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  1. 2yr post-op labs???

    Amber, I lived here in MO for 9 mos before I found our local support group through ObesityHelp. It was listed on there! I've met some AWESOME people there. I say give it 2-3 months for sure when you do go and do not be shy, jump right in on the conversations! I get so much out of going to my meetings and we have a small group of us who even go out to eat after every meeting....sometimes extras come too. Now we have one twice a month (the newest is only fo rthose 1 yr post and over) and then also there's a new group I am joining for people looking for a mentor on their journey, and I will be a mentor. I think you should GO to your meeting and be open to the experience. THere is jsut somethign about other WLS people, you bond with them in a way you don't with others! It's a great thing!! Check your local group out and let us know what you think!
  2. Traded One Addiction For Another

    OH boy does all this snacking talk hit home here too!!! I too have drawers(in my office) filled with 5 types of protein bars at work, 2-3 flavors of sugar-free gum, Eclipse breath mints, hard candy (Baskin Robbins sour sherbet, and mint choc, and Jolyy Ranchers), Russle Stovers French choc mint bar and choc almond bar......shall I go on??? LOL The thing is we have all been addicts and will always be addicts. Now we jsut make a wiser choice. If I did not keep those items at my office I would give in way more to the temptations of eating the fatty foods catered in everyday by the drug reps that visit us! I'm told nearly every woman in my office is HEAVIER than when she started. That will NOT be me!!! I may have a taste or two at times of the things I normally stay away from but I don't binge on Krispy Creams or double choc chip gourmet cookies or brownies etc.....that stuff is in our office DAILY! I say do not beat yourself up for the craving to eat, just make good choices. I freeze smoothies at home too and bring to work (over 30 proteins in each one with fruit, low carb yogurt, sf juice and whey protein) and those are so filling to drink through the afternoon. I chew a TON of gum..by it in bulk at Sam's!! LOL and those Elcipse mints save me too. I haven't had SF popsicles in a long time though....hmmmmm...may have to go get some now that you mention it!! As for drinking with the meals.....I have always done that. I don't drink ALOT but sip through the meal and drink more before and after. DOn't be so hard on yourself. My husband sometimes worries that I am eating so often but if it's the 0 calorie kind of stuff in between the 6-8 meals/snacks per day then no biggie. And yes i do eat 6-8 times a day still, keeps my body on an even level, I never get hungry or have "low" times as long as I do that. It's working for me and I am getting all my protien in and maintaining the loss. At the beginning of this school year I WAS eating literally ALL day, nuts, dry cereal, something always, but now at my current job I can't EAT except on break, so I just chew the gum and suck on the candy and in the first week at this job I lost the 8 pounds I had put on during the first 2 months of school (I worked at an Elem school). So IF you are finding you are eating the things that will cause you to gain or not lose(if you are trying to lose) then trade those foods for the calorie free stuff. I honestly think there is a thing with "oral stimulation"! As weird as that sounds, I've got to be chewing on something all the time. LOL THANK GOD FOR GUM!!! Hang in there!!
  3. 2yr post-op labs???

    Amber, thanks! This site first got started when I had my surgery and it was only local San Diego area people on here! I am amazed at how it's grown to members all over the country! That is great as I know many areas do not have much local support so sites like this are a blessing.
  4. 2yr post-op labs???

    Thanks for your reply Marie. I will call them and have them do that. I work in my PCP's office so that'll be easy to have it faxed to me. I just thought I'd check in here too. I had what you listed I think except the first one (unless it was called something different)......I was wonderign about checking the protein in the blood. I work out with a woman who hasn't had WLS, but she had her labs done recently and the nutritionist she is working with says her blood showed large traces of protein and it meant her body was not processign it the way it should???? I guess I don't know anythign about this really. I feel like I am doing great but I want to stay informed too! I just signed up to be a mentor through our local surgeon's WLS program so I need to be as informed as possible so I don't mislead any newbies. Thanks Again, Tami
  5. 2yr post-op labs???

