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  1. Hello All! I just went to the Kaiser South Sacramento orientation on October 27th and have my appointment with the Surgeon (Dr. P Yenumula) on this upcoming Friday (Nov. 4). I'm hoping that I will be considered for surgery despite my lower bmi. I am currently at 5'2" and weight 200 lbs. My doctor began blood pressure meds for hypertension at my referral appointment but seemed to think that I wasn't a very strong candidate for WLS. My bmi is slight under 37 so I know I qualify bmi wise. Anyways, I was wondering if there are any other people out there who are beginning the process with Kaiser South Sacramento like me. I'm very excited to have Dr. Yenumula because he seems very compassionate and non-judgmental! My husband is very supportive of my pursuit of weight loss surgery but my family is not. They keep saying that I'm "not that fat" and just need to try harder to loose weight. As it stands now, I walk 15k steps a day and eat a well balanced diet of 1200 cals a day. I also do 30 mins of cardio 5 days a week. I feel like the harder I try, the less weight I loose! Any KP South Sac peeps out there?!?
  2. Madsmom

    Finally got a Referral!

    Hello Everyone! I currently live in Sacramento, CA and am a member of Kaiser Perm. Norcal. I have been dieting for quite some time with not much success. I did the KP medical weight loss program in 2013 and lost about 20 pounds. Afterwards, I attempted to discuss WLS with my PCP and she basically said I don't qualify and that was that. I attempted to talk to her about it again last year and she still wouldn't even consider it. I am 5'2" and weight anywhere from 190-200 pounds so my BMI is borderline 35+. As such, I asked about exploring the possibility of having any of the required comorbities for WLS. She would not budge. After begging and pleading repeatedly to just consider WLS and a referral, I finally decided to do some research and get a new PCP. Luckily, I found a wonderful PCP and it turns out I have hypertension. I didn't realize this because every time I had gone in for an appointment, the medical assistant and dr didn't say anything about my blood pressure being high. When my new PCP reviewed my chart she said that my blood pressure has been high for quite some time and this should have been addressed. She prescribed blood pressure meds and gave me a referral to Kaiser South Sac Bariatrics. She's not sure how strong of a candidate I am and whether or not the surgeons will agree to perform WLS but I'm excited that I finally have a PCP that is listening to me. Anyways, I'm waiting to hear from the bariatric department. They said that it could be anywhere from 2-3 before I hear anything but they did confirm that they received the referral. I hope the surgeon will find that I'm a good candidate that will really benefit from surgery!