coming from not getting your food and water to stay down. Hope all is okay and please let us know what your Dr. says.
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