    Christy, I am near Springfield MO. Only one surgeon here has a program going and they are working on getting it to be a better program but it's a slow process. I know many aorund here who went to St Louis for their surgery. Do you go to a support group yet? I have a friend here who used to go to one in St Louis (where he had surgery) and he said it was a GREAT support group. Good luck to you!! Tami
  6. 2yr post-op labs???

    Hi everyone!! Anyone remember me? I've not been on here in like a year!!! It's been nice reading through some posts though and I think I will be back on more often. I'd been on OH alot but have taken a break from there so maybe this is a good place to revisit! I wish I had more knowlegable medical personel in my area though that's for sure! My question for you all is what labs are you getting done at 2 yrs post-op? I go to a support group and this has been discussed some recently with no clear answers. I will be 2 yrs out in April, had a physical 2 mos ago and some labs doen and everything was great, but I bet I should have had more checked. I seem very healthy and taek all my vitamins and still get in my protein and am pretty strict with my foods, no soda, little sugars, low fat, low carbs etc....LIFE IS GOOD at my goal weight and I am even waiting to hear from insurance now about plastics. Thanks for any advice on the labs! I'll be seeing you more often I think!
  7. Tami Bellings photo's with some friends!

    Let me start by saying Barbara, you look wonderful! I have been in touch with Karen and Christina so I have seen their pics but hadn't seen yours. When I saw your reply I didn't know who you were till I looked at your before pics!!! Congrats on your success and good luck with those 4 pounds to go this weekend!!! To answer your questions....all is fine in our new home. We love our house, still working on getting a green lawn, but the rest is good! And both my husband and I are working and the kids love their new schools and have made lots of new friends. We've had both of our vehicles hit by careless drivers since we've been here...I 've been driving a rental for 2 weeks but finally get my van back tomorrow! I'm working (at a local elementary school) one on one with a 5 yr old boy who has severe disabilities. It's challenging but so far so good. I've been very happy with what this surgery has done for me and I am very glad my sister has begun her journey as well. We'll both be much happier people than before! Incase anyone is wondering what's going on with my identity...John switched me back to my old one with a new password so I could actually get on here without having two profiles going at once! SO now I am just Tamara again!! You all take care, and I'll be checking in here more often again!
  8. My sister made it through!

    Christina and anyone else who is going, let me know how it went. I know she was needing to walk when I talked to her and was having what she figured was gas pain so I told her to walk, walk, walk!!! Talk to ya soon, Tami
  9. I everyone! Just wanted to say that SONDRA is doing fine. I had to wait till 11:30pm (my time in MO) to hear anything last night so I was beginning to worry, but I spoke to her today and she is doing fine! Several of you are visiting her tonight I think so she will be looking forward to that. Thanks everyone for giving your support...I wish I could have come out there too. But, our parents and grandma and her hubby and kids are all in CA now so I am not worried too much! Take care, Tami
  10. Plateau

    Dara, I think you are right one track! I started at 251(just realized that today at my 6week check-up..it was my pre-op visit weight) and anyway, today I weighed 218 so I am even with you! I feel good about my loss and I do not weigh daily. I had not weighed since I was in his office last. I knew it would be unhealthy to me psychologically to be weighing everyday.....plays with my head, then I get down.....a viscious cycle!! SO don't worry about it, you will keep losing!! Be strong!!
  11. Cook Book off ebay

    I too have this book and I bought one for my sister. I think it is great although I JUST got it and haven't tried any recipes. It tells you how many proteins, sugars, etc....are in each recipe serving. Pretty cool!!!
  12. Tami pre-op

    These were taken the day of my surgery before we left for the hospital. I weighed 247lbs. At my 10 day appt I'd dropped 17lbs and now at 3wks I don't know what I weigh because I don't have scales but plan to weigh at Dr Callery's on June 8th when I go in with my sister for her consult.