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  1. I'm here...I'm togged up in gowns and stockings...I'm ready to go!!
  2. I am so glad to have found this today as I sit here driving myself demented with morbid worry. My op is in 4 days and this just echoes everything I have going on in my head. I am so worried about leaving my kids motherless and have also made apocalypse worthy preparations. I don't think anything will take that worry away and I'm glad that I am seeing the kids off to school then heading down to the hospital on the train myself. The thought of the ceremony of getting wheeled away from them is just too much for me...I think I'd flamboyantly call the whole think off at that point Also glad t
  3. No pre-pre-op here, just 2 weeks pre-op of under 30g carbs, over 70g protien and between 800-1000 cals daily.
  4. At 3am GMT, my partner leaves to go to work in Nigeria for a month. In 6 days I have my VSG. It is the oddest goodbye ever as, when he comes home mid-October, I will literally physically be a different person. I'm not sure why I'm posting this, just need a brain dump I guess and am worried about the potential impact of changes longer term. It's all very real, very close and very daunting right now.
  5. I started my pre-op diet today which, in Scotland, means 70g of protein, 30g of carbs and between 800-1000 calories a day for 10 days. I was told that there was nothing in place that would support a vegan lifestyle as all current plans are very meat heavy. My dietician was happy to let me try and make a vegan menu that fitted the bill and then trial it for a few days before embarking on it properly so she could check that it was nutritionally good...it took me hours of research and planning, but I did it and I submitted my full eating diary to her. I got this back today... "You
  6. AlbaGuBrath

    I am so excited!!!

    Hey date twin...I'm the 20th too
  7. I definitely enjoy time alone too, funny how much value it holds when it's a rarity! I think it's possibly more that someone else has decided for me that there won't be visitors, so the possibility isn't even there now (my Mum is right, she and my Dad are near 70 and will be shattered after a day of sorting kids). At least there is Internet at the hospital, so I can be in some touch with them...I've never had cyber bosies before, but I'm sure they will be fine until hometime.
  8. I'm meant to be in for 3 nights because I live very rurally and 100 miles from the hospital, but I have a history of recovering quickly, general anaesthetic is like the worlds best sleep for me, so I'm hoping to get home after 2.
  9. September 20th...time is running in!
  10. Thank you..I really appreciate you commenting. When is your operation?
  11. My partner is away month about in Nigeria and will have only just left when I go in for the sleeve. My parents are coming up to look after the kids while I am in for the op, but the hospital is just over an hour away and the kids are at school and busy with extra curriculars while I'm in. The top and bottom is that I'll park at the station, arrive on a train an hour later, jump in a cab and head in for the op and likely not see anyone until I am home again, 3 days later. I was okay with it before as I assumed that I'd get a visit on the second evening from my folks and the kids, bu
  12. A fortnight today and I'll be needing everyone to shove up on the losers bench to make room for me I followed my pre-pre op diet for 3 days and sent what I had eaten through to the dietician...got the thumbs up that my vegan plan was spot on, so I'll stick with similar and maybe make some seitan for a different texture if I feel I need it. I'm so relieved as I was anticipating a bit of a battle to stick to my eating choices with low carb so readily found in meat, but she seems genuinely interested and excited in learning about different ways which is great! Pre assessment was today
  13. Thank you for replying and great points. I found it hard to accept initially that I 'needed' this surgery as I have no fundamental health issues as the moment and really had to project ahead 10 years and look at my family history for where I would end up, your statistics are really helpful with that. My surgeon said the surgery was an inevitability for me and that having it now was not only staving off all manner of problems as I grew older, but giving myself the best opportunity for success with the operation. I hadn't thought about individual surgeons complication rates, was only
  14. The past few days, I have mostly been obsessively looking at operation mortality rates (yes, low...but 1:1000 for an elective surgery) and flipping out about why I am even doing this. Just stop eating crap forever without an operation...if it were only that simple. Not aided by finding a post here from a grieving mother whose daughter died during surgery...I just have to keep digging to the pit of my soul and finding the logical statictitian in me that says...even with the risks associated, I am likely one of the lower risk people having the surgery and focus as hard as I can on the proje
